TODDLER ACTIVITIES AND GAMES - Lesson 14 - Summer Quarter

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Pretend Play Activity - Let's Pretend to Be the Things God Made!

No supplies are needed. You can do this activity with all of the children together.
You will be pretending to be something from each day of creation. The teacher says "Day 1, and asks what did God Make on Day One? After the children answer, then you tell them, let's pretend to be lights (or whatever is listed below for that day), and show them how to do it. Go through each day of creation. You can add in Day 6, and pretend to be animals also if you would like.
Day 1 - Light - Turn off the lights in the room first. The children can walk around
Day 2 - Sky - They can pretend to be clouds in the sky, and curl up and lay on a rug.
Day 3 - Plants - They can pretend to be a little seed (curl up and stoop down), then gradually grow into a plant (gradually stand up, and blossom into a flower (Reach hands out high over your head in a circle).
Day 4 - Sun, Moon, Stars - They can walk around the room flicking their fingers.
Day 5 - Fish, birds - They can spread their wings (arms) and walk around the room like birds, or flap their wings in place. They can make bird sounds like tweet, tweet or chirp, chirp. They bend at the waist and walk around like an octopus with many legs, or "crab walk" on all fours also. They can use their arms outstretched in front of them to make jaws for a shark.
Day 6 - Tell the children that God made more things on Day 6, and you will be talking about that next week.

Action Rhyme- This is a rhyme with hand motions. Go through the rhyme (on left column) and actions (corresponding right column) once for the children, then ask them to try to do the rhyme and actions with you.

If you look around, there's a lot to see... Cup hands over eyes and move to the left and right
Do you ever wonder how it all came to be? Place arms out to side, elbows bent, palms up
Listen very closely and you will see Cup hand around ear
Our loving God made it all come to be. Point up
The earth was formless and dark all around Make a circle in the air with your index finger
But the Spirit of God could surely be found Shake head "yes"
On the very 1st day God said "Let there be light". Hold up one finger
He made the very bright day and he made the dark, black night Flick fingers like light flashing
On Day 2 God made the huge sky Hold up two fingers
It was very beautiful and oh, so high! Make a big circle in the air with your arm
On Day 3 God made the land and seas Hold up three fingers
He also made the lovely plants and trees! Make a circle in the air with your index finger
There were bright, colorful, big and little flowers Hold hands about a foot apart vertically, then about 3 inches apart.
All of this showed God's mighty power! Shake head "yes"
One Day 4 God made the sun for day and the moon for night Make a fist with one hand, holding up that arm with your other hand on your elbow, then switch.
And the twinkly, winkley stars were special little lights. Flick fingers like lights
On Day 5 God made the birds of the air Hold up five fingers
Many different kinds -- common and rare! "Fly" your hand in a wavy motion like a bird
He also made all the creatures in the water Make a circle in the air with your index finger
Big, scary sharks and little, playful otters. Wave hands out to sides, elbows bent
God made all the animals on Day 6 Hold up 6 fingers
Big, tall giraffes and itty, bitty chicks. Place hand way up high and reach on tippy toes, then show a small space between thumb and index finger
Then in God's own likeness, he created man. Point to self
The male and female just as planned. Point to a boy and girl
On the 7th day God was all done Hold up seven fingers
Its time for rest and having lots of fun! Throw up both hands in the air
Toddler Activity: Take a Look Up-Close!
Items Needed: How To Do Activity:
4-5 children's magnifying glasses Take only a small group of children for this activity. Give each child in your group a magnifying glass. Show them how to use it to make things look bigger. Tale them around the room, looking at interesting things up close.
Game: Creation Memory Game
Items Needed:
Craft page Creation bear and Creation bear pictures. Prep: Make a sample for the children to see how it is made, and also to use to play the game after the lesson. See instructions on craft page.
Small prizes or stickers. How To Play: The teacher points to the top picture on the bear's tummy booklet. First ask the children what it is. Then ask which day that thing was made. For example: If it is the sun, point to the sun and say, "Who can tell me what this is a picture of? Then ask, Which day did God make the sun on? Then one by one, flip the pages of the book, asking the same two questions for each picture. If they don't know their numbers yet, play the game with a small group of children at a table. They can just point to the number to guess, instead of saying the number. Give prizes when they guess right, and just for trying. Have extra prizes on hand for those who don't win anything.