Toddler Lesson - Week 28

Gideon's Little Army

Concepts Children Learn:
Main Concept: God Helped Gideon's little army do great things.
Other Concepts: God is on my side.
Even though I'm small, God will help me do great things!
You will be doing the Pretend Play Activities during this lesson. Use the instructions on the Activity Page and on this page.

Have a Bible marked with today's Bible verses to read during the lesson: Judges 6:12. Supplies needed: Children's horns or kazoos, one for each child. Print and make a sample of each of these crafts: Gideon craft page: (2) Gideon, Accessories. (1) Peek-A-Boo Craft, Accessories. Have children make torch craft before the lesson, or make them up before class. See Craft page for instructions. Print pitchers. Have assistants on hand to help you during class. Make sure there is a large enough area in the room to form a circle with the children and run in place. Print and make copies of the story pictures: 2bw and 2 accessories or 2color, 3bw, 3color. The numbers in parentheses tell you what Craft sample or picture to use for that part of the story. Only read words in bold. The words in parentheses tell you what actions you do.

LESSON: Time: About 3 minutes.
Have your Bible or a children's Bible marked with this verse to read during the lesson: Judges 6:12. Other scriptures referenced for lesson: Judges 6 and 7:1-23.

Do you all remember the Israelites from last week? Some of them went to live in the town of Midian. But, the people who were already living in Midian were mean to them. When the Israelites planted their crops, the mean people of Midian ruined them! Now what would they eat? The Israelites became very poor. They didn't have anything left. It was all ruined. (1 Peek-A-Boo craft) Now the Israelites were afraid of the mean people, so they hid from them. They hid in the caves and behind rocks. Let's see if we can find them. Are they behind this rock? (Lift up a rock flap). Oh, yeah, I see somebody there. How about in this cave? (Lift up the cave door flap). Yes, there is somebody else. How about behind this tree? (Lift up the tree). No, nobody is there. I guess that might not be a safe place to hide. How about here behind this rock? (Lift up a rock flap). There is somebody else!

But the Israelites didn't want to hide any more. So, they cried out to God. They prayed, "Dear God, please help us." And God heard their prayers. God loved the Israelites and he wanted to help them. God had a plan. He would use Gideon to help the Israelites. (2) This is Gideon. God sent one of his angels down to talk to Gideon. (3) Let's look in our Bible to see what the angel said. (Read Judges 6:12) But Gideon didn't understand why the angel would call him a mighty warrior. A mighty warrior was somebody who was brave. Gideon did not feel brave. (Shake head no). So the angel said to him. "You are strong. I am sending you to save the Israelites". But Gideon didn't feel strong either. Gideon told the angel, " family is the weakest. And, I'm the youngest one in my family. I'm not important." (Shake head no). But, the Lord told Gideon, "I will be with you! I will help you!"

So Gideon got his army of men together to fight the mean people of Midian. But, God told Gideon that there were too many men in his army. So, Gideon sent many of the men home. Now there were only a few men left in his army. Now Gideon's army was just a little-bitty army. (Make a small space between two fingers). But the people of Midian had a GREAT BIG army (Hold out your hands wide). And, they were MEAN! How would Gideon's little-bitty army fight against that GREAT BIG army?

God told Gideon, "If you are afraid to fight the GREAT BIG army with your little army, just go to where the big army is camping. Listen to what they say". So, that night Gideon and his helper went to where the big army was camping. (Whisper) They were very quiet and listened. They heard one man say that he had a dream. Then his friend told him that the dream meant that Gideon's little army would win! Now Gideon wasn't afraid any more. Now he was brave! Now he knew that God would help his little-bitty army win! So Gideon went back and got his little army. We can pretend that we are in Gideon's little army. Gideon gave each of the men in his army a torch, an empty jar and a trumpet. (Have assistant pass out a jar, a torch and a horn to each child). Gideon and his little bitty army marched up to the mean army's camp. (Show the children how to march to the middle of the room). Then they formed a circle around the camp. (Help them form a circle). Gideon told them to watch him, and to copy everything that he did. So you can watch me and do everything I do. So when Gideon blew his trumpet, the men in his army blew their trumpets too. (Blow your horn, and have the children copy you). When Gideon smashed his jar, his men did too. (Wrinkle up the paper jar and have the children copy you). When Gideon held his torch up, the men in his army did too. (Show children how to hold their torch high). When Gideon shouted, the men shouted too! This is what they shouted: "A sword for the Lord and for Gideon!" (Have the children shout with you a second time). It made such a loud noise, that all the in the men in the GREAT BIG army got scared and ran away! And, Gideon's little-bitty army chased them out of the land. (start running in place, and have the children join you). Now there were no more mean men to ruin their crops! (Shake head no). Now they could be happy in Midian for a long, long time. Now they didn't have to hide anymore. God helped them be brave. THE END.

CIRCLE TIME: (What does this mean for me?)

In our story, Gideon was from the weakest family. He didn't feel strong. He felt small. He felt like everybody else was bigger and stronger than him. But, God knew Gideon could be strong if he helped him. God knew Gideon could do great things if he helped him.

You may feel small like Gideon. There are a lot of people who are bigger than you. You are young too, just two or three years old. But, God sees you as great! God sees you as somebody who can do great things when he helps you. You can be sure that of this: Whatever God wants you to do, he will help you do. He will help you do great things. Even though you are small, God will make you great! The End.

PRAYER: Allow children to take turns praying after you or a helper prays.
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