Free Toddler Lesson - Week 24

Little Baby Moses in a Little Baby Basket

Concepts Children Learn:
Main Concept: God watches over me all the time.
Other Concepts:
God isn't sleeping; he is watching over me.
God has a great plan for me.

Prep: Have a children's bible marked with today's Bible verse to read at the beginning; (Joshua 1:5). Print the story pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. You can use the princess picture in color if you wish, or use it as a mini-poster to decorate the room. The numbers in parentheses tell you what Story Page to hold up while you are telling the story. (You don't need to read the words on the actual story pages. They are for use as posters or coloring pages). Only read words that are not in parentheses for the lesson. The words in parentheses tell you what actions you do. The words in italics rhyme.

Lesson: Little Baby Moses in a Little Baby Basket

Bible Verse: Joshua 1:5. Other verses used as reference for the lesson: Exodus 1:1 - 2:10.

(1) See the people in this picture? These people look sad, don't they? They are Israelites. They are the Hebrew slaves. They work for the mean king of Egypt. Sometimes the king's bad men hurt the slaves. They make the slaves work too hard. Do you think God sees the slaves working so hard? Do you think God is sleeping? No, God is not sleeping. (Shake head "no"). He is watching over his people. They are his people, and he loves them so much. The Hebrew slaves are so sad that they cry out to God to help them. And, God hears their prayers. He already knows they need help. And, he plan to save the Hebrew people from the mean king. It will all happen at the right time. (Shake head "yes"). But, for now, God blesses the Hebrew people. He gives them lots and lots of children! They have so many children that the king is afraid. The king is afraid that if they have more children they will try to fight him. So the King made a law that all the Hebrew mothers could not keep their baby boys! What a mean king!

(2) Look at this Hebrew woman. (Point to mother). She has a little baby boy named Moses! (Point to baby Moses). His mother is afraid because the king wants to hurt all of the little baby boys. His mother loves him so much! How can she keep him safe from the mean king? She has an idea. She will make him a little baby basket. She puts little Baby Moses in the little baby basket! See? The little basket is just his size!

(3) Then, she takes little Baby Moses in his little baby basket down to the river. She lays the little basket in the water, and hides it in the tall grass. Now he will be safe from the mean king. The little basket rocks back and forth as it floats on the water. Can you show me how a little basket rocks, like this? (Lock your arms together and rock them back and forth). Back and forth, back and forth, the little basket rocks on the water. I hope little baby Moses doesn't cry. Because if he cries, the king's bad men may find him and hurt him. (Speak in a whisper, and hold your finger up to your lips:) Sh-h-h little baby Moses. Don't make a sound! Sleep little Baby Moses. You can go right to sleep because God is not sleeping. God is watching over you!

(4 or craft page) His sister, Miriam, is curious. She hides behind the tall grass and watches to see what happens to her little baby brother in the basket as he floats on the river. But, I don't see the little basket. I wonder where it went? Let's peek behind this tall grass and see what we can see: (Pull down the tall grass if using craft). Oh! There's little Baby Moses in his little baby basket! Now Miriam can see him! She watches her baby brother from close by. She loves him so much. Maybe it will be her turn to help soon.

(5) Look what happens now! This is the king's daughter. She is the princess. She comes down to the river to take a bath. She sees the little basket floating on the river. What could be over there in that little basket, she wonders. One of her helpers goes to get the basket. She brings it to the princess and opens the basket. "Its a baby!" she says. Now little Baby Moses is crying! But, little baby Moses is going to be o.k. because God is watching over him. God hears his cries! The princess loves little baby Moses the minute she sees him! She wants a baby of her own. So, she decides to keep little baby Moses! But she needs a woman to help her take care of him while he is little. Who could the princess get to help her?

Now its Miriam's turn to help! She runs over to the princess and tells her, "I know someone who can help take care of the baby for you! Then she asks the princess, "Should I go get her for you?" The princess says "Yes, please get her". Miriam hurries to get her mother, and she brings her mother back to the princess. The princess does not know that this is baby Moses' real mommy. They keep that a secret. (Hold your finger up to your lips:) Sh-h-h...don't tell the secret. So the Princess gives baby Moses back to his own mother to take care of him while he is little. How happy baby Moses' mother is now! Now little Baby Moses is safe with his mother and she can take care of him! Now the mean king won't hurt him.

When Baby Moses got a little bigger, his mother takes him to go live with the Princess and the King. Little Moses must be scared in that big palace. His family is not with him, he is there by himself with people he does not know. But, God is watching over him. He will be o.k. God has great plans for little Moses. The End. Now let's talk about the story:

CIRCLE TIME: (What does this mean for me?)

Some times we wonder where God is when things happen that we don't like. Is God sleeping, we wonder? But God is not sleeping. He is watching over you. He cares about every little thing that happens to you. He doesn't miss a thing. Even when you are busy playing, or working, or even sleeping, God is watching over you.

In the story, baby Moses' mother had to hide him from the king's bad men. If the mean king found him, he would've been thrown into the river! But, God didn't let that happen because God had a great plan for baby Moses. Even while little baby Moses was in his little baby basket all by himself, God was in control, and God was watching over him. Sometimes for us, scary things happen too. Sometimes, bad things happen that we don't like. But, God loves you so much that he cares about everything that happens to you. He will be with you no matter what happens. God loves to hear your prayers. He wants you tell him what you are afraid of, and if you are happy or sad. He wants to know what you like and what you don't like. He wants to know when you are scared and when you need his help. So, the next time you are scared, just ask him to help you. He is always ready to help you. He loves to help his special little children. And, each one of you is so special to God. He has a great plan for you life too, just like he had for baby Moses!

Do you remember how baby Moses' mother took him to live with the princess when he got a little bigger? That must've been scary for him to go live in a new place. He was probably about the same age as you. He had to go live with people who were not his mom or dad! Maybe some of you live with someone who is not your mom or dad. But, God watched over Moses when he lived with the princess. And, God will be with you and watch over you even if you live with somebody else, too. Just like our Bible verse says, God promises he will never leave you. So when you turn out your light tonight and go to sleep, just remember God never goes to sleep. He is watching over you. You can sleep tight knowing that he loves you so much! And, when you wake up in the morning and you say a prayer, God is still right there watching over you in the morning, waiting to hear your prayers. The End.

PRAYER: Allow children to take turns praying after you or a helper prays.
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