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Free Lesson for Children - Week 14 Creation (Part 1)


Concepts Children Learn:
God made the world and everything in it!
God is so wise. He knew how to make everything just right!

God loves and cares for everything he made!

Prep: Mark your Bible with the Memory Verse: Psalm 145:17 and Psalm 147:8. Print either color story pages or b&w story pages to use with the lesson. COLOR:: Bubbles Bear, 1, 2, 4, 5 (Some of the pages come only in b&w.) B&W: Bubbles bear, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. You don't need to read the words on the actual story pages. They are for use as posters or coloring pages. For the lesson, the teacher reads the words that are not in bold. Print two copies of the lesson. The teacher and assistant can each highlight the words they will be saying with a highlighter on their own copy. The assistant plays the part of Bubbles the bear (words in bold). He is the bear on the story pages). If you don't have an assistant, you can use a little-kid voice to play this part. The words in italics rhyme. The words in parentheses tell you what actions you do (Help your class join in the actions too). The numbers in parentheses tell you what Story Page to hold up while you are telling the story.
LESSON: God Made The Beautiful World!

Mark your Bible with the Memory Verse: Psalm 145:17 and other verses used in lesson: Psalm 147:8; Psalm 104:25; Psalm . Other verses used as reference for lesson: Genesis 1:1-23, Psalm 104:24-25, 27-28, Psalm 145:15, Psalm 147:4, Isaiah 45:12.

(Bubbles the Bear). (Point to Bubbles the Bear). This is Bubbles the Bear. He is going to help tell the story. Today we are going to hear the very first story in our Bibles. Its a true story! Yes, that's right. Its true, just like all of the other Bible stories. Its the story of how God made the heavens and the earth. This is what happened: In the beginning it was very, very dark! You mean like when I put my hands over my eyes and everything is dark? Yes. That's right. Let's all put our hands over our eyes. (Place your hands over your eyes). What do you see? I don't see anything. I don't see anything either. That's how it was in the beginning. It was dark all around. But, God was full of love, and he decided to make some things.

(1) (Hold up one finger, and ask the children to show you one finger.) On Day 1, God made the beautiful, bright light. Do you know how he made light? All He did was say the words, "Let there be light!" and then Wo-o-o-s-h! There was light! Wow! That's how strong God is. He can just say something and there it is! When it was light, it was called daytime, and when it was dark, it was called nighttime. I'm glad God made nighttime so I can go to sleep; and I'm glad God made daytime so I can play outside! Yes, I'm glad God made both daytime and nighttime too. God was very wise in the way he made everything, wasn't he? He sure was! What else did he make?

(2) (Hold up two fingers and tell the children to show you two fingers.) On Day 2, God made a big space and he called it the sky! - The beautiful blue sky that we see every day! Some days the sky is bright blue. Some days the sky is full of fluffy, white clouds. And, some days the sky is dark and stormy. But, every day God's love and power can be seen in the sky! Did you ever see the sun setting in the evening? It makes so many beautiful colors! Only God could make something that beautiful! Did you ever see a bright, colorful rainbow after it rains? God made the beautiful rainbows too! The sky is full of the wonders of God's love. Tell me what else God made!

(3) (Hold up three fingers, and ask the children to show you three fingers). On Day 3, God made the land and the oceans. He gathered all the water into one place to make the oceans. On that same day, God also made all the different kinds of plants and trees, and flowers too! He made some trees with fruit, some trees with seeds. He made some trees with nuts - all kinds of trees! He made some trees with cherries, and some trees with flowers. To make them grow he sends loving rain showers! He made some trees with pine cones, and some with pears. All the trees, he made with love and care. He made great big trees like the weeping willow, and plants that grow cotton as soft as a pillow. He made green apple trees and red apple trees and yellow apple trees too. In the fall, we see trees of every color and hue. He made all these trees - What a gorgeous view! Trees of every kind and every size. He made big, tall sunflowers (reach up high above your head) and little itty bitty violets (hold up two fingers about a 1/2" apart). He made big red tomatoes and underground potatoes. He made plants of every kind, size and shape. He made bananas, melons and grapes. He made big, juicy strawberries and little tiny blueberries. He made creeping, crawling ivy plants and giant sprawling spider plants. All these plants he made with love and care. His love and goodness he wanted to share! Wow! God made a lot of things on that day! Yes, he sure did! But, God wasn't done yet...

(4) In our Bibles God tells us that he used his own hands to spread out the heavens, and put all of the stars in the sky. (Lift one hand high, stretching it in a big arc above you). (Hold up four fingers, and ask the children to show you four fingers). On Day 4, God made the big bright, yellow sun and the beautiful, glowing silvery moon. He also made the billions of twinkley, winkley stars in the sky! Can everybody show me how stars twinkle? (Wiggle your fingers on both hands and encourage the children to do it with you). Did you ever see the see the sun's light bursting through the clouds in the sky, or feel the warm sun on your face? I'm so glad God made the sun and moon and stars! God was glad too...he saw that everything that he made was good! Yes, that's right. But, God wasn't done yet. He still had a lot more things to make...

(5) (Hold up five fingers, and ask the children to hold up five fingers). On Day 5, God made all the fish in the ocean. He made scary sharks and giant whales. He made fish with fins and fish with scales. He made the leggy octopus and the slimy eel. He made the big, blubbery walrus and the playful seal - fish of every size and color! Let's see what our Bible says about that: (Read Psalm 104:25). Do you know what else God made on that day?

(6) He also made all the pretty birds on day 5! Yes! Every kind of bird there is! How many kinds of birds are there? Well, I 'm not sure...too many to count! There are thanksgiving turkeys and springtime ducks; roosters and hens that say, "cluck, cluck". There are big, clumsy ostriches and graceful swans. There are birds that sing pretty, happy songs! There is the penguin and robin, the bluejay and flinch. The little baby hummingbird is only one-half of an inch! He made birds that coo and birds that tweet; birds that squeal and birds that squeak. He made noisy woodpeckers, and soft-singing doves. All these birds - he made in love! And God saw that everything he made was good! Yes, he did, but God wasn't done yet! There's even more things that God made! Next week we'll talk more about the other things that God made, but now lets talk some more about the things we've learned about today.

CIRCLE TIME: (What does this mean for me?)

From today's Bible story we learn that God made everything! We learn that in the first five days God made light; He made the sky; He made the land and ocean; and all of the plants, trees and flowers. He made the sun and moon and stars; and he made all the fish and birds. That's a lot of things! How did God know how to make them all? God is so wise! He somehow knew how to make everything. And, he made them just right! Do you know what else? God loves all the things he made! He loves them and takes care of them. Listen to our Bible verse again: (Read Psalm 145:17). God even has a special name for each star that he made? Just think - All those billions of stars - and he calls each one by their own name! That's how wise God is!

Listen to what our Bible says about how much God cares for the things he made: (Read Psalm 147:8). God is so wise that he knows when the birds need to eat. He knows when the fish are hungry. He knows when the grass on the hill needs rain. He provides for every living thing that he made at just the right time. Wow! Our God is so wonderful and full of love! Yes, he sure is!

We can even see with our own eyes how much God loves and cares for the things he made. Did you ever look at a flower up close? God took the time to make all the little parts of the flower. And he thought up such beautiful colors. He even made them smell good! And he shows that he cares for the flowers by giving them sunshine to help them grow. He made clouds so they could hold water and then rain down on the earth at the right time. Rain helps the flowers grow too. There are so many things that God made just right; and God takes care of all of them! God is even watching over everything he made when we are sleeping at night. That makes me feel really happy that God loves everything he made and that he is watching over them! It makes me happy too. I'm so thankful to God for making everything just right, and that he loves all the things he made! The End.

PRAYER: Allow children to take turns praying after you or a helper prays.
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