Toddler Lesson - Week 29


Concepts Children Learn:
Main Concept: Good friends are kind to each other.
Other Concepts: Good friends share.
Good friends stick together.
You will be doing the Pretend Play Activities during this lesson. Use the instructions on this page.

Prep: Print and prepare (see directions below) story pages to use with lesson. 1, 1color, 2, 3, 4, 4color, 5, 5color, 6, 6color, 7, 7color. For Pictures 1 -- 5, you will be using stickers on, so you can cover them with contact paper if you want to make them longer lasting. Print sticker pages (1a, 1acolor, 2a, 2acolor) on Inkjet Sticker paper or just use glue (restickable gluestick glue) on the back of them, or a piece of rolled up tape. Prepare these pictures before lesson. Picture 1: Place Orpah sticker on page, lower than Ruth and Naomi. Picture 4: Place extra food sticker on top of plate of food. Have a Bible marked with today's Bible verses to read during the lesson: Judges 6:12. The numbers in parentheses tell you what Craft sample or picture to use for that part of the story. Only read words in bold. The words in parentheses tell you what actions you do.

LESSON: Time: About 3 minutes + actions.
Have your Bible or a children's Bible marked with this verse to read during the lesson: Ruth 1:16 Other scriptures referenced for lesson: Ruth 1:1 - Ruth 4:17

(1 ) Today our Bible story is about friends. See these three women? This is Naomi. This is Ruth, and here is Orpah. Ruth and Orpah were married to Naomi's two sons. But Naomi's husband and sons had all died. Now it was time to go back to Judah. Naomi walked with Ruth and Orpah for a while. We can pretend we are walking with them (Show the children how to walk in place). But, then Naomi stopped (Stop walking suddenly). She told Ruth and Orpah to go back to their families. She wanted the best for them. They were still young enough to find husbands. But Naomi was old. She didn't want the girls to have to take care of her. She wanted them to be happy. So, Orpah said good-bye and went home to her family. Let's all wave bye-bye to Orpah. (Take Orpah sticker off, and wave bye-bye). But Ruth loved Naomi! She knew Naomi was old. She knew that Naomi would need someone to take care of her. So, Ruth held on tight to Naomi and did not let go! (Shake head no). Ruth would stay with Naomi no matter what! This is what she told Naomi: (Read Ruth 1:16). So, they walked to Bethlehem side by side. We can all join hands with somebody and pretend we are friends walking together. (Have children find a partner, join hands and walk in place. If there is a child without a partner, you can be their partner). Here we to Bethlehem together! Ruth and Naomi stuck together, because good friends stick together.

Finally they got to Bethelem! Now they would need to find food to eat. Naomi was too old to work. But Ruth could work! She would work extra hard to take care of both of them. But what kind of work would she do? (2) Well, barley was ripe this time of year. She could go pick up the leftover grain that fell on the ground. Naomi thought that was a good idea. So, Ruth went out to work in the barley fields. Let's count the fields together, 1, 2, 3, 4. (Point to each field as you count together). Ruth thought, "Hm-m-m...Which field should I work in? (Have one of the children pick one of the fields). I'll pick this one!", Ruth said. Let's see who's field this is. (Place Boaz sticker on the field picked). Its Boaz's field! Ruth worked hard all day picking up the grain in Boaz's field. We can pretend we are picking up grain too. (Show children how to bend over and pretend to pick something up and put in basket). Wow! You are getting lots of grain! Very good! You are all such good workers! (3) Soon Boaz saw Ruth working in his field. He was very kind to Ruth. He told her there was lots of water to drink whenever she was thirsty. (Add barrel sticker to picture). We can pretend we are very thirsty too. Let's get a drink of water. (Pretend you are drinking water). Boaz told his workers to leave extra grain (add grain stalk stickers to picture) for Ruth to pick up. Now she would have lots of grain to take home! Boaz was very kind to Ruth, wasn't he? Now we see that good friends are kind to each other. Now Ruth and Boaz were good friends! At lunch time, (4) Boaz was kind again. He gave Ruth some roasted grain to eat! (Place plate of food sticker with extra food on it, in Boaz's hand). Um-m-m! Let's pretend we are eating lunch with them! (Pretend to eat). Um-m-m! That was delicious! (Rub your tummy). Ruth wanted to share her lunch with Naomi, so she saved part of it to take home. (Take off half of the lunch).

(5) When Ruth got home after her first day of work, she was so excited! She told Naomi how friendly and kind Boaz had been to her. She showed Naomi how much grain she had! (Place 3 bundles of grain on table). Then she gave Naomi the food she saved from her lunch. (Put the plate of food in Ruth's hand). That made Naomi very happy! She was so glad to have a good friend like Ruth. Good friends like to share!

(3 again) And, so each day Ruth went to work in the field of her friend Boaz. And, just like always, Boaz was very kind to Ruth. He made sure the workers gave her extra grain to take home. (Place more stalks of grain next to Ruth). Then one day Boaz and Ruth got married! And, look what happened next! (6) Ruth and Boaz had little baby boy named Obed! (7) Now Naomi had three people to love her as her family! Let's count the people together: 1, 2, 3! Yea-a-a! They would take care of Naomi in her old age. And Naomi would help Ruth and Boaz take care of little baby Obed! (point to baby Obed) How happy they all were together! Now they were all good friends! And they were all kind to each other!

CIRCLE TIME: (What does this mean for me?)

In our story, we have a lot of good friends. First Ruth was a good friend to Naomi. She stuck by Naomi. So we learn that good friends stick together no matter what. They stay and help their friend even when it is hard. Then we saw how Boaz was a good friend to Ruth. He was kind to her. Good friends are kind too. Then we learned how Ruth saved part of her lunch to share with Naomi. That's because good friends like to share too! Can anybody tell me how we could be kind to a friend? (Give the children a chance to answer, then add these or your own ideas). It would be kind to help your friend with something they need help with, like putting toys away. It would be kind to give your friend a card when they were sick. It would be kind to help your friend get up if they fell down. All of these things are kind things that good friends do. It makes God very happy when we are kind and friendly to others. After all, he is the one who has been the most kind to us! Let's see how many kind things we can do for each other today as we play and do activities together! (If your children are 3, you may also talk about what kinds of things they can share to be a good friend: toys, food, clothes, craft supplies, school supplies, etc., but if they are only two, they are probably not ready for that concept).

PRAYER: Allow children to take turns praying after you or a helper prays.
Transition: Now we have some fun crafts and activities that go with this lesson. Activities Page, Crafts Page

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