Toddler Lesson - Week 33


Concepts Children Learn:
Main Concept: God helps me be brave.
Other Concept: I can trust God.
God helps people who trust in him.

Prep: Make a Giant Goliath to use with lesson. See Craft Page for supplies and directions. If time is running short, you can just measure off and mark how high 9 feet is with masking tape somewhere in your room (See Activities Page for How To Use), and use use the Goliath and Armor Sticker Story Pages instead of the Giant Goliath room Decoration. (See Craft Page for directions, There are variations, you can enlarge and laminate, or use regular size pages and use magnetic-backed paper or Inkjet sticker paper to stick armor on Goliath during lesson). You should already have these Story Pages from last week:1bw , 1color, 2. (Prepare Craft Page 1 by gluing a little thinned-out cotton onto the sheep on page 1, and let the children feel the fuzzy sheep during the lesson). Prepare shepherd bag craft sample (4) to use with lesson. Print the new story pages also (You can leave out page 6 if you want to): Decide if you want to use Sticker pages or Story Pages for Goliath and his armor. Sticker Pages: 3goliathbw with 3armor bw or 3goliath color with 3armor color, OR Story Pages: 3Goliath in armor bw, 3Goliath in armor color. You will need these Story Pages also: 4 (make sample), 5bw or 5color, 6 or 6 color, 7, 8. Have a Bible marked with today's Bible verses to read during the lesson: 1 Samuel 10:24; Psalm 121:2. The numbers in parentheses tell you what craft sample or picture to use for that part of the story. Only read words in bold. The words in parentheses tell you what actions you do.

LESSON: Time: About 4 minutes + actions.
Have your Bible or a children's Bible marked with this verse to read during the lesson: 1 Samuel 17:37, Psalm 121:2. Other scriptures referenced for lesson: 1 Samuel 17.

Have you ever been afraid of someone who was a lot bigger than you? This story is about somebody who was not afraid of somebody bigger. (1) Do you remember David, the shepherd boy, who we talked about last week? David's three oldest brothers were far away fighting in a war. They were in God's army. They were fighting the Philistines. But, David was safe at home watching over the sheep. (If you used the cotton on the story page, say:) Who wants to touch and feel the fuzzy sheep? (Give the children time to touch the fuzzy sheep).One day, David's father told him to take some bread and cheese to his brothers. He wanted to know how they were doing. So, early the next morning David said bye-bye to the little lambs. Can you say it with me? (Wave to the lambs in the picture, and invite the children to join you). Bye-bye little lambs. Somebody will take good care of you while David is gone. Then David ran off to find his brothers.

But when he got there, it was quiet. He wondered why no fighting was going on. David found his brothers, and started talking to them. Just then David heard somebody shouting in a loud voice. He looked down in the valley where the shouting was coming from. (3) He saw the biggest giant he had ever seen! The giant was saying to men in God's army, "Pick somebody to come and fight me!" But, everybody was too afraid to fight Goliath. Hm-m-m I wonder how big he was? Let's go see. (Take the class over to where your 9-ft Goliath is, or the 9-ft mark). He was over 9 feet tall! But David was only about this tall. (Have a short person stand next Goliath or hold your hand up to Goliath's middle). No wonder everybody was afraid of him. I would be scared too. Wouldn't you? Goliath wore a great big helmet on his great big head. (Stick helmet on his head). Even his sword was huge! (Stick sword on Goliath). His shield was extra-extra large too! (stick on shield). He wore great big armor to cover his great big chest (point to chest). He had guards on his big, thick legs. (Stick guards on). And, Goliath had big, gigantic feet (Point to Goliath's feet). I bet the earth shook when he stomped around! Let's all pretend to be giants and stomp around like Goliath did! (Show the children how to stomp around for a couple of minutes). O.k. Very good! Now let's sit back down so we will hear the rest of the story.

But, David wasn't afraid of Goliath. (Shake head no). David went to talk to the king. He said, "Don't let anybody be afraid of Goliath! I'll go and fight him!" But the king said to him, "You can't do that, David, you are just a boy! But, David was not afraid because he trusted in the Lord. David knew God was on his side. And, he knew God would help him. Since David was a shepherd, there were lots of times when he had to fight with lions and bears to protect his father's sheep. He told the king, "I have killed a lion and also a bear with my own hands." (Hold up hands).Listen to what else David said: (Read 1 Samuel 17:37)".So, the king said, "O.k., David, go fight the giant; And, the Lord be with you." Then the king put his own armor on David. But, it was too big and heavy for him, so he took it off. Instead David pulled out his little sling. (Stick sling in David's hands). Then he went and found 5 little stones and put them in his shepherd's bag. (4). Now David was ready, so he went to find Goliath.

(5) David looked up at Goliath. He sure was big! When Goliath saw David, he made fun of David. But David said, "You are not just fighting against me. This is God's fight, and God will win!" (6) Then David placed a little stone in his sling and swung it around real fast. (7) Then, phe-e-w-h! That little stone flew out of the sling and hit that big giant right in the middle of the head! Then Goliath fell flat on his face with a loud THUD! (Clap hands together loudly). (8) David ran and stood over the giant. Now both armies could see that the the giant was on the ground! Yea-a-a! (Clap, and invite the children to clap with you). All the Philistines turned and ran away. And, all the men in God's army chased them! God won the fight for his people because he was on their side. David showed all the men in God's army that they really didn't have anything to be afraid after all! David was the new hero! Now that big giant was gone! And, now everyone knew that God was with David and that God helps people who trust in Him. The End.

CIRCLE TIME: (What does this mean for me?)

Did you like that story? I did too. (5) Goliath was so much bigger than David. And, Goliath had all that armor - his helmet, his shied his sword, and his chest armor. (5 or 6) David only had a little sling and some stones. Everybody else was afraid of Goliath. But David was not afraid. Do you know what helped David not be afraid? Remember last week when we learned that David spent a lot of time praying to God. David loved God and enjoyed a close friendship with God. And, David knew that God promised to keep him safe. David remembered the times that God had helped him fight lions and bears. So, he knew that God would help him this time too. David enjoyed a close friendship with God. He knew for sure that God was on his side. And, God helped David be brave. (5) So, he was not afraid to fight that big giant, Goliath. Did you know that God loves to help his children? Listen to this promise of God: (Read Psalm 121:2). We know we can trust God because everything he says has come true. We can trust God, just like David did. (Point to David). When we trust God, God helps us not be afraid. David was young and he was a small size. But now we learn that it doesn't matter how big or small we are. If we have God on our side, that's all we need! Because God loves us, and he fights for us. God helps the people who trust in him! The End.

PRAYER: Allow children to take turns praying after you or a helper prays.
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