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Technical Help for Bible Kids Fun Zone and Sunday School Fun Zone
Please be very careful to follow the instructions that were emailed to you, as with the web hosts' added security features, more than four incorrect attempts to access the website in five minutes will lock you out of the website. If the website no longer comes up for you, that means you are locked out. See Customer Support below. Please print these instructions for future reference.
Login Help:

Make sure your CAPS LOCK and NUM LOCK keys are off. The Username and Password are case-sensitive, so also be sure to use the correct case (upper case capital letters or lower case letters).

Make sure that you are not adding spaces.

Also always make sure you are trying to access the correct website that you ordered: http://biblekidsfunzone for Bible Kids Fun Zone, or for Sunday School Fun Zone. Then click on Year One or Year Two, depending on which Year of curriculum that you ordered, for SSFZ.

If you cannot access the website after four attempts feel free to contact Bible Kids Fun Zone to make sure you are using the correct Username and password.

Customer Support:

If the website does not come up for you or if you are getting a message that the "website is down", that most likely means that you have been locked out of the website by the web host. More than four unsuccessful attempts to access the members' area will lock you out of the website; and the website will not even come up for you, but instead give a message that the website is down. I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. To resolve the problem:

First go to to find out your IP address. Then email me with the IP address number that comes up. I will call the web host to to have them unlock your password.

Thank you for your patience.