Free Toddler Lesson - Week 19

Noah Was Patient - He Trusted God!

Concepts Children Learn:
Noah was patient - He trusted God!
God watches over us and keeps us safe!
God's love lasts forever!
Prep: Mark your bible with the bible verse: Isaiah 54:10. Set up your ark like you did for week 18 Lesson. See Activity Page for prep and supplies needed for activities that you will be doing with the lesson. You will also need a CD with the sound of a rain storm again (optional). Print either the b&w or color story pages: 1bw, 2bw, 2color, 3, 4bw, 4color, 5bw, 5color. You may use these three color story pages also as mini-posters to decorate the room. The numbers in parentheses tell you what Story Page to hold up while you are telling the story. (You don't need to read the words on the actual story pages). Only read words that are not in parentheses for the lesson. The words in parentheses tell you what actions to do.

Bible Verse: Isaiah 54:10. Other verses used as reference in lesson: Genesis 7:1 - 9:17.

INTRO: (1) This is Noah. Last week we learned how Noah built a big boat to get ready for the flood just like God told him to. Does anybody remember what the big boat is called? (Give the children a chance to answer, then continue). That's right! The big boat is called an ark. Let's all say it together: Ark. Noah built the ark just the way God told him to. Then, Noah put all the animals on the ark. Now we can pretend to be Noah's family and the animals, like we did last week; then we will continue with our story. Who wants to be an animal, and who wants to be someone in Noah's family? (give the children who are "animals" a face mask from Week 18 activities and help them put them on).

Hurry, everybody, let's get on the ark before the rain comes! (Help the children go into the ark). Now we are all ready for the big flood. Do you remember who shut the door? (Give the children a chance to answer). That's right. God did! (Have the assistant shut the door to the classroom loudly from outside the room). O.K. Now we are all safe inside the ark. Its nice and cozy in here isn't it?

Pitter-patter. Pitter-patter. Do you hear that? It was starting to rain! (Have the assistant put on the storm C.D). (2) Outside it got dark and stormy as it rained harder and harder. Outside the ark, the storm was raging! Everybody who was not on the ark would drown in the flood. What a scary storm! (3) But, inside the ark, it was calm and happy. God kept Noah and the animals safe inside the ark. They could just rest and play, knowing that God was watching over them, and he would keep them safe. Blub-bl-blub-blub! Now the water even started coming up from the ground! As the rain came down (Motion with hands downward, and ask the children to join you with the actions.), the water rose up, higher and higher (Motion with hands upward). There was water everywhere! Nobody had ever seen so much rain! Day after day it rained. When would the rain ever stop? Not yet, Noah. (Shake head no). God will stop the rain when its time. So, Noah was patient. He just waited and trusted God to stop the rain at the right time. Down, down the rain poured from the sky! (Motion with hands downward). And up, up, higher and higher the ark floated on the water with Noah and all the animals inside. (Motion with hands upward). Now there was so much rain that now the water covered all the trees, and the houses! Soon it would cover even the highest mountain! It rained for 40 days and 40 nights! But all this time, God watched over Noah and the animals. God loved Noah and the animals, and he would keep them safe. Let's look outside? Has it stopped raining yet? Not yet, Noah. (Shake head no). God will stop the rain when its time. So, Noah waited some more and just trusted God.

One day, God sent a big wind to dry up the water. Can you make the sound of the wind? (Blow real hard and have the children join in). Finally one day it stopped raining, and the water started going down. Scra-a-a-a-pe! What's that sound? The ark had finally come to rest on the top of a mountain. Good news! That means that the water was going down even more! (4) Then one day Noah opened a window and sent a little dove out to see how much the water had gone down. Noah wondered when he could get off the ark. Not yet, Noah. (Shake head no). We have to wait until God says its time to get off the ark. The little dove couldn't find any place to rest, so it came back to Noah. Noah waited 7 more days then sent out the little dove again. This time the little dove brought an olive leaf back to Noah! Oh, that was great news! That meant that the water had gone down a lot! It meant that the trees were not covered with water anymore! Soon they could get off the ark! But, not yet Noah. (Shake head no). Not 'til God says. Can everybody say that with me? Not yet Noah. Not 'til God says. So Noah waited and waited until God would say it was time to get off the ark.

The next week, Noah sent the little dove out again. This time the little dove did not come back. (Shake head "no"). That meant that the little dove had found a dry place to live! Noah lifted off the top off the ark. Now he could see that the ground was starting to dry up! Now could Noah get off the ark? Not yet Noah. (Shake head no). Not 'til God says. So Noah waited some more. Finally one day the ground was completely dry! Now could Noah get off the ark? Yes, Noah!, Yes! (Shake head "yes"). You waited so patiently! Now God says you can get off the ark! Hooray! So Noah opened the door of the ark, and everybody ran off the ark onto the dry ground! Let's make the sound of running feet. (Show the children how to make the sound of running feet by patting your lap with your hands real fast.). O.K., we can all get off the ark now! (Help the children get out of the ark, then continue).

(5) How beautiful the world was! The sun was shining! Everything was washed clean! Then God had a surprise for Noah! Noah looked up in the sky. (Point up to the sky). Hey! What's that over there in the sky! It sure is beautiful! It was a beautiful, colorful rainbow high up in the sky! Noah and his family had never seen a rainbow before (Shake head "no"). What could the beautiful rainbow mean? God told Noah that the rainbow meant that God would never send a big flood like that again (Shake head "no"). And that promise was forever! God loved Noah and his family so much that he made that promise to them. Noah was so thankful to God because God kept his family and all the animals safe! Now it was time to worship God! So, Noah built an altar to God and worshipped him. Noah and his family prayed to God: Thank you, God, for keeping us safe! How happy they were knowing how much God loved them, and that God's love would last forever and ever! The End.

CIRCLE TIME: (What does this mean for me?)

Sometimes when something is happening that you don't like, you might wonder where is God? You may be scared or sad. You cannot understand why it is happening; But, God is not hiding from us. He is right there, watching over us. In the story, the storm came; and it rained for such a long time that it seemed like it would never stop. And, what did Noah do? Noah was patient. He just waited for God to stop the rain. He trusted God to keep him safe. God loved them so much that he didn't leave them all by themselves. (Shake head "no"). God was with Noah and the animals, watching over them and keeping them safe. And, God is watching over you, too, wherever you go. Then, God stopped the rain, and Noah and the animals could get off the ark! What a happy day that was!

Then God sent Noah a rainbow. Does anybody remember what the rainbow meant? (Give the children a chance to answer, then continue). Yes, the rainbow meant that God would never send a big flood like that again! God was telling Noah that he would always love Noah. He wanted Noah to know for sure that nothing could keep God's love from Noah and his family. Even if bad things happened, God would still love Noah.

Have any of you ever seen a rainbow? (Give children a chance to answer). I have seen beautiful rainbows! God still gives us rainbows to remind of us of his promise. And, he also promises that his love will always stay with us! Always means that God's love will never end! It means forever! And God always keeps his promises. Nothing can ever take away God's love! Even when we have to wait a long time, we can always trust God's promises. God's love lasts forever! God is there whenever we call out and pray to him. Let's pray now and thank God for his wonderful love and promises.

PRAYER: Allow children to take turns praying after you or a helper prays.
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