Toddler Lesson 49

WEEK 49 - How Much Does God Love Us?

This is Week 1, of 2 lessons with the Valentine's Day theme, so you don't have to wait until next week to do this lesson. Key Concepts: God's love for us is wider than a rainbow, higher than sky, deeper than the ocean!

Circle Talk Time is combined with the interactive lesson this week. Prep: You will need these supplies: Mini red treat bags, or Valentine's Day treat bags, hearts cut from multiple colors of construction paper using small heart patterns, Valentine's Day confetti. Make up the Bear with Heart Chain craft and Stand-up bear to use during the lesson. Fill one treat bag with confetti. You will pour in the construction paper hearts during the lesson. If you don't have enough to fill the bag, add something bulky first, like some bubble wrap. Mark you bible with these verses: Ephesians 3:17b - 18; 1 Thes. 3:12. Print and make copies of these story pages in either b&w or color: 1 bw, 1color, or 1standup bear bw, 1 standup bear color, 2bw, 3bw, 3color, 4bw, 4color, and 4 heart chain patterns, 5bw, 6bw, 7color extra poster! Print extra pictures to decorate your bulletin board. Make copies of b&w pages that you want to use for coloring pages. The numbers in parentheses tell you what Story Page to hold up while you are telling the story. (You don't need to read the words on the actual story pages. They are for use as posters or coloring pages). Read words in bold for the lesson. The words in parentheses tell you what actions you do.

Mark your Bible with these verses: Memory verse:. Ephesians 3:17b - 18; 1 Thes. 3:12.

Intro: Teacher

We've been learning about how much God loves us the last few weeks! Today, we have a beautiful prayer that shows us just how much God loves us. (1) This is Snuggly Bear. He will help us understand this prayer! See? He has little hearts all over. (Point to hearts). And hearts mean love! This is the prayer about God's love: (Read Ephesians 3:17b, and 18, starting with "And I pray...) (2) Oh, look! Snuggly Bear wants to show us something.
Snuggly Bear See this flower? See how deep its roots go into the ground? It gets its food and water from the ground, so it can grow strong! Is that what you mean?
Teacher Yes, Snuggly Bear. That is what I mean. A flower's roots reach deep into the ground, (point to roots). And, when we trust in God, its like we are reaching up to God. Can you all show me how we reach up? (Reach hands up high). When we trust in God, we start to understand how much he loves us. And, God loves us all so much! He wants us all to know how much he loves us!
Teacher The first thing we learn is that God's love is wide! Who can show me what wide means? (Hold hands wide apart). Can anybody think of something that is very wide? (Give children a chance to answer). Yes, a _____ is very wide. Maybe Snuggly Bear can show us something else that is wide.
Snuggly Bear (3) A rainbow! Whe-e-e-e!

Oh, yes, a rainbow is very wide. A rainbow is so wide that we can't even see the end! God's love is even wider than a rainbow! (Hold hands wide apart). God's love is wide enough to include everybody (Pull hands closer in around children).

Snuggles God's love is wide enough to include kids and moms and dads, and grandma's and grandpa's too. Because God loves everyone!

Yes, that is right, Snuggly Bear! Our prayer also tells us that God's love is long! (Hold hands wide apart going the other direction - from behind you, to out in front of you). Can anybody think of something that is really long? (Give children a chance to answer). Yes, a _____ is very, very long. Snuggly Bear, can you show us something else that is long?

Snuggly Bear (4) How about this? Is this long?
Teacher Oh...what do you have there? (Pull out hearts). Oh, yes, that is very long. And, God's love is even longer than that! Those are very pretty hearts!
Snuggles And the children will have a chance to make their own pretty hearts later for a craft!
Teacher Yes, they will. Did you know that the prayer also says that God's love is high! Let's see how high you can hold your hand? If we stand on our tippy-toes, we will be as high as we can be. (Hold hand high above you and encourage children to join you). Who can think of something that might be high? (Give children a chance to answer). Yes, _____ is very high. Snuggly Bear, what do you have for us that is high?
Teacher (5) Oh! Look at Snuggly Bear. He is way up high in the sky! let's all wave to Snuggles! Hi, Snuggles!
Snuggly Bear Hello down there!
Teacher Did you know that God's love is even higher than Snuggly Bear? The prayer also tells us one more thing about God's love. It says that God's love for us is very deep too! Let's all see how low we can get. (Reach low to the ground). Can anybody think of something that is deep? (Give children a chance to answer). Yes, _____ is very deep. Snuggly Bear, can you show us something else that is deep?
Snuggly Bear How about this?
Teacher (6) Oh, look at Snuggly Bear - he is deep down in the ocean! He is floating around in a big bubble with all of the fish.
Snuggly Bear Just like the verse says, God's love is deeper than any place we can think of! God's love is so deep that it never runs out!
Teacher That's right, Snuggly Bear. God just keeps on loving us! And, the prayer asks one more thing: That we will be filled up to the top with God's love! Snuggly Bear, let's show the children what that means?
Snuggly Bear O.k. Here you go! (Open red paper bag and fill with construction paper hearts).
Teacher (1 again) Oh, wow! Now you are getting all filled up with love! You are so full you are going to have hearts coming out of your ears!
Snuggly Bear Well, God wants us to be full of his love. Then we overflow with his love, and it spills out all over the place. When that happens, we show God's love to others!
Teacher That's exactly right! Just like this verse in our Bibles (Read 1 Thes. 3:12).
Snuggly Bear Yea-a-a-a! (Turn bag upside-down and let the contents spill out all over the table, and close to the children).
Teacher Oh, look at all that love! Next week we will learn more about how to love others. And, now let's pray and ask God to help us understand his love!

CIRCLE TIME: (What does this mean for us?) - Combined with lesson.

PRAYER: Allow children to take turns praying after you or a helper prays.
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