Toddler Lesson 46


Key Concept: I don't have to worry. God cares for me even more than the birds and flowers!

Prep: Mark you bible with Matthew 6:25-34; Luke 12:29-31; Philippians 4:19. Print and make copies of the story pages you will be using. Make a sample of the girl paper doll with clothes, and the Cupboard with shelves and food to use with lesson. See directions on Craft page. Alternatively, you may choose to use a children's play kitchen with a cupboard that opens with plastic play food. Other optional ideas to use instead of, or in addition to, story pictures: Fresh flowers in a nonbreakable vase. Birds in a cage. Make extra copies of any b&w pictures that you want to use for coloring pages. 1color, 2bw, 2color, 3bw, 3color, 4bw, 4color, 5bw, 5color, 6bw, 6color, 7bw, 7color, 8bw, 8color, 9bw, 9color, 10color ,11bw. The numbers in parentheses tell you what Story Page to hold up while you are telling the story. Read words in bold for the lesson. The words in parentheses tell you what actions you do.

Mark your Bible with the Memory verse Phillippians 4:19; and with Matthew 6:25-34; Luke 12:29-31. Other Scripture used as reference: Matthew 10:29-31.

Intro: We all worry sometimes. We worry when we have to go to the doctor's. We worry about getting hurt when we play. Some of us might even worry about what we will eat or wear. If we listen close to our story, we will learn something important that Jesus tells us about worry.

(1) This is Timmy. Timmy got hungry while he was playing outside. So, Timmy went inside to get something to eat. (2, 3, 4) He went to the kitchen and opened the cupboard to get a snack. (Open door to cupboard). Uh-oh. There's not much food in there! Timmy started to worry. What would he eat? But, Timmy didn't have have to worry. (Shake head no). Jesus told us that God cares for us. God will make sure we have enough to eat. (4) (Place more food items on the shelves, plastic or pics). There. Now Timmy has plenty of food to eat.

Let's listen to what Jesus says about this: (5) (Read Matt. 6:26). See how happy these birds are? They are singing! God takes care of the birds. He even notices every time one falls to the ground. They don't have to work day and night to get their food. They just do what birds do: Play and sing, and rest in God's care. And look how chubby they are. They must have plenty to eat! And, birds aren't worth very much. We can buy them for just a few dollars. And, yet God still cares for them. (1 again, point to Timmy.) Just think how much more he cares for you! Because you are worth so much more! You are precious to God!

(6, 7) This is Timmy's sister, Jessica. Jessica wants to get dressed to go outside to play with Timmy. So, she put on her shirt. (Place small shirt on doll). Uh-oh. Her shirt is too small. Then she put on her pants. (Place small pants on doll). Uh-oh. They are too small too! It looks like Jessica has been growing really fast! She is too big for all of her clothes now. Jessica started to worry. What would she wear now? But Jessica didn't have to worry either. (Shake head no). God will give her clothes to wear. (Take off small clothes, and place big clothes on doll). There, now Jessica has clothes her size.

Let's see what Jesus says about that: (8) (Read Matt. 6:28-29) The flowers don't rush around trying to take care of everything. They just do what flowers do: They just look pretty, and smell pretty, and make people happy. And, God takes care of them. He sends rain on them so they will grow. He sends sunshine too. And they are dressed in the best clothes! We see how much God cares for flowers when we see how beautiful they are! (5 again) Yet, Jesus says that you are worth so much more than flowers!

(1, 6) You are so precious to God! Its YOU that he cares about so much! Sometimes we forget how much God cares about his children! But Jesus reminds us how much God cares for us. (5, 8) Jesus says that God cares for us way more than he cares for the birds and flowers. He will give you the things you need. He will help you with anything. We don't have to worry. For Circle Talk Time we will talk about what we can do instead of worrying.

CIRCLE TALK TIME: (What does this mean for me?)

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Which ball is biggest? Which ball is the smallest? Which one is the smallest? What size do you think God is? God is bigger than all of these things. I will explain.

(9) Have any of you worried about what you would eat? I know I have. (Give children a chance to answer). (10) When we worry, it makes our little problems (point to small picture of food with boy) seem so big! (point to big picture of food with boy). But, God is bigger! But God can take care of us and our problems. God will give us the things we need. Sometimes we don't know how to fix our problems, but God does. He has it all figured out. So, let's listen to what Jesus says to do instead: (Read Luke 12:29-31). How do we set our hearts on God and seek him? (11) When we spend time with God, we are seeking him. And, how do we spend time with God? By praying and listening to Bible stories, and singing praises to God!

So instead of worrying, we can pray instead. We can sing praises to Jesus. We can rest in his loving care. We can learn from God by spending time with him. He will do the rest! We can trust him because he cares for us more than he cares for the birds and flowers! Then you can just do what kids do: Play, and learn and rest!

PRAYER: Allow children to take turns praying after you or a helper prays.
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