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Sunday School Fun Zone is now free, so the membership information is irrelevant, but some helpful instruction follows:
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View members testimonials for both the Bible Kids Fun Zone curriculum and the Sunday School Fun Zone curriculum here.

To save money, just print the black-n-white pictures using an (laserjet printers are often most cost-evvective) and ask some teen helpers to color them for you to use with the lesson.

Just print the pages and save a master hard copy in an accordian folder or in notebooks. This way, other teachers at your local church or preschool can enjoy the resources for years to come.

Copyrights: Everything on the Sunday School Fun Zone website that you will have access to is still copyrighted material. It is illegal to use anything on the web site, for your own products, to distribute, to share, to sell, to use for advertising purposes, or to use the material for anything other than your local Sunday school classrooms (one local church), OR your local preschool classrooms (at one preschool), OR if if purchasing a family membership, a homeschool (up to 6 families), or your family. If they become available in pdf format, you may then store those on your local computer hard drive, and make one copy onto an external drive. E-mail Bible Kids Fun Zone to ask permission for other uses). See the terms of use page on the Bible Kids Fun Zone website for more details. Abuses of copyright laws may result in discontinuation of my membership and/or legal action. Email Bible Kids Fun Zone for questions.

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