Free Toddler Lesson - Week 25

Moses Part 2 - God Keeps His People Safe!

Concepts Children Learn:
Main Concept: God keeps his people safe.
Other Concepts:
God keeps me safe.
God helped Moses be brave.

Prep: Prep: You will need either a rubber snake or you can use our picture of the snake craft. Snake. (Warning: Do NOT bring small rubber bugs, as they would be a choking hazard for this age).

Have a children's bible marked with today's Bible verse to read at the beginning. Make either Color or B&W crafts to use with lesson: Color: Stand-up Moses, Stand-up Burning Bush, Accessories. See instructions on craft page. B&W: Stand-up Moses and stand-up burning bush, with accessories. Print the story pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. The numbers in parentheses tell you what Story Page to hold up while you are telling the story. (You don't need to read the words on the actual story pages). Only read words that are not in parentheses for the lesson. The words in parentheses tell you what actions you do. (Note: The preschool lesson will go over the concept that "Jesus is the Lamb of God" concept. We feel this age is too young to get that concept.)

Have your Bible or a children's Bible marked with this verse to read first: Bible Verse: Exodus 15:2 Scripture used as reference for the lesson: Exodus 3:1 - 13:22.

(1) Last week we heard the story about little baby Moses. Well, in our story today, Moses is all grown up! After he lived with the princess for a while, he went far away to live on his own. He became a shepherd. Do you all know what a shepherd is? (Give the children a chance to answer). That's right. A shepherd takes of sheep. While Moses was a shepherd, his people were still back in Egypt. They were called the Israelites. A new king was the ruler of Egypt, and he was a very mean king. (2) He made the Israelites. work as slaves. The king and his mean men hurt the Israelites. who were salves. They were not nice to them at all (shake head "no"). . So the Israelite slaves cried out to God, "Dear God, please help us. Save us from these mean people!" Well, God loved the Israelites. He heard their cries and saw their tears. (Touch face under eye). It made God sad when he knew his people were sad. Let's listen to the rest of the story and find out what God does to help his people.

(Stand-up Moses craft) One day, while Moses was watching over his sheep, he noticed a bush that was on fire. But he thought it was strange that the fire did not go out. The bush kept burning. So Moses walked over to the bush. We can pat our laps to make the sound of feet walking. (Pat your lap). Just then, God called out from the bush, (place hands on sides of mouth) "Moses! Moses!" Moses answered and said, "Here I am!" (Wave hand in air). God told Moses to take off his shoes because he was standing on holy ground. So, Moses took off his shoes. (Take off Moses' shoes). But, Moses was afraid and hid his face from God. (Move Moses' arms up over his face). God told Moses how the Israelites. had cried out to him. He told Moses that the mean king and his men hurt them! Then God told Moses that he had a big job for him to do: He told Moses to go back to Egypt and lead the Israelites. out of Egypt. Moses said, "Me? But....but what if they don't listen to me?" God said, "See that staff in your hand? Throw it down on the ground". So Moses threw down his staff. (Place picture of staff on table). When he did, it turned into a snake! (Pick up staff, place snake on table). When you do these miracles, it the people will see my power. Then they y will know that I am with you." But Moses was shy, so said to God, "But...but I don't speak very well. Could you send somebody else instead of me?" But, God told Moses, "I will be with you and I will help you. I will send Aaron, your brother to go with you and speak for you." So, Moses said, O.K., and obeyed God. He went back to Egypt. Now Moses knew that God would be with him and help him save the people from the mean king.

(3) When he got to Egypt, he went to speak to the king. Moses relied on God, and God helped Moses be brave. Now he was not afraid anymore. Together Moses and Aaron, his brother, went to the King and said to him, "Let the Israelites. go! They don't want to be slaves anymore! We want to go into the desert to worship God!" But, the King said, (cross your arms over your chest and frown) "No, I will not let the slaves go!" So God showed them miracles through Moses. When Moses threw his stick on the ground (throw a small stick on the table again), it turned into a snake! (Pick up the stick and throw the snake on the table). Now the people knew God was the one who sent Moses.

Then God told Moses and Aaron to stretch their staffs out over the waters. So, when they did that, and the water turned to blood! But still the king would not listen to Moses. He would not let the people go. (Shake head "no"). So, once more Moses went to the king and asked him,"Let my people go!" Now the king was even more stubborn (cross your arms over your chest and frown). He said "No, I will not let your people go!" Uh-oh. Now what is going to happen? (4) So many jumpy frogs came to the land of Egypt that there were frogs everywhere! (Look surprised). Frogs that they were jumping up on their chairs! Frogs were jumping up on their tables! There were even frogs jumping in the king's palace!

So, the next time Moses went to the king and told him to let his people go, the king still said, (cross your arms over your chest and frown) "No, I will not let your people go!" (5) (Point to the gnats). So the next thing that came was gnats! Millions of these pesty little bugs came to Egypt! Buz-z-z-z! Gnats were everywhere, bothering all of the animals and the Egyptian people. Then, do you know what happened the next time the king was stubborn. (Point to the flies).Millions of flies came! There were so many flies that flies were everywhere! There were even flies in all of the Egyptians houses! But, there were no flies in the Israelites. houses. (Shake head "no"). God protected the Israelites. from the flies. They were his people. The next time Moses asked the king to let his people go, the mean king was even more stubborn. He said, (cross your arms over your chest and frown) "'No, I will not let your people go!" So, now lots of the animals in Egypt got sick. And, lots of animals died! Horses, sheep, camels and goats all died - all because the mean king would not let the people go. Moses kept going back to the king and asking him to let the people go! Still the king was stubborn. He still said... (cross your arms over your chest and frown) You know what he said. What did he say? (Show them how to shake their fist). Everybody say it with me: "No! I will not let your people go!" Very good! So this time all the Egyptians got sick!They all had great big boo-boos all over their arms and legs! (Rub your arms) Yuck! But the Israelites did not have any boo-boos. (Shake head "no"). God was keeping his people safe.

So, Moses again went to the king and asked him to let his people go! Still that stubborn king said...What did he say? (Cross your arms, have the children say it with you) "No! I will not let your people go" So, the worst storm ever came to Egypt! There was loud thunder! Lightening flashed back and forth! (make zig-zag motion). And, big balls of ice fell from the sky! These big ice balls crushed all the plants! Now their crops were ruined! The ice balls even killed animals and people. Still the mean king said... (Cross your arms, have the children say it with you) "No! I will not let your people go!". (5 again) (Point to the locusts) So then.... a big swarm of locusts came. Millions of locusts came and ate all the fruit on the trees and all the plants growing in the fields. Still the stubborn king said....(Cross your arms, have the children say it with you) "No! I will not let your people go!". So, then it became dark all over Egypt for three days! Ooo-ooo, scary! (put hands over eyes) If we all put our hands over our eyes, like I'm doing, what do you see? I can't see anything! That is what it was like for three days in Egypt! And, still that mean king said...(Cross your arms, have the children say it with you) "No! I will not let your people go!" So, now the very worst thing would happen! The oldest boy of every Egyptian family would die because that king was so stubborn! First God made sure all of the Israelite families were safe inside their houses. But that night, the oldest son of every Egyptian family died. The families all over Egypt were crying so hard. Even the King's son died! The King was so upset, he finally said to Moses, "Go! (Motion to go three times). Take your people and go! Go fast! Just get out of here! I don't want to see you anymore!"

(6) Finally the Israelites. had a chance to go! So, Moses hurried and got all the Israelites and led them out of Egypt! How happy they were! They did not have to be slaves any more! Now they were free! Now they could get away from that stubborn king and all of his mean men! So, the people followed as Moses led them. But, I wonder how Moses knew where to take the people? Well, God was there to help to Moses, just like he said he would. God sent a cloud to guide them during the day (Point to the cloud). As the cloud moved along, Moses watched the cloud. Wherever the cloud went, Moses went. And at night God sent a big puff of fire Wherever the fire went, Moses went. That is how Moses brought the people out of Egypt! The End. Did you all like that story? Next week, we will see what happens to Moses and the Israelites. But, right now let's talk about the story.

CIRCLE TIME: (What does this mean for me?)

Remember in the story when Moses was afraid to go back to Egypt to bring his people out of there? Well, I think all of us are afraid sometimes. Can you tell me what makes you feel afraid sometimes?(Answer the children's comments with things like, "Yes, that can be scary", or "I am afraid of that too sometimes"). In our story today, what did Moses do when he was afraid? (Give the children a chance to answer). That's right. Moses talked to God. He told God why he was afraid. And, what did God say? (Give the children a chance to answer). Yes, God told Moses that he would be with him. And, so God helped Moses be brave. Did you know that God loves for us to go to him and pray when we are afraid too. He wants us to tell him what we are afraid of. And, God will help us too! Whenever we feel scared we can pray. Then, God gives us comfort and helps us be brave. Since we know that God is with us, wherever we are, that helps us be brave, doesn't it? Well, we can see from the story how much God loved his people, the Israelites. He kept their families safe! God loves you so much too! And, he will keep you safe too. Now we have a prayer to say.

PRAYER: Allow children to take turns praying after you or a helper prays.
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