Toddler Lesson 31


Concepts Children Learn:
Main Concept: There is no one else like you. God made you in a special way.
Other Concepts: You are important.
God has special jobs for you to do, and he will help you.

Prep: Print and prepare (see directions below) story pages to use with lesson. Prepare these before lesson: Cut 4 strips of paper, all with the name Saul on them). Make the Lift-the-flap craft using craft page 2. See directions below for this craft: Make Saul Hiding Craft using craft page 4 and page 4a, and make the new king craft using craft page 5 , and page 5a or use story page 5 instead, or the illustrated color story page 5. Print the other story pages: 1, 3. Have a Bible marked with today's Bible verses to read during the lesson: 1 Samuel 10:24. The numbers in parentheses tell you what craft sample or picture to use for that part of the story. Only read words in bold. The words in parentheses tell you what actions you do. Lift-the-flap Craft directions: (This craft isn't meant for the kids to make because there isn't anything for them to find behind the objects. It's just to illustrate the story in a fun way.) Cut around the two rocks and tree on all sides except one. Glue entire page to a background page, but do not glue underneath the rocks or tree, so you can lift them during the story.

LESSON: Time: About 3 1/2 minutes + actions.
Have your Bible or a children's Bible marked with this verse to read during the lesson: 1 Samuel 10:24. Other scriptures referenced for lesson: 1Samuel 9:1 - 10:26

(1) Have you ever been afraid to do a big job? Today our Bible story is about somebody who had a big job do to, but he was afraid. Let's listen closely and find out what happens. This is Saul. Saul is very handsome, isn't he? He is also very tall. He is a lot taller than anybody else! (Hold your hand straight up above your head). Let's see how tall we can be if we stand on our tippy toes! (Show children to stand on their toes). Wow! you are getting really tall! O.K. Let's sit back down now, and listen to the story. One day, Saul's father told him that his donkeys were lost! He was worried about them, so asked Saul to take their helper and go look for the donkeys. (2) We can pretend we are helping Saul look for his donkeys too. Are they there behind the rock? (Lift big rock). No. Maybe they are over here. (lift other rock). They're not there either. Well, let's keep looking. I bet they are over here behind this tree! (lift tree). No donkeys there either! Where did those little donkeys go? Saul and his helper looked everywhere! Now what would they do? Well, by that time it was getting late, so Saul said to his helper, "We better go home now, or my father will worry about us." But his helper had an idea. He said, "I know of someone who can help us." The helper was talking about Samuel. So, off they went to find Samuel. Maybe he could tell them where to find the donkeys.

Samuel saw Saul and his helper coming. While they were still far away, God told Samuel something special about Saul. God told Samuel that Saul was the one who would be the new king! Saul and his helper finally caught up to Samuel. Samuel told them, "Don't worry about your donkeys that were lost. Somebody found them. But all the people of Israel want you to be their king! But Saul didn't understand. Being a king would mean he would have to rule over the people. He didn't feel important enough to be a king. (Shake head no). So, Saul said, "Who me? (Point to yourself). I'm from the smallest family of Israel. All of the other families are more important than my family. Why would you say that to me?

Later they all came together to eat. Samuel told Saul to sit in the seat that was for the most important person! A special meal was made just for Saul too! That made Saul feel very special! The next morning, (3) Samuel told Saul that God picked him to be the new king! He took a bottle of olive oil and poured it on Saul's head. In Bible Times, that was the way they showed who would be the new king!

Then one day it was time give the people their new king! So all the people came together. They picked papers to see who would be the new king. We can pretend we will pick the new king too. (Hold the 4 strips of paper in your hand, with the names facing you. Let a child pick one). Oh look who's name is on the paper. It says "Saul"! They looked around for Saul. (Place hand on eyebrow and look left and right). But, they didn't see him anywhere! Silly Saul. Where could he be? So the people prayed. And, God told them just where to find Saul. (4) Let's see if we can find him. Maybe he is behind these bags. (Lift one bag). Not there. (Lift another bag). Not there either. (Lift the third bag). There he is! Why are you hiding over here Saul? I think maybe Saul was hiding because he was afraid. So, they brought Saul out of his hiding place. (Take Saul out of his hiding place and set him by Samuel on craft page 5). (5) Let's see what our Bible says now. (Read 1 Samuel 10:24). Here is your new king! All the people were so happy. They shouted and cheered! Being a king would be a big job for Saul to do. Now his job would be to rule over all the people. But, Saul didn't have to be afraid. God was with him. Saul didn't have to do the job all by himself. (Shake head no).God sent some men to help Saul do his big job. All the people were very happy as they went home. Now that they had a king! THE END.

CIRCLE TIME: (What does this mean for me?)

In our story,Saul didn't feel like he should be a king. He didn't feel like he was important. So, he didn't think he could do the important job of a king. (Shake head no). But, God picked Saul to be the king. Being a king is a big job, so Saul was afraid. Remember when he went and hid behind the bags? But, Saul didn't have to be afraid, did he? (Shake head no). No. Because God gave Samuel people to help him. Did you know that you are special and important to God too? Just like Saul, God made you different than everybody else. He made each of you in a very special way. Remember what Samuel said about Saul? He said 'There is nobody else like him!". And there is noone else like you either! There is no one else like _____. (Rrepeat this sentence inserting each child's name in the blank, and your assistant and your own name also). God made each one of us special. He made each of us in different ways so we each could do different jobs. God gives each one of us special jobs to do. And, do you know what the best thing is? When God gives you a job to do, he gives you everything you need to do you job well! So you don't have to be afraid. He also gives you people to help you do the special jobs. God is always with you. He will be help you do all your special jobs - the little jobs, and the really important jobs too. The End.

PRAYER: Allow children to take turns praying after you or a helper prays.
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