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Free Adam and Eve Lesson for Children - Week 17 Adam and Eve (The Fall)

God Still Loved Adam and Eve!

Concepts Children Learn:
When we sin, God still loves us.
If we hide, we stay sad. But, when we go pray to God, he forgives us.
God is slow to anger and has lots of love!

Prep: Mark your Bible with the Bible verses: Psalm 145:17-18. Print the story pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. You may use the color story pages for pages 1, 2, 6. instead, or use these as mini-posters to decorate the room. The numbers in parentheses tell you what Story Page to hold up while you are telling the story. (You don't need to read the words on the actual story pages. They are for use as posters or coloring pages). The words of Bubbles the Bear are in bold type. The words in parentheses tell you what actions you do.


Bible Verse: Psalm 145:17-18 Verses used as reference in lesson: Psalms 33:13-15

(1 - Bubbles). This is Bubbles. He has been helping us tell the story the last few weeks. And, I'm back again today to help again! I'm glad you are here Bubbles! Ok. Let's begin. (2) Last week we learned how God made people. He made a man named Adam, and then God made a friend to help Adam. Her name was Eve. And we learned how God put them in the beautiful Garden of Eden! Yes, that's right, Bubbles! The Garden of Eden was the special home that God made for them. They played and laughed together. They made friends with all of the animals. There were so many new things to see and learn about - all the things that God made! And, best of all, they could walk and talk with God in the garden! Everything was perfect in the beautiful garden of Eden.

(3) One day while Adam was in the garden, God talked to Adam. He told Adam that he could eat from any tree in the whole garden - any tree except one tree in the middle of the garden. (Point to the tree of Good and Evil). God told him that the tree of Good and Evil was a no-no. No-no! If he ate the fruit from that tree, he would die. So Adam and Eve had a lovely time in the garden as long as they stayed away from that tree. Everything in the garden was very, very good!

(4) Well....everything except one thing: You see, one day, someone came to visit the garden who was not good. It was the mean ol ' sneaky snake, Satan. (Gasp!) Satan came to the garden to cause trouble. You see, Satan hated God; and he hated everything good. And do you know what that sneaky ol ' snake did? He slithered up to Eve one day. Hiss-s-s-s! Can everybody hiss like a snake? The snake said, "Hey, did God really say that you may not eat from that tree of Good and Evil? Eve said, "Yes, God said we may not even touch it or we would die." Well, that sneaky snake told a lot of lies. And, he was very tricky too. He lied to Eve and said, "No you won't die. Uh-uh. God told you not to eat from that tree because he doesn't want you to be wise like him. If you eat the fruit, you will become wise!" Eve looked at the fruit again. It sure did look good! And, she did want to become wise. Maybe if she just had a little taste it wouldn't hurt. (5) So she picked a piece of fruit off the tree and took a bite. Munch-munch, munch! Gulp! Let's everybody pretend we are eating. (Gasp!) Uh-oh. Now what's going to happen?! Eve gave some of the fruit to Adam so he could try it too. Adam took a bite too. Munch-munch, munch. Gulp! (6) All of a sudden, they knew they did something wrong! Oh, no! They felt guilty, so they wanted to cover up with clothes! So they hurried and made clothes out of fig leaves.

(Make footstep sounds with your feet). Then they heard something that sounded like footsteps. Uh-oh. God is coming! That's right, Bubbles. (7) God was walking in the garden, so Adam and Eve ran to find a dark place where they could hide.But, God knew what Adam and Eve had done, so he went to look for them. God called out to Adam, (Place cupped hands around mouth to call.) "Adam, Where are you?!" So Adam came out of his dark hiding place and said, "When I heard you coming, I was scared because I wasn't wearing any clothes, so I ran to hide." So, God asked Adam how he knew he was naked; and asked him, "Did you eat from the tree of Knowledge? The no-no tree! Adam pointed to Eve. Its her fault. She gave me some of the fruit from the tree to eat. Then God asked Eve what happened. Eve pointed to the snake, "It was that sneaky old snake...Its his fault! He lied to me, so I ate some fruit too." So God said to the snake, "Now you will have to crawl on the ground on your belly, and now you will eat dust! Then God said to Adam and Eve, "Now you will have to work very hard because of all the thorns and weeds; Now you will have pain, and someday you will die."

Since they already ate from one tree that God told them not to, God knew they might also eat from the Tree of Life. God didn't want that to happen, so he sent Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. (6 again) How sad Adam and Eve were after they sinned! See their tears? Now they are crying. Now everything that was beautiful and good and perfect in the garden was spoiled. They felt so bad because after God gave them so much, they did something that God told them not to. But, even though they had to leave the garden, God was still kind to them. Yeah, he made them new clothes of animal skins! Yes, Bubbles, God made them new clothes made out of animal skins. (Take off the leaf clothes and put on new animal print clothes). So they got rid of their old leaf clothes, and got to put on these instead! Oh, those look much better! Then Adam and Eve left the garden. Say bye-bye to Adam and Eve with me. Bye-bye Adam, bye-bye Eve. God put angels with flaming swords in the front so they couldn't get back inside.

(7) Once they left the garden, life was a lot harder. Now they would have to live somewhere else. Now they would have to work very hard because of all the weeds and thorns. Now that sin was in the world, they would get sweaty and tired, and sometimes they would cry. But, at least God didn't leave Adam and Eve to themselves. He still watched over them; and, he still helped them when they called on him. And, the best thing was: Adam and Eve knew they didn't have to hide anymore! They could go to God and talk to him whenever they needed to! The End.

CIRCLE TIME: (What does this mean for me?)

How could things have gotten so messed up? Things were so happy and nice and perfect in the beginning. Now they were all messed up. All because the people sinned. They did what God told them not to do.

To make things worse, they tried to hide from God. That was a silly thing to do wasn't it? It was silly because God sees everything we do. Psalms 33:13-15 tells us how God looks down and sees each one of us. He made us, so he knows the things we think about. He knows when we're happy or sad. He sees everything we do. Everything? Does he even see me when I'm hiding? (3a,b) Yes, God even sees you when you are hiding. He sees you everywhere you go. That's why its silly to try to hide. Hiding might be fun when we're just playing a game. But trying to hide after we do something bad is no fun. When we sin, we feel guilty and sad. We are afraid. But, the good news is that we don't have to hide. (Shake head no).

In the story, remember how God went to look for Adam and Eve. He went to look for them because he loved them so much, even though they did something bad. He knew that they were feeling sad and scared. He wanted to go and talk to them so that he could make things better. And its the same for you and I today. God doesn't want us to hide and stay away from him. That way, we would be sad. But, if we go to God and pray, and tell the truth about what we did, and ask him to forgive us, he will! Have you ever been yelled at when you did something wrong? Sometimes moms and dads yell. But, God isn't like that. God has a lot of patience with us. Listen to what this verse says: (Read Psalm 145:17-18).

God loves us so much! He wants to help us when we sin. Remember how God made a covering for Adam and Eve? He made them new clothes to cover them. He was showing them that he still loved them so much. God has the same love for us. When we do something wrong, he wants to forgive us too. He has so much love that it covers over all the bad things we do. Anything at matter how bad we think it is. Even though it hurt God a lot when Adam and Eve sinned, he didn't want them to hide and feel sad. He wanted to talk with them and be close to them, just like God wants to talk to us. He wants to cover us with his love, and forgive us and help us do what is right the next time! The End.

PRAYER: Allow children to take turns praying after you or a helper prays.
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