Free Toddler Lesson - Week 20 - GOD CALLED ABRAHAM FRIEND!

Concepts Children Learn:
Main Concept: God called Abraham friend. God wants all of us to be his friend too.
Other Concepts: Abraham believed God. He was sure that God could do what he said.
God kept his promise. He gave Abraham a baby when Abraham was 100 years old!

Prep: For this lesson, you will be telling the lesson in different areas of the classroom. There are lots of fun activities to do with this lesson. See the Activities Page for how to set up for them. Print the story pages 1, 2, 3, this page 4 if using glow-in-the-dark stickers, or this page 4 if using glow-in-the-dark paint, 5. You may use the color illustration instead for picture 5, or just use it as a poster to put up in the room. Print and make the craft sample of the tent to use with the lesson also. You may also make the star sticker craft to use instead of the picture of Abraham with the stars for picture 4. See craft page for instructions and craft pages. The numbers in parentheses tell you which Story Page to hold up while you are telling the story. (You don't need to read the words on the actual story pages. They are for use as posters or coloring pages). Only read words that are not in parentheses for the lesson. The words in parentheses tell you what actions you do.


Bible Verse: James 2:23; Genesis 15:6. Other verses used as reference: Genesis 12-18; Galatians 3:6-29; Romans 4:18-21; Isaiah 41:8-10 ; Isaiah 51:2-4; Psalm 105:1-15.

(Station 1 - Picture 1) This is Abraham. As you can see in the picture, Abraham is an old man. But God loved Abraham and had a very special plan for Abraham. One day God decided to tell Abraham a little about his special plan. God told Abraham that he would be kind to him by giving him many good things, and lots of children! The Lord even told him that he would use Abraham and his family to do great things for all the people of the world! But, first God asked Abraham to leave the place where he lived. the Lord asked Abraham to leave all of his friends and his home, and to go to a place where God would show him. God didn't even tell Abraham where he would be going, or how long he would be gone. Well, since Abraham was already old, he didn't understand how God would give him children. It seemed like he and Sarah were too old to be a daddy and mommy, but Abraham believed God anyway. He just trusted God, so he did what God asked him to, and left his home.

Well, in Bible Times, people didn't have cars. They had to walk or ride on animals. (Picture 2) How would you like to ride on a camel? He looks kind of bumpy to me. Maybe there was enough room to sit between the camel's two humps. What do you think? (Give the children some time to answer - there is no right answer). Abraham would have to pack all of his things on a camel and go from place to place that way. So, he packed all of the things he would need, and took his his wife, Sarah, and his brother's son, Lot. (Picture 3) They left their home to go to the new place God would show them. What an adventure that would be! ! We will pretend we are going on the trip with Abraham. First we have to help Abraham pack for the trip. I will hold Abraham's backpack. Everybody can help me pack the things Abraham will need. Here are all the things that Abraham needs to take on his trip: He will need clothes; and of course, he will need to take some food. We need to pack his dishes too. And, let's pack some books and toys for Abraham too. Ooh! We can't forget his blankets. Where is Abraham's blanket? How about his shoes? He will need some sandals to walk in the dessert. O.K., Great! I think that's everything Abraham will need. Abraham got all of his things and placed them on a camel. (Picture 2 again). Now they were ready. It would be really hard living in a tent all the time. And it would be hard to travel around all the time and not have a home in one place, but Abraham trusted God so he went on the trip anyway. He just kept believing what God promised. So off they went. Abraham, and Sarah and Lot left their home to go to the new place that God would show them. O.K. everybody, lets start off on our trip. (Take the children to station 2).

(Station 2) When they got to the land of Canaan, the Lord appeared to Abraham. He told Abraham to look to the right (point to the right) and the left (point to the left), in front of him (point in front of you) and behind him (point behind you). He told Abraham that as far as he could see, that he would give all this land to Abraham's children! He also told Abraham to walk all through the land as wide as it is, and as long as it is. So, let's pretend we are with Abraham. I want to see all the land that God is giving to Abraham! How about you? Come with me...let's walk through the land. We can sing a song while we go. We'll start here. (Take the class across the length of the classroom, and then across the width of the classroom). (Sing the song, Father Abraham while doing this).

(Station 3 - Tent craft sample) As Abraham walked along, he trusted God to lead him to the land God promised him. Finally he came to Hebron. There he pitched his tent by the big trees of Mamre. Let's pretend we are camping out with Abraham. There is our tent. (Point to the tent). Let's all go inside. (Take the children inside the tent). Now we can see how Abraham lived for many years. How many of you have gone camping? Camping is fun, isn't it? Do you think you would want to live in a tent for a long time? (Give the children a chance to answer, then continue).

(Picture 4, still in the tent) One night, the Lord said to Abraham, "Do not be afraid, Abraham. I am like a shield to you, your very great reward." But Abraham didn't understand what God meant. He was getting older all the time, but he still didn't have any children! So he asked God, "What can you give me, since I don't have any children? My servant will get everything I have when I die." But God said, "No, Abraham, I will give you a son. Look up to the sky. Can you count the stars? That's how many children I will give to you!" So Abraham lifted his eyes and looked way up high in the sky. (Have your assistant turn off the lights, flip down the window shades in the tent, and point to the glow-in-the-dark stars on the craft page). He could see so-o-o many stars! All the beautiful stars were glittering in the night. Wow! That's a lot of stars! So, that must mean that God would give Abraham lots and lots of kids! Well, Abraham still didn't understand everything, but he just kept believing what God promised him anyway! Let's see how many stars we can count on the picture. (Start counting the stars). That's too many for me to count. (Then, have your assistant turn the lights back on). OK. now let's go back outside of the tent to hear the rest of the story. (Take the children outside the tent, back to the table, Station 1).

(Station 1 again, show the tent craft sample again). Then one day, God appeared to Abraham again. By this time, Abraham was 99 years old! That's really old and wrinkly! That's older than most of our grandpa's! This time, Abraham was sitting by the door of his tent. He looked up and saw three men standing there. Abraham ran up to meet them. He asked them to stay with him and rest. He told them he would get them some water to wash their feet and some food to eat. So Sarah baked them some bread, and Abraham brought them some meat to eat with the bread. While they were eating, the three men asked Abraham where Sarah was. (Open tent on craft sample to just show Sarah). Oh, there is Sarah! So, Abraham told them that Sarah was inside the tent. Then the Lord said, "By this time next year, Sarah will have a son!" Sarah heard them when she was inside the tent. Well, Sarah thought that was funny because she was almost 90 years old! So, she laughed to herself. But the Lord told Abraham again, "Is anything too hard for God to do? Very soon, you and Sarah will have a baby boy!" So, Abraham still kept believing what God promised.

(Picture 5) Then, the next year, at just the right time, the Lord did what he promise! When Sarah was 90 years old, and Abraham was 100 years old, when everybody thought they were way too old to have a baby, God gave Sarah and Abraham a little baby boy! This precious little baby's name was Isaac. Who would believe that two old people could have a brand new little baby? But God did what he said he would! He gave them a baby even when they were very old! How happy they were now! Sarah was so happy she laughed again, but this time she was laughing with joy! The End.

CIRCLE TIME: (What does this mean for me?)

Do you remember how, in the story, when God told Abraham to look up in the sky at all the stars? And he told Abraham, "I am like a shield to you". Who can tell me what a shield is? (Give the children a chance to answer). Its something that goes in front of you and keeps you from getting hurt. It protects you and keeps you safe. So, the Lord promised to protect Abraham. God also promised to be Abraham's great reward. Do you know what a reward is? Its like a prize. Its something special and good. God promised that he would give Abraham many special, good things. He promised Abraham that he would lead him to a land he could call his own, and that he would give him many many as the stars! And, God was faithful. He did everything that he told Abraham he would do.

But Abraham was not the only one that God made the promises to. God loves all of his children. God promises to watch over all of his children who trust in him. God wants to bless all of his children too. He promises to give his children good things and protect them. So, who are Abraham's children? Well, our Bible tells us the answer to that. In Galatians chapter 3, our Bibles tell us that all people who have faith in God are Abraham's children. . So you and I are Abraham's children if we put our trust in God!

And, even though Abraham did not know exactly how God was going to give him so many children when he was already an old man, Abraham believed God anyway. In James, our Bible tells us this: (Read James 2:23). And, in Genesis, it says this: (Read Genesis 15:6)

Did you know that God wants to be your friend, too?. He loves us so much he wants to lead us. He wants to help us and make us strong. He wants to show us all the special plans he has for us and gives us good things. I'm so glad God is a friend to us. I hope every one of you makes God your best friend! Let's pray now and thank God for being our friend.

PRAYER: Allow children to take turns praying after you or a helper prays.
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