Toddler Nativity Lesson 2

Week 41 - Room in my heart For Jesus!

Concepts Children Learn:
There was no room at the inn for baby Jesus.
I can make room in my heart for Jesus.
Jesus promises to stay with me if welcome him!

Prep: Mark your Bible with the Memory Verse:Revelation 3:20. Make the Inn Lift-the-flap Craft using pages 6 inn and 6 man below. See directions on Craft Page. Print story pages: Note: You'll need a pdf reader on your computer to print the updated story pages. Print story pages of Mary, Joseph and the angel from Week 40.1 gifts bw, 1 gifts color, 2mary bw, 2mary color, 3joseph bw, 3joseph color, 4angel bw, 4angel color, 5trip bw, 5trip color, 6inn bw and 6man bw, 6inn color and 6man color, 7stable bw, 7stable color, 8nativity bw, 8nativity color or 9 stable nativitybw, stable nativity color. Stickers bw and stable bw or stickers color and stable color. Make copies of any b&w story pictures that you want to use as coloring pages.

The numbers in parentheses tell you what Story Page to hold up while you are telling the story. (You don't need to read the words on the actual story pages. They are for use as posters or coloring pages). Read words in bold. The words in parentheses tell you what actions you do.

LESSON: Room in my heart For Jesus!
Verse: Revelation 3:20. Scripture used as reference for lesson: Luke 2:1-7, Matthew 1:18-25.

(1) We like to give gifts. Its fun to see a smile on someone's face when they open your gift. (Point to happy gift). But, what if you gave somebody a gift and they didn't like it. (Point to sad gift). What if they didn't want it, and they just set it down and walked away? That would make us upset, wouldn't it? But if the person who is opening your gift really likes it! They get excited and say, "Its just what I needed! I love it! I want to keep it!"(Show them the gift with hearts around it). That would make us really happy, wouldn't it? Did you know that there is a gift that God wants us all to receive and love like that? Listen closely to the story, and we will find out what that gift is.

Last week we heard the first part of the story. (2, 3) Mary and Joseph were going to get married soon. (2, 4) One day, the angel came to visit Mary, and Mary got scared! But the angel said to her, "Don't be afraid, Mary, You will soon have a very special baby!" Can anybody tell me this baby's name? (Give children a chance to answer). Very good! JESUS! This baby was God's own Son, sent down to us from God! The angel told Mary that she would have the baby by God's Spirit. It would be a miracle! Mary believed the angel, and she said o.k. (Shake head yes). (3, 4) Then an angel came to Joseph. He told Joseph that the baby was from God, and that they should get married. (Shake head yes). So, Joseph said, o.k., too.

(5) One day, Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem. It was a long ways away. If we pat our laps, we can make the sound of their feet, like this: (Pat your lap). When they got to Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph had to to look for a place they could stay because Mary needed a place to have baby Jesus. Hurry up , Mary...hurry up Joseph...find a place to have baby Jesus. He is about to be born! (6) Soon they came to an inn. An inn is like a hotel where people stay when they're away from home. They knocked on the door of the inn. Knock-knock. Knock-knock. Can you show me how you knock? (Knock on the table). Let's see who was at the door? (Lift flap on the craft). Mary and Joseph asked the man if they could stay at the inn. But, the man at the inn told them. "No. You can't stay here. There are no rooms left." (Shake head no). Now where would Mary go to have baby Jesus? Well, the man at the inn told them they could go over to the stable if they wanted to. (7) A stable is like a barn - its where all the animals stay. I bet it was kind of smelly in there. (Hold your nose). That is the only place they had to stay, but at least they were welcome there.

(8, 9 or sticker set) So, Mary had baby Jesus right there in the stable with all the animals. (Use real doll or Soft-Feel Baby Jesus craft doll. Wrap doll in cloths and blankets). This is just a doll, but we will use it to show you how Mary wrapped up baby Jesus. She wrapped him up in pieces of cloth so he would be snugly and warm. Then baby Jesus needed a bed. But, there was no crib. (Shake head no). Where would she lay baby Jesus? Well, a manger was there in the stable. (Point to baby Jesus in manger). A manger is a big box where they put the food for the animals. It looked about the right size for a baby. Do you think Joseph might have put straw in the box to make a soft place for baby Jesus to sleep? I do. (Fluff up the paper shred). There. That would be o.k. to sleep on. Then Mary laid baby Jesus in the manger. (Lay doll in box). Well, the stable wasn't perfect. But, I think it was a fine place for baby Jesus to stay. At least he was welcome there. So, God watched over Mary and Joseph, and little baby Jesus! What a beautiful night filled with God's love. God showed us how much he loved us when he gave us the gift of his own Son, Jesus! So, if God gave us the gift of Jesus, what will we do with that gift? Lets talk about that.

CIRCLE TIME: (What does this mean for me?)

(1) God gave us the gift of himself.. he gave us Jesus. I hope all of you make room in your hearts for Jesus, and say "Yes" to Jesus! So what do we do with this precious gift? The man at the inn told Mary and Joseph that there was no room for them. So he didn't get to see baby Jesus. He missed out on the best gift God had to give us! If we told Jesus that we don't have room for him, we would miss out on the very best gift that we could ever receive! We would be sad. (Point to sad gift).

When Mary and Joseph went to the inn, and knocked on the door, the man said, "There is no room for you!" Let's listen to this verse and we will see who else is knocking on a door (Read Rev. 3:20). That means that Jesus is knocking on the door of each one of your hearts. He is knocking on _____, and _____. (Say the name of each child and adult in the room). He loves each of you so much! He wants to stay with you! He wants you to welcome him. The way we can make room for Jesus in our hearts is to say, "Jesus, I love you. I trust in you. I want to know you more and more as I grow up. Come and stay with me." And, If you welcome Jesus, he promises he will come and stay with you! Isn't that a wonderful promise?

Jesus is the best gift God gives us. God is so happy when we welcome Jesus, and when we decide to keep him. (Point to gift with hearts). God loves us so much that he knows that we need his love the most! That is why he gave us Jesus! He loves you so much that he wants to lead you and guide you. He wants to teach you what is right. Won't you make room in your heart for Jesus. Will you let him be your friend? Will you let him lead you and help you? Will you learn from him? Will you spend time with Jesus every day? I hope you all welcome Jesus today. He wants to be your best friend.

PRAYER: Allow children to take turns praying after you or a helper prays.
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