For Lesson 15 - God Made the Animals!

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Pretend Play Activity - Let's Pretend to Be Animals That God Made!
Pretend to be animals as a group. Show the children how to crab-walk on all fours like a crab; squat down, waddle and quack like a duck; gallop and neigh like a horse; meow, curl up and sleep like a cat; growl and run like a bear; hop like a bunny; fly and tweet like a bird; move real slow like a turtle; eat grass and moo like a cow, etc.

Action Rhyme - God Made The Animals! This is a rhyme with hand motions. Go through the rhyme (on left column) and actions (corresponding right column) once for the children, then ask them to try to do the rhyme and actions with you.

God made all the animals on the 6th day. Hold up six fingers.
God made each animal in a special way Point up.
The turtle has its home he carries on its back Point to your back.

He hides in his shell that's green, brown or black.

Hide face in arm bent at elbow.
The baby kangaroo sits in mommy's pouch! Point to tummy.
It can peek out or get low and crouch! Get up on tippy toes, and crouch down low.
The elephant has a big, long trunk. Make trunk with arms stretched out, swinging, hands together.
He might squirt you if he has spunk! Motion up and out with hands.
The monkey's long arms. He can swing from the trees. Hold arms out, curving them.
He might get you a coconut if you say "please"! Point finger at neighbor.
So many animals God made just right! Point up.
To see all the animals - What a delight! Throw hands up in the air!
Song -Our God made so Many Animals. Sung to the tune of "Old MacDonald Had a Farm".
God made all the an-i-mals Point up.
Yes, he surely did! Shake head yes.
On Day 6 he made them all. Hold hands out to sides, elbows bent, palms up.
And he loves them so. Hug yourself.
Little, tiny mole...tall, tall giraffe...big, wide, sloppy pig...playing in the mud. Place hand low to the ground, place hand way up high, place hands far apart.
God made all the an-i-mals, Point up.
Yes, he surely did! Shake head yes.
On Day 6 he made them all. Hold hands out to sides, elbows bent, palms up.
And he cares for them! Hug yourself.
Toddler Activity / Game: Learn About God's Creation
Items Needed: How to Do Activity:
Real flowers or plants (optional) For each item that you bring in to the classroom, show the children what it is and talk about it. For example, if you bring a kitten, point out that God made the kitty with claws so it could defend itself. Show the children its sharp teeth for chewing its food well, etc. You can talk about how fast it can run or the fact that they always land on their feet when they fall. Reinforce the concepts in the lesson, such as "God made this kitty just right, didn't he? OR God was very wise when he made kittens, wasn't he? Let them take turns petting it.
Insects or fish in an aquarium (optional)
Other animals in cages (optional)