Toddler Lesson - Week 27


Concepts Children Learn:
Main Concept: I can be a helper like Joshua was.
Other Concepts: I can help even when I'm young.
God teaches me how to be a leader.
For the Warm-Up Activity, have the children build a city with blocks. See Activity page for instructions.
You will also be doing the Pretend Play Activities during this lesson. Go to Activity Page to see how to set up your room and do these activities with the lesson, and follow instructions in lesson (in parentheses).

Have some assistants on hand to help you. Start out the lesson in a large circle on the floor, maybe with pillows or carpet squares to sit on, instead of at the table. Have a children's bible marked with today's Bible verses to read during the lesson: Deuteronomy 31:6, Joshua 21:4. Print the Lift-the-Flap Craft and accessories. Make up a sample to use during lesson. Instructions are on the Craft Page. Print the story pages: 1, 1color, 2, 2color, 3, 3color, 4, 4color. The numbers in parentheses tell you what Story Page to hold up while you are telling the story. (You don't need to read the words on the actual story pages). Only read words in bold. The words in parentheses tell you what actions you do.

Have your Bible or a children's Bible marked with this verse to read first: Bible Verses: Numbers 11:28; Numbers 27:18 Scriptures used as reference for the lesson: Deuteronomy 31:6; Joshua 21:45; Joshua 1:1 - 23:15

(1) Our story today is about Josuha. This is Joshua. Joshua was Moses' helper. Even when he was young he helped Moses. Do you all remember Moses? He is the one who led the Israelites through the Red Sea. They were on their way to the land that God promised to them. (2) Well, now it was Joshua's turn to lead the people to the Promised Land. This would be a big job for Josuha. But God told Josuha, "Be very strong. Be brave. I won't leave you. You can trust me. I will be with you wherever you go."

So Josuha told the people, "Remember what God promised us? He promised to give us the land that is across the Jordan River. The beautiful land where you can have peace and rest - the land where there is lots of milk and honey! But Josuha wasn't sure if it was safe to go there yet . So, he sent two of his friends to go into the land first. Josuha said to his two friends, "I want you to go in secret to spy on the people there. (Whisper:) Don't let anybody know you are there. (Shake head no). Sh-h-h! (hold your finger up to your lips. Invite the children to make the sound with you.) It will be our secret. Don't tell anybody.

So Joshua's friends had to be sneaky. Quiet as they could be, they went to Jericho. (Walk in place on your tiptoes and ask the children to join you). When they got there, they stayed at Rahab's house. But, somehow, somebody told heir secret. Uh-Oh. Now the king knew where they were! So, the king sent his men to chase after Joshua's friends. (Run in place, ask the children to join you). But Rahab was kind to Joshua's friends. She told them where they could hide. Soon the king's men came to Rahab's house. Knock-Knock! Knock-knock! (knock on something hard). "We are looking for the two men that came to spy on the land. Where are they? (place hands above eyes and look both ways). But Rahab kept their secret. She told the king's men "They're not here. (shake head no). They already left. They went that way". (point). But we know that Joshua's friends were really still at Rahab's house, don't we? They were just hiding. Rahab was keeping their secret. Let's see if we can find them. (Lift-the-flap craft). Let's look behind the door. (Lift the door) Are they there? No-o-o. Are they behind the window? (Lift the back of the house). No-o-o. Maybe they up here in the roof? (Lift the flap on the roof). There they are! Then Rahab went up to the roof to talk to Joshua's friends. She told them, "All the people here are afraid of you. They saw how strong God is. They know how God parted the Red Sea for you to walk through. And, they know that he will give you this land where we live. But, I was kind to you. I helped you hide from King's mean men; so please be kind to me too." Joshua's friends said, "Yes, we will be kind to you too, Rahab! You're our friend". So Joshua's friends hid in the hills for three days. Nobody could find them there. (Shake head no). Then it was safe to go back to Josuha.

When they got back to Joshua, they told Joshua "Now we know for sure that the Lord wants to give us this land. The people that live there are afraid of us! They know about all the great things God did for us!" Then God told Josuha it was time to lead the Israelites across the Jordan River. So they went across the Jordan river. And, the people saw God do another miracle for them! God made the water in the Jordan River stop flowing so they could walk across the river on dry ground! It was just like when the people walked across the Red Sea on dry ground! (Lead the children to walk in place).

When they got to Jericho the gates of Jericho were closed tight. (Clap your hands together). That was because everybody was afraid of the Israelites. Nobody could go in, and nobody could go out. Now what do would they do? God loved the Israelites, and he would help them. He told them what to do, and they obeyed God: (3) (Give each child their horn). Each day they marched around the city blowing their trumpets. They did this for six days. Let's count to six. (Lead the children to count to six on their fingers) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6! (Lead the children in a march around your pretend city ).On the seventh day they marched around the city seven times! (Lead your children to march around your pretend city 7 times). Then they blew their trumpets really hard, and and all of the people shouted! (Tell the children to do blow real hard). (Then tell the children to shout "Walls fall down!"). (4 again) Then the walls of Jericho all fell down! The walls of Jericho crumbled to the ground! All the people ran in! Now it was their city. Now they could live there, just like God promised! (Tell the children to into the pretend city and knock down the blocks. While they are still doing that, but quieted down a little, continue with the story):

God told them to bring out all of the silver and gold that they found in the city. They were to save it for God's house. (Tell them when they find the gold and silver coins, to come and put them in the treasure chest. When they finish, continue with the story). They made sure Rahab, their friend, was safe. They were kind to her. They let her live by them. But rest of the city burned up. Now everybody could see that God was with Josuha, just like he had been with Moses. Everybody in cities near Jericho heard about all the great things God did for Joshua and the Israelites! Now Joshua was famous. The End.

CIRCLE TIME: (What does this mean for me?)

Before Moses died, Joshua was put in charge. Now he would lead the people. That was a big job that God gave Joshua to do, wasn't it? But, remember that Joshua had been Moses' helper for a long time. Even when he was young he helped Moses. Listen to this verse: (Read Numbers 11:28) During that time, God helped Joshua become wise. (Read Numbers 27:18). God was teaching Joshua how to be a leader while he was helping Moses. Then when he was older, it was his turn to lead the people. Then God used Joshua to do a very important job: to lead the people to the Promised Land! And, God helped Joshua be brave, too. Joshua trusted in God's promises. He knew God would not leave him. And, he knew that God would be with him wherever he went. So, Joshua was brave because he knew he could trust God.

Remember when all of you were helping me build when you came in today? Even when you are young, you are very good helpers! God likes it t when you help teachers and leaders too. When you help the people in charge, God is teaching you how to be a leader. Then when you are older, it can be your turn to lead. And, God will help you be brave enough to do the big jobs too! Did you know that teachers and leaders ask for God's help when they teach you? We do. (Shake head yes). And, God does help us every time. And, he will help you when its your turn to lead too! Now we have a prayer to say.

PRAYER: Allow children to take turns praying after you or a helper prays.
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