Free Toddler Lesson - Moses Part 3

God Cares For His People!

Concepts Children Learn:
Main Concept: I don't need to be afriad; I can trust God.
Other Concepts:
God teaches me to love him and love people.
God's rules make me happy.

Have a children's bible marked with today's Bible verses Psalm 119:33-35, and Mark 12:29-31. Print the tory pages 1, 2, 2color, 3, 4, 4 color, 5.

The numbers in parentheses tell you what Story Page to hold up while you are telling the story. (You don't need to read the words on the actual story pages). Only read words that are not in parentheses for the lesson. The words in parentheses tell you what actions you do. (Note: The preschool lesson will go over the concept that "Jesus is the Lamb of God" concept. We feel this age is too young to get that concept.)


Bible Verses: Psalm 119:33-35. Mark 12:29-31. Scriptures used as reference for lesson: Exodus 14:1 - 20:21.

(1) Last week, we heard the Bible story about how Moses led the people out of Egypt. How happy they were! Now they didn't have to be slaves any more. Now they were free! God had promised to lead them to a special land called Canaan. Moses led the people, and the people followed along behind him. (Pat knees again.)

But soon the king got mad. All of his slaves were gone. He wanted his slaves back! So, he took his army of mean men. They chased after Moses and the Israleites. (Pat your knees fast). Moses and the Isralites were almost to the Red Sea. Then they saw the King's army coming! Oh, no! They did not want to go back to Egypt to be slaves. What would they do? They couldn't go over the water. (Motion "over" with your hand) They didn't have a boat. (Shake head "no"). They couldn't go around the water. (Motion "around" with your hand). It was too far. (Shake head "no"). The people were so afraid. What were they going to do? So they prayed, (Put hands together), "Dear God, what should we do?" (2) God told Moses to take his staff and stretch his hands out over the sea. So that is just what Moses did. Then God pushed back the water with a very strong wind! Wow! Nobody ever saw water stand straight up like walls before! Now they had a dry path to walk on! The path went right through the sea! Moses said, "C'mon, let's keep going! (Motion to come). As they walked through the sea, God help back the water. (Pat your knees). (3) He kept the people safe as they walked all the way to the other side. But the King's army was still coming through the Red Sea. God told Moses to take his staff and stretch his hands out over the sea. This time God let the water fall back. The king and his whole army drowned in the sea! Hurray! Now the people were safe from the king! All the mean men were gone! The people were so happy! Now it was time to celebrate! The people played music and danced. They sang songs of praise to the Lord! Now they knew they didn't need to be afraid any more. They just needed to trust God.

So, the Israelites kept walking. (Pat knees). Soon they got hungry. Now they were afraid they wouldn't have enough to eat. They complained to Moses. (Rub your stomach). "We're hungry! What are we supposed to eat?" That evening, God sent a surprise for the Israelites. All of a sudden so many birds flew down to the people - more than they could catch! Now they had lots of yummy meat to eat! (4) And, in the morning when they woke up, they saw another surprise! There was white stuff all over the ground! "What is it?" they asked. Moses told the people that God had given them bread - bread sent from heaven! Its called manna. Manna is the food that angels eat! It was sweet and tastey! Um-m-m! (Rub your stomach again). Doesn't that sound good? And, so this is how the Lord took care of the people. He gave them bread every day. See? They didn't have to be afraid after all. (Shake head "no") God was taking care of them. They just needed to trust God.

Then one day, God told Moses to climb up the mountain so he could talk to him. This is how Moses climbed up the mountain. (Make climbing motions). Can you do it with me? O.k. good. Let's see what happened next. All the people stood at the bottom of the mountain. They were not allowed to go up the mountain with Moses. But, there was a bad storm that day! There was loud thunder! BOOM-boom! Lghtening flashed back and forth (Move your hand back and forth across the sky). A big, dark cloud covered the mountain. Next the people heard the loud trumpet blast! Then it blasted louder, and LOUDER, and LOUDER! They were so scared they were shaking in their shoes! Smoke covered the whole mountain (move your hands in circles) because the God came down on the mountain in fire! (Move fingers up like fire). The whole mountain was shaking! The people were so afraid! They stood far away and waited for Moses. (5) Finally, when Moses came down off the mountain, he was holding two tablets made of stone. Moses said to the people, "Don't be afraid. God just wants you to love him so you will not sin." See? Here are his 10 laws. They will teach you how to live. The people didn't have to be afraid after all. (Shake head "no"). God just wanted to give them his 10 rules. These rules were the things that would show the people how they should act. When you are older, you can learn alll 10 rules. But for now, we will just talk about the two most important ones. Transition: Let's have snack, then we can talk more about the story.

CIRCLE TIME: (What does this mean for me?)

Did you all like that story? We really saw how much power God has in this story, didn't we? God is so strong, he can do anything! He pushed apart the water with the wind. He rained down bread from heaven! He made the mountain shake. And, he came down on the mountain in fire! But, even though God is so strong, we don't have to be afraid. (Shake your head "no). That's because he loves us so much! God showed them how much he loved them when he led them away from the mean king! Then he sent them special bread from heaven! Then he did something else very kind. He gave them his 10 rules! Those rules are for us too! When you get older you will learn all 10. But, when Jesus came he told us what the two most important ones are: (Read Mark 12:29-31). That means that we are to love God the very best that we can - with everything that is in us! The second one is that we are to love people! That's it! Those are the two rules that we can focus on. And, do you know what the best part is? God will help us understand his rules! And, he will help us obey them. He knows that we will be happy when we do. So, now let's pray and ask for God's help.

PRAYER: Allow children to take turns praying after you or a helper prays.
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