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Free Creation Lesson for Children (Part 2)

God Made the Animals!

Concepts Children Learn:
God made the animals on Day 6.
God gives every animal a special home.
God loves and takes care of the animals he made.
Prep: Mark your Bible with the verses used in the lesson: Genesis 1:25; Psalms 104: 17-18, 27-28. Print the animal flash cards, page 1 and page 2, and the story pages, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. There are three story pages in color that you can use instead of the b&w ones, or print them to use as classroom posters: Bubbles bear, tiger and raccoon. The numbers in parentheses tell you what Story Page to hold up while you are telling the story. (You don't need to read the words on the actual story pages. They are for use as posters or coloring pages). The words in bold are to be read by the person playing Bubbles the Bear (If you don't have an assistant to play this part, you can use a little kid voice to read his part). Only read words that are not in parentheses for the lesson. The words in parentheses tell you what actions you do. The words in italics rhyme. Print two copies of the lesson. The teacher and assistant can each highlight the words they will be saying with a highlighter on their own copy.

Bible Verse: Genesis 1:25. Other verses used in lesson: Psalms 104: 17-18, 27-28.

(1 Bubbles the Bear). (Point to Bubbles the Bear). This is Bubbles the Bear. Last week, Bubbles helped tell the Bible story last week. Today, he's going to help us again. Last week, we learned how God made the heavens and the earth and everything in it. Can you name some of the things God made in the first five days? (Give the children a chance to answer, then add:) We learned that God made the light, the sky, the land and oceans, the plants and trees. And all the fish and birds too! And he made all those things in five days! Yes, that's right, Bubbles. And we learned how much God loves everything he made! Yes, that's right, too; But, God wasn't done making things yet...

(Hold up six fingers, and ask children to do the same.) Does anybody know what God made on Day 6? (Give the children a chance to answer, then continue). We have a little poem that tells us what God made on Day 6: On Day 6 God made animals of every kind, size and shape. He made gorillas, monkeys and even apes. He made a short, little rhino and a really tall giraffe. He made animals that make you scared, and animals that make you laugh. (2) Did you ever see a kangaroo with a tummy pouch? The baby stays inside where he can hide and crouch. (Crouch down low). God made animals that are soft and warm, like a puppy to cuddle. (Hug yourself). He made animals that get dirty, like pigs in a puddle!. (3) God made zebras and tigers that have stripes or lines. He made some animals with spots --- animals of all kinds! (4) He made some animals that are small, like a little baby bunny. He made some animals beautiful; and some really funny. (5) He made some very strong like the lion and bear. The lion has a mane; that's a special kind of hair! God made animals that are friendly, like the dog and the cow. He made animals that work hard, like an ox pulling a plow. God made animals that play and splash in the water, like the furry little beaver and playful sea otter. God made all these animals and many was a day of animals galore! Wow! God sure made a lot of animals!

And, God made each animal with love and care. He made each one different. Some animals have claws so they can protect themselves. God made some animals just the right color, so that they blend in with the place where they live; this is so they can hide from animals that want to eat them! (6) For example, polar bears are white. They blend in with the white snow of the place they live. God gave some animals eyes that can see in the dark at night, like the owl. The owl needs to see at night because that is when he looks for his food! (2 again). God made some animals with really strong legs, so they could jump far, like the kangaroo. That way, kangaroos can move really fast and get away from another animal that is chasing them. God gave some animals special abilities. The elephant has a strong truck. He can do lots of things with his trunk. He can pick up food and feed himself with his trunk. He can slurp up water and then give himself a bath. He can even do hard work, like carry heavy logs, with his trunk! God was so wise when he made the animals! And, there's a lot of things that we don't even understand about animals! He made each animal special and different! But, where do all the animals live?

Well, God is so wise! God didn't just make the animals and leave them all alone. He loves them so much that he gave each a special home. Psalm 104 tells us that God planted the cedar trees and gave them lots of water. Then, in verse 17-18, this is what it says: (Read Psalms 104:17-18). See how much God loves the animals he made? He gives each of them a special home all their own! God made some animals to be happy living in the water, like the playful little sea otters. Some animals like the forest, like a bear. Some animals are happy in the hot desert , like a camel. Just like our Bible tells us, God gives each animal a special home to live in. And, God made some animals so smart that they know how to make their own home - like a mole who digs a hole in the ground to live in, (7) and the bees that make their own bee hive! (8) God even made this little critter with a home - his own shell on his back is his home! The turtle can just crawl inside his shell when he wants a safe place to be! Yes God is so wise! He knows where each animal belongs! But, who looks out for the animals?

Well, in our Bibles, Psalm 104 tells us all about how God cares for the animals. It tells us how he made the water in the lakes and ponds and rivers. Then it tells us how the wild animals drink the water; then they are not thirsty any more! Have you ever seen birds singing happily? God has given them water and food to eat too! Cows and sheep need grass to eat, don't they? God makes it rain so the grass can grow. That's how God makes sure the cows and sheep get the food they need. And in verses 27-28 are talking about God when it says this: (Read Psalms 104:27-28). So, its God takes care of all of the animals! Very good, Bubbles. You are learning a lot today!

Well, next week we will learn about something else God made on Day 6. But, right now, for circle time we have some flash cards with animals on them. I will ask you some questions. See if you can answer the questions.

CIRCLE TALK TIME: (What does this mean for me?)

Print the Animal Flash Cards (See in Directions above). Hold up each one and ask some of these questions:

For the animals in their homes, ask these questions: Who made this animal? Where does it live? How does the it know how to make its home? (God helped it know how). Who takes care of this animal?

For the other animals, ask all or some of these questions? What is this animal? What is special about this animal? Who made this animal special? Who loves this animal? Who takes care of this animal?

PRAYER: Allow children to take turns praying after you or a helper prays.
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