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Free Toddler Lesson Week 4 (Jesus' Death, Burial and Resurrection)


Concepts Children Learn:
Jesus died and rose again on the third day!
Jesus is alive now and lives with God in heaven!
If we trust in Jesus, we can live with God in heaven too!
Like for the Palm Sunday lesson, the lesson, Pretend Play activity, song and actions are all combined. This lesson uses a puppet (or assistant). The puppet just interjects a few words and questions here and there. There are story pictures and activities to add interest and make it fun. There are coloring pages and crafts also. Prep: Print b&w or color story pictures. Make up the lamb puppet to use during lesson.

Story Pictures: (You should already have 1, 2, and 3 if you did Week 2 lesson.)

New pdf pictures for 2,3 bw pictures , 2,3 pictures in color

1 & 2, 3, 4bw or 4color, 5bw, 6bw or color, 7bw or color.

Large box (for tomb). Clear shelf paper (Optional)
Jumbo crayons or paint Sheet of black construction paper
White fabric (or old cotton sheet) Lamb puppet, Sad (color, bw) and Happy (color or bw) or other puppet (Optional)

PREP: Since the teacher will be handling all of the Story pictures, have an assistant play the roll of Marshmallow the Lamb puppet. Tell the children that Marshmallow the Lamb is going to help tell the story today. Have the puppet say the words in Italics. If you're not using a puppet, you can just have the assistant say the words. The puppet is a really fun part to play. You'll need two copies of the lesson. Each can highlight their specific dialog on their own copy. Instructions for the puppet are on the Arts & Crafts Activities Page for Lesson 4.

To make the tomb: Cut out a large round hole in the front of the box for the entrance to the tomb. You could color or paint the outside to make it look like a rock. Cut some strips of white cloth to lay inside the tomb. Print Story Pictures on regular paper or card stock (heavier). Cover with clear shelf paper to make longer-lasting. Cut apart the happy face and sad face picture to show them separately. Tape the black sheet of construction paper to the back of Picture 2 at the top. During story time, flip the black sheet of paper over to cover the picture, showing that it was completely dark for three hours when the story states that. Only read bold words that are not in parentheses for the lesson. (The words in parentheses tell you what actions you do. The numbers in parentheses tell you what pictures to show while you are telling the story).

Bible Memory Verse: Matthew 28:5-6. Other verses used for reference in the lesson: Matthew 27:1-2, 11-66, 28:1-9, Mark 15:1-47, Luke 22:63-71, 23:1-56

INTRO:Picture 1 - Sad face, Picture 2 - happy face Before Palm Sunday, we learned that Jesus had a talk with his disciples. What's a disciple?...I forget. The disciples were Jesus' friends who followed him. Jesus knew it was almost time for him to die on the cross. Before Jesus left his disciples, he told them that first they would be sad, since he was soon going to die, (1), (and show sad side of puppet) but that later they would be happy! (2), (and show happy side of puppet). Today, we are going to see why he said that.
Picture 3 - Judas and the Mean leaders, sad side of puppet.

(3) If you were here that day, you know that one of the disciples, named Judas, led the mean leaders to Jesus. The leaders gave Judas 30 pieces of silver to tell them where Jesus was because they wanted to get rid of Jesus. So they tied Jesus up and took him to the main leader. But the leader didn't know what to do. A big crowd of people were angry and shouting. They were shouting at the leader. They wanted Jesus die on the cross. But, the leaders couldn't find anything to punish Jesus for. He never did anything wrong. Not even one thing - ever! The big crowd of people kept shouting at the leader. Finally he gave in. He let them have Jesus. Oh, no!

Picture 4 - Sun & black sheet of construction paper), sad side of puppet.

(4) Then they made a crown out of sharp, pointy thorns and pushed it down on Jesus' head. Ouch ! That must've hurt a lot! Then they put a purple robe on Jesus and made fun of him and spit on him. They got a man named Simon to help Jesus carry his cross. But, do you know what Jesus did? As they nailed Jesus to the cross, Jesus asked God to forgive them. He was hurting so badly because of what they were doing to him, yet he still prayed for them. I guess he was showing them how much he still loved them, huh? Yes, he still loved them even though they were nailing him on the cross. And, do you know what happened next? When Jesus was hanging there on the cross, something really strange happened. At about 12:00 noon it got completely dark for three hours! (Flip black sheet of paper over so that only the black paper shows). Wow! Cool! God made the sun stop shining right in the middle of the day!
Pictures: 1 - Sad face and sad side of puppet. (1 again) Finally Jesus cried out to God before he breathed his last breath. He said, "Father, I commit my spirit into your hands". Right then there was a big earthquake! Oh, wow! The guards who were watching Jesus heard him cry out to God. They said, "He really was the Son of God!" Some people tore their clothes. They must've been sorry for what they had done. Jesus' mother and his friends were standing by his cross. They were so sad. They were crying for Jesus. It makes me sad to know Jesus suffered and died that way too. Does it make you sad, too? Yeah, but I remember what Jesus had said to his friends: He had told them first they would be sad, but then they would be happy again? Tell me what happens next.
Picture 5 - Tomb with guards, sad side of puppet. (5) Now it was time to bury Jesus. A rich man named Joseph asked Pilot if he could bury the body of Jesus. So, that is what he did. He wrapped Jesus' body in cloths and placed him in a tomb. What's a tomb? It was a big rock with a hole cut out of it, that they used for a grave. In Bible Times, its where they used to bury people after they died. Then Joseph rolled a stone in front of the tomb to close it. The next day was the Sabbath so everybody stayed home. But, the mean leaders remembered that Jesus said he would rise again after three days, so they sealed the tomb as tight as they could. Then they put guards in front of the tomb to watch the tomb to make sure nothing happened. But, they didn't know the power of God. Silly guards. You can't stop Jesus! (Shake head "no"). Don't you know God at all? God put the sun in the sky. God can do anything he wants to...even raise someone back to life. Silly guards. That's right. They were silly. Nobody can stop Jesus! Let's see what happens next.
Picture 6 - Women at tomb, happy side of puppet.

(6) Three days later, very early before the sun had come up, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to see the tomb where Jesus' body had been laid. When they got to the tomb, an angel of the Lord came down from heaven. He glowed like lightening, and his clothes were bright white. Just then there was another big earthquake! Oh, wow!...another earthquake! The angel rolled away the stone and he sat on it. And, do you know what happened? Those silly guards were so afraid that they were shaking in their shoes! Silly guards. Don't you know that you can't stop Jesus?

The women were afraid too, and the angel said to them, "Don't be afraid. I know you are looking for Jesus. But, Jesus isn't here. He has risen! Remember when he told you he would die on the cross, and three days later he would rise again?" Then the women remembered what Jesus said. (- Gasp! -) Jesus was alive again! Yes, he was alive! The angel told them to come and peek in the tomb, and see where Jesus had laid. Let's all go peek inside our pretend tomb! (Open your tomb. Look surprised and say:) "Look! Nobody is inside! Just some clothes like the ones that they buried Jesus in. That's all that was in the tomb. The women were so excited and happy! Jesus had risen! Just like the angel said! (Give everybody a chance to peek inside of your "tomb"). Look! Here are the cloth strips, and no one is there. Then the angel told them to hurry up and go tell the disciples that he is alive! (Puppet jumps up and down excitedly). Hurry up, Mary, hurry up! Hurry up, Mary, hurry up! (Take the children back to the story area and have them take their seats again).

Picture 2 again - Happy face, happy side of puppet.

(2 again) As Mary and the other Mary went to go back to the disciples all of a sudden, there he was! ( - Gasp! - ) They saw Jesus with their own eyes! He really was alive! The women were so excited and happy! They were so happy that they dropped down to the ground and worshiped him! Just like Jesus said, first they would be sad, then they would be happy! Jesus told them not to hold onto him, and that he did not go back to heaven yet. He told them to go back and tell the others the good news that he was alive! (Puppet jumps up and down excitedly again.) Hurry up, Mary, hurry up! Hurry up, Mary, hurry up! And so Mary and Mary ran back to tell all the others that Jesus was alive!

Picture 7 - cross, lambs, happy side of puppet.

(7) Next week, we'll hear about what else Jesus tells Mary. And, we'll learn about all of the other people who saw Jesus after he was raised back to life! But for now we can just be happy that Jesus is alive! And, what that means for us is this: If we trust in Jesus, we will one day live with him in heaven too! That makes me very happy! Me too! Does it make you happy too? Hey...I know a happy song about Easter, can we sing it now? Sure, do you want to lead it for us after we pray? Ok. THE END

PRAYER: Allow children to take turns praying after you or a helper prays.

Transition: (Go To Activities & Games for song & action rhymes, and Art Activities Page for instructions.

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