Free Toddler Lessom - Week 18

Noah believed in God!

Noah believed in God even though he couldn't see him.
Noah obeyed God.
God didn't leave Noah all by himself; He helped Noah.

This is a fun, hands-on-activity lesson where the children participate. The lesson, activities and snack are combined. Prep: Mark your bible with the Bible Memory verse: Genesis 6:9. Print the pictures for the lesson, either color or b&w. The supplies list, and the instructions for the stations and activities are on the Activities page.

Print the story pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 4color, 5 and print and make a sample of Foam Noah's Ark Craft , Flat Version #2 - It will be easier to work with - save the Styrofoam tray version for the craft). The numbers in parentheses tell you what Story Page to hold up while you are telling the story. (You don't need to read the words on the actual story pages. They are for use as posters or coloring pages). Only read words that are not in parentheses for the lesson. The words in parentheses tell you what actions you do.


Bible Verse: Genesis 6:9. Verses used as reference in lesson: Hebrews 11:1-3, 7, Luke 17:27, 2 Peter 2:5.

STATION 1 - The last few weeks we learned about Adam and Eve. Later, Adam and Eve had children, and their children had more children. After a while, there were lots of people on the earth. (1) But, now look what happened! Look at the people in this picture. These people don't look like they love God. The people are fighting and doing bad things. None of these people believe in God. But look down here in the corner (Point to Noah)...who is that? That's Noah. Noah is the only one who believed in God. All these people who are doing the bad things (point to the people) need somebody to preach to them. But, who would do a job like that? These people won't listen. These people are very, very bad. There was nothing good about them! God asked Noah to preach to the people, so that's what Noah did. (2) Noah told the people about God. Noah also told the people that God was going to send a big flood... But, the people didn't see any rain, so they didn't believe Noah, and they didn't believe God (shake head "no"). Noah didn't see the rain either, and he couldn't see God. But, Noah still knew that God was there. (Shake head "yes"). Noah still believed that God loved him; And Noah still believed what God said. (Shake head "yes"). Noah knew that God was giving them time to get ready before he would send the flood.

(3) Since Noah believed God, he wanted to be ready for the flood. God told Noah how to get ready for the flood. He would need a big boat that could float on the water. This big boat was called an ark. He would need a boat big enough to hold Noah's family and two of each kind of animal! Wow! That sounds like a really big job. Building an ark that big would take a long, long time. Who could build a boat that big? God knew that Noah could do it. With God's help, Noah could do a big job, even a really big job like building an ark! God told Noah exactly how to build the ark; So Noah got busy right away and started to build the ark. His three sons helped him build the ark. But, God didn't leave Noah all to himself to build the ark. Noah wouldn't know how to build it all by himself. (Shake head "no"). God would help Noah each step of the way. C'mon, let's get started. (Lead the children to station 2).

STATION 2 - First, God gave Noah the whole plan of how to build the boat. He told him to make rooms in the ark, and a door, and a window too. And, the will need to have three floors. So let's draw up the plan so we can see how we will build it. Here is the ark. (Draw a big ark on the chalkboard). Here are the three floors that God told Noah that it needs. (Draw 2 horizontal lines to divide it into three levels. Then let each child take a turn to draw something on the ark: a line to divide it into rooms, or a window or the door, etc.).! what a great plan we have to follow! Thank you all for helping me. I'm so glad God told Noah how to make the ark! Noah wouldn't know how to build the ark all by himself. (Shake head "no"). But he knew that God would show him the very best way to build ark! (Stop and sing Noah#1 song on Activities page. Oh...that was wonderful! Now, let's go help Noah build the ark!

STATION 3 - This is what God told Noah: Make the ark out of a special kind of wood - cypress wood. So Noah got some cypress wood and started to saw the wood to make pieces of wood. (Stop and sing #2 Noah song on Activities Page, then continue building). Can everybody show me how you saw wood? (Grab one of the saws and move arm in a sawing motion). What sound does a saw make? Buzz--z-z-z! There, I think we have enough wood to start. Now we can hammer some pieces of wood together. (Use a hammer and peg set to hammer on, or just hammer on some wood. Let the children do this for a few minutes). Good job! Let's see what Noah will do next. (Move on to station 4)

STATION 4 - God told Noah exactly how big to make the ark. So Noah got his measuring tape and lay it against the wood. (Take measuring tape and show children to pull out the tape to measure a wood block. Then let the children take a quick turn). What great helpers you all are! Now let 's go see what Noah's next job is. (Go to station 5).

STATION 5 - God told Noah, make sure you seal the ark with pitch. Pitch is like thick glue that seals the boat so the water won't get in. (Show children how to brush "pitch" - rubber cement glue - onto the bottom of the ark - sample of Noah's ark Craft Page, and let them each take a quick turn). Ok, great! Look at Noah's ark! Noah's ark is all done! Noah could finish the big job because God helped him. Noah obeyed God. Noah did everything just like God told him; And God helped Noah. Now, let's see who is inside the ark. (Lift up window where Noah is only.) Oh! Its Noah! Everybody say "Hi" to Noah. (Go to station 6)

STATION 6 - So now it was time to get the animals on the ark! At least two of each kind of animal would need to get on the ark. Wow! That sounds like a big job too...there are so many different kinds of animals! Who would do that big job? Well, that was a job for Noah too! But God didn't leave Noah to do it all by himself. (Shake head "no"). God helped Noah with this big job too. God brought all the animals to Noah, and Noah showed them where they could stay on the ark. ( Choose a boy to be Noah, and a girl to be Noah's wife, and a few others to be Noah's family. Give the other children an animal mask and help children put them on. Have Noah and his wife take the "animals" by the hand and lead them into the ark. The animals go into the ark, but Noah and his wife and Noah's family members do not go yet).

(Teacher and animals are still Inside the ark, Noah and family outside with assistant). But what would the everybody eat while they were on the ark? They would need food for the animals and for Noah's family too! Wow! That sounds like another big job! God told Noah that this would be his job too! But God didn't leave Noah to do this job all by himself either. God helped Noah get the food on the ark too. (Tell "Noah" and "his family members" to take the food to the ark. The assistant hands the children the snack and tells them to take it into the ark. They may have to take several trips to take all the food to the ark. "Noah" and "family members" still do not get on the ark.) Look at Noah! Noah is obeying God and doing everything God told him to do. Thanks Noah! Thanks Noah's family! You and your family did a great job putting all the food on the ark! Now we'll have plenty to eat when the flood comes!

Drip-Drop. Drip-drop! Uh-oh. What's that sound? Its raindrops! Hurry Noah! Hurry and get your family on the ark! So Noah went and got his his wife and his three sons and their wives too. (Have the assistant help Noah grab his "family members" hands and lead them into the ark). When God knew they were all safely on the ark, he shut the door. (Have assistant close the door to the room loudly, from outside the room). Bang! I'm glad everybody is safe on the ark. Now we can have a snack together. (Pass out snack and then continue while the children are eating). Drip-drop. Drip-drop. Look how hard its starting to rain! (Assistant plays rain or storm CD). (4) Outside, the storm was raging, and outside everybody who was not on the ark would drown in the flood. What a scary storm! (5) But, inside the ark, it was calm and happy. Noah and his family, and all the animals were safe inside the ark. All the other people outside the ark still didn't believe that God was going to send the flood. They were singing and dancing. They didn't believe that they would soon all be destroyed. But Noah had warned them. Soon they will all wish that they had believed in God too!

Next week, we will learn what happens to Noah and his family and all the animals! But right now, let's talk some more about Noah. (If the children are still eating, have Circle Time in the ark to avoid chances of them choking due to eating and talking at the same time, or if you are too cramped, help them take their snacks and go sit at the table to finish their snacks, and then start Circle Talk Time.)

CIRCLE TIME: (What does this mean for me?)

Remember in the beginning of the story, how I told you that Noah believed in God even though he couldn't see God? I wonder how he could believe in someone that he couldn't see. Well, let's think about it. There are lots of things that we can't see, but we know are there. We can't see the wind, but we know its there because we hear it. We can't see the air, but we know its there because we need it to breathe. And, we can't see God either, but we still believe in him!

Noah also believed what God said. He believed God when God told him that he would soon send a big flood with lots and lots of rain. We know he believed God because he got busy and did all that work to get ready for the flood. It was easy for Noah to believe what God said because Noah was a friend of God. He walked with God and talked with God. So Noah knew that all the things that God said would really happen. Noah loved God and so he obeyed God, and did all of the jobs that God asked him to do.

God only gave jobs to Noah that he knew Noah could do; and God didn't leave Noah all by himself to do the jobs. God helped Noah with all of his big jobs. God helped Noah preach to the people. God helped Noah build the ark. God helped Noah get all the food on the ark; and God helped Noah get all of the animals and his family on the ark too!

Some times we have big jobs to do too. Jobs that seem too big for us. But, if God gives us a job, he will help us. We can rely on him. Have any of you ever done a job for your mom or dad? Did your mom or dad help you with your job? (Give the children a chance to tell of a job they did that their parents helped them do). Maybe you didn't know how to do the job. But, you trusted your mom and dad to help you. You know that they know best how to do the job. Well, sometimes moms and dads make mistakes. Sometimes they don't know the best way. But we can always trust God to help us. We can just call on him and he is there, ready to help us with anything that we ask him to help us with. If we try to do something ourselves, we might mess it all up! What if Noah had built the ark his own way? What if the ark was too small to fit all the animals? Oh no! That would've been a big, big problem! But God knew exactly how big Noah should build the ark. Noah listened to God and obeyed God. He did everything exactly the way God told him to. And the ark turned out just right because Noah obeyed God. We can always trust God to love us and help us. We can always depend on him. THE END.

PRAYER: Allow children to take turns praying after you or a helper prays.
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