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Bible Kids Fun Zone has another lesson for the story of Jesus Washing the Disciples Feet for preschoolers. It's in digital download format, with illustrated story pictures, crafts and activities. You can purchase one lesson or the whole theme (Resurrection).

My BIble Crafts also has this lesson 'Squeaky Clean' in digital download format, as well as the Resurrection theme for preschoolers.


Bible Verse: Mark your bible with these verses: John 13:17 (memory verse), John 13:8-9; 12-15 (Circle Talk Time). Other verses used as reference for lesson: John 13:1-30, Mark 14:10

Only read words that are not in parentheses. The words in parentheses tell you what to do with the puppets, or actions for yourself, while reading reading the story. The puppet or assistant reads the words in italics.

Concepts Children Learn: Jesus was humble, and wasn't afraid to do the dirty jobs, and the jobs that weren't fun. Jesus show us an example of how to love and help one another. Some other ways to love each other are sharing, saying kind things, and listening.

Prep: Mark you bible with these verses: John 13:17; John 13:8-9; 12-15. PREP: PICTURES: Print the Story Pictures and cover with clear shelf paper (optional). 1bw or 1color, 2bw or 2color, 3, 4.puppet , page 1 and page 2 (optional). You will also need: chocolate coins or make your own: (instructions below), drawstring bag or small fanny pack. Optional supplies (If you are setting up stations): plates, cups, napkins, grape juice, raisin cinnamon or other type of snack bread. PUPPET: You can do this lesson with Marshmallow the Lamb puppet or an assistant. Instructions are on the Arts & Crafts Activities Page for Lesson 4. Don't worry about the sad side of the puppet. That will be used for the Easter lesson. The puppet reads the words in italics. Since the teacher will be handling all of the Story pictures, have an assistant play the puppet part. Have the puppet say the words in Italics. If you're not using a puppet, you can just have the assistant say the words. The puppet is a really fun part to play. Remember, you'll need two copies of the printable lesson. Each can highlight their dialog on their own copy. Serve snack early. Have cinnamon raisin bread (or other type of bread) and grape juice. Ask the children to stay seated for the lesson. Station 2: If you don't have chocolate coins, you can just wrap cardboard circles with aluminum foil. (*Make sure you make them at least 1" big, so you're sure they will not be a choking hazard). Set up Station 3 as the garden of Gethsemane, with a few small (fake) plants around. Make olive trees for Station 5: Just cut simple tree shapes out of construction paper or tag board. You could put these on a bulletin board near the station or tape them on a wall.


Intro: (1) Today we are going to learn how Jesus showed his love to his disciples. This is Marshmallow the Lamb, our puppet. He will help me tell the story. It will be a lot of fun. One evening, Jesus was eating supper with his disciples. What's a disciple? The disciples were the ones who followed Jesus. They were his friends who stayed with him and helped him; And, they listened to Jesus teach many times. This was a special supper that they were eating together. What was so special about this supper? Jesus knew that this was the very last supper that he would have with his disciples before he would be taken away. Oh, so that's why its called the last supper. They ate bread and drank wine to celebrate the Passover. We just ate bread and grape juice which is sort of like that.

As they were eating, Jesus got up from the table and took off the top layer of his clothes. Then he wrapped a towel around his waist. (1) He got a little tub of water and started washing his disciples' feet. When it was Peter's turn, Peter asked Jesus if he was going to wash his feet too? Jesus told Peter that even though he did not understand why he was doing this right now, he would understand later. (Read John 13:8-9) Then Jesus patiently explained to Peter, that if he already had a bath, then only his feet needed washed. John 13:12-15 tells us what happens next: (Read John 13:12-15).

I still don't understand why Jesus did the dirtiest job. It doesn't sound like a fun job at all. Well, that is what Jesus was trying to show them. Even though he was their Lord and teacher, he showed them that he was very humble. He did it because he loved them so much. (2) You see, in Bible Times, this was a job that really needed to be done. Most people wore sandals then, and they walked on long ways dusty roads. So, when people would go to someone's house, they showed up with dirty, dusty feet. It was usually the job of the servant to wash everyone's feet. It was the dirtiest job that nobody wanted to do. When all the disciples showed up at this house to have supper together, there was no one there to do it for them. And, none of the disciples had the idea to wash everyone's feet. They were probably all sitting there waiting for someone else to do it. They were probably thinking, "Its not my turn to do it!, or "I don't like the dirty jobs!, or "I like to keep my hands clean". Yeah, even though they could probably smell all the stinky feet and see the dust floating around. But, Jesus showed us what the right attitude was. He loved the disciples so much that he was willing to do the dirty job. The job that wasn't fun. Jesus could've asked one of them to wash his feet. He was the great Lord and teacher, after all. But, he surprised them by being so humble and serving them instead. Jesus was a humble and patient teacher. He didn't yell or complain. He just gently taught them by showing them how to love and help each other.

After Jesus explained all of this, he had something else he wanted to tell his disciples too: He was very serious as he talked. He told them that one of would soon turn against him and not be his friend anymore. One of the disciples asked Jesus who it was that would turn against him? (3) Jesus said it would be the one who he gave the piece of bread to. Then Jesus dipped the bread in the dish and gave it to Judas!Yikes! I bet the other disciples were glad that it wasn't them! Judas took the bread and ate it. Jesus told him that whatever he was going to do, to go do it quickly. So Judas left that night. He went out and went to look for the mean leaders.

Judas knew the mean leaders wanted to get rid of Jesus. They were jealous of him. (4) So when Judas found them, he asked them, "How much money will you give me if I show you where Jesus is? They told him they would pay him 30 pieces of silver. (Open your drawstring bag and show them the chocolate silver pieces). So they made a deal: They would give Judas money, if Judas would tell them where Jesus was. They wanted to arrest Jesus and take him away. That's not being a friend. So I guess Judas really wasn't a real friend of Jesus' after all. No that's not being a friend at all, is it. And, just think... Jesus washed Judas' dirty feet too. Yes, Jesus also loved Judas. Even when Jesus knew that Judas would turn against him, Jesus was still loving and kind to him too

CIRCLE TIME: (What does this mean for me?)

Does everyone remember our Bible Verse, John 13:17. (Read verse or let children say it). That's what Jesus said to the disciples after he explained why they should do kind things, like washing each other's feet. We already talked about why Jesus washed his disciples dirty feet. But, people don't usually walk around with dirty feet now, like they did in Bible Times. So, what are some other things that we could do to show our love to people. Even though you are all just very young, there are still lots of things you can do. How about helping your mom make sandwiches or set the table. How about helping dad clean up a room? You could make a card for your grandma when she is sick, or help your baby brother or sister learn a new game. There are lots of ways that you can love and help each other, even though you are little. You could share your toys and books with your friends. You could be a good listener. You could give someone a hug that needed one. And, do you know what? I think you'll find that when you help others and do kind things for them, it makes you feel really good. It changes your heart and you feel happy that you could help. And it usually makes the other person happy too, even if they don't show it. And, most of all, we know that God is happy when we are loving and kind.

PRAYER: Allow children to take turns praying after you or a helper prays.

Transition: Now we have some fun crafts and activities that go with this lesson. Go To Activities Crafts

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