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The Pink links take you to free printable samples of the lesson, crafts, coloring pages or activities to try for your class. The blue links take you to the page describing the lesson with sample pictures of the crafts and story pages. (Please be patient - This page is still being built). If you have already reviewed the curriculum resources and see that you children are learning and enjoying the curriculum resources, and are ready to become a member, join here! To review what is on our other preschool Sunday School website (for ages 3-6), go to Bible Kids Fun Zone.
Spring Quarter Toddler Sunday School Lessons
Week 1 - Jesus Washes His Disciples Dirty Feet
Week 2 - Jesus Prays For His Friends, Even Me!
Week 3 - I Praise Jesus! (Palm Sunday)
Week 4 - Jesus is Alive! They Couldn't Stop Jesus! (Easter)
Week 5 - ...Up To Heaven! (Ascension)
Daniel and the lions - B&w picture to color, and printable story illustration for toddler classes.
Big Mouth Whale Craft for toddler Bible lesson Jonha Gets Himself in Trouble!
Week 6 - The Little Lost Sheep
New, exciting ways to teach Old Testament preschool lessons!
Interactive toy whale craft for prsechool children!
Psalm 23 Series:
Little lost lamb picture.  Preschool craft gluing cotton on lamb for sheep and shepherd lesson.
Bible picture to color of Samuel listening to God calling him for the preschool bible story of  God calls Samuel.
Week 7 - My Shepherd Gives Me Everything I Need...
Week 8 - My Favorite Time is The Time I Spend With My Shepherd!
Week 9 - My Shepherd Catches Me When I Fall!
Week 10 - My Shepherd Leads Me On The Right Path!
Week 11- I Won't Be Scared When I'm With My Shepherd!
Week 12 - My Shepherd and I Share Secrets!
Little lost lamb
Samuel listened to God
Week 13 - My Special Place is With My Shepherd!
Psalm 23 lessons for preschool
Samuel Bible crafts for preschool
Summer Quarter Toddler Sunday School Lessons
Illustrated bulletin board picture of sun, moon and stars for Creation preschool lesson for children.
Illustrated bulletin board picture of Adam and Eve in garden of Eden for Adam and Eve toddler lesson for preschool children.
Week 14 - God Made The Heavens and Earth!
Week 15 - God Made the Animals!
Week 16 - Adam & Eve Part 1 - God Made People!
Week 17 - Adam & Eve Part 2 - God Still Loved Adam & Eve!
Week 18 - Noah Part 1 - Noah Believed in God!
Sun, moon and stars!
Happy in Eden!
Week 19 - Noah Part 2 - Noah was Patient. He Trusted God! Creation printable illustrated story page and coloring book page Adam and Eve illustratated story picture!
Week 20 - Abraham - God Called Abraham Friend!
Picture of Baby Moses crafts hiding in his basket behind the reeds in the river for toddler Bible lesson on Baby Moses.
Picture of sheep and shepherd craft for preschool kids for Psalm 23 bible lesson on My shepherd keeps me safe.
Week 21 - Joseph Part 1 - God was With Joseph!
Week 22 - Joseph Part 2 - God Remembered Joseph!
Week 23 - Joseph Part 3 - God Helped Joseph Forgive His Brothers!
Week 24 - Moses Part 1 - Little Baby Moses in a Little Baby Basket!
Week 25 - Moses Part 2 - God Keeps His People Safe! (Burning Bush, 10 Plagues) Insert Baby Moses in Basket My Shepherd Keeps Me Safe!
Week 26 - Moses Part 3 - God Cares For His People! (Red Sea, manna, 10 Commandments) Baby Moses Craft for toddlers Toddler Psalm 23 crafts!
Fall Quarter Toddler Sunday School Lessons
Picture to color for game for preschool children about Creation for God created the animals preschool lesson.
Peek-a-boo craft of Miriam watching over baby Moses in his basket in the river for Baby Moses bible story for preschool early elementary education sunday school classes.
Week 27 - Joshua Leads the People to the Promised Land!
Week 28 - Gideon's Little Army!
Week 29 - Ruth and Naomi - Good Friends!
Week 31 - God Made Saul Special!
Creation game for toddlers
Baby Moses Peek-A-Boo craft
Week 32 - God Delighted in David (David the Sehpherd Boy)
Creation pictures to color
Miriam watches Baby Moses
Week 33 - Little David and the Big Giant!
Little Daniel and the Big Giant Goliath bulletin board pictures for preschool sunday school teacching resources
Week 34 -David and Jonathan Promised to Be Friends Always!
Week 35 - David was Kind to Mephibosheth.
Week 36 - Job Holds On!
Week 37 - God Kept Daniel Safe from the Lions!
Week 38 - Jonah Gets Himself in Trouble!
Week 39 - God Gives Us Each Special Abilities!
David and Golaith story page. David and Goliath preschool lesson
Job prays stand-up craft. Job lesson, Job crafts and activities for preschool
Winter Quarter Toddler
Nativity Series - The Promises of God
Week 40 - The Promise of Love!
Week 41 - Room In My Heart For Jesus! (The Promise to Stay With Me!)
Week 42 - The Promise of Peace (Shepherds)
Week 43 - The Promise That God Will Be Found! (Wisemen)
Jesus Loves The Little Children Series
David the shepherd boy story page for lesson
Scary lion pop-up craft with mouth that opens!
Week 44 - Jesus Loves the Little Children!
David sings songs of praise
Daniel and the lions kids carfts
Week 45 - Jesus Loves the Little Children! - Part 2
Preschool Bible craft of Abraham and Sarah in tent for preschool lesson God called Abraham friend.
God Loves Us Series
Week 46 - God Cares For Me More Than The Birds and Flowers!
Valentine's Day Series
Week 50 - We Can Love Others Because God First Loved Us! (Valentine's Day Lesson 2)
All About Jesus
Week 51 - Jesus Grows Up!
Tent with Flaps that Open
Ascension story pictures
Week 52 - Jesus Was Kind to Zacchaeus!
Toddler Abraham crafts!
Children make their own story book!
Below are small pictures of a few of the resources on the Sunday School Fun Zone members area! All pictures shown in color also come in black in white to be used as toddler coloring pages or crafts.
Pictures to color, story pictures and craft samples for the Sunday school lesson for toddlers / preschool children: How Much Does God Love Us? God's love for us is wider than a rainbow, higher than the sky, and deeper than the ocean! See more Valentine's' Day samples from this lesson.
Jonah gets thrown overboard story page and Bible coloring book page! Jonah preaches to the people story page The whale swallows Jonah - story page and Old Testament b&w Bible picture to color. Jonah prays from inside the whale. - Story picture for Jonah and the whale interactive lesson.
picture of children reading bibles picture to color for preschool children
picture of little lost lamb trying to find his shepherd. Preschool online bible coloring book picture
Children reading their Bibles, story picture and coloring book page for preschool sunday school lesson. Jonah and the whale lift-the-flap interactive toy craft for toddlers. Little lost lamb Bible picture to color for Psalm 23 Bible lessons for preschoolers. The whale spits Jonah up on the beach - story page for Jonah and the Whale Bible story for preschool children.
Bulletin board Picture for Noah's Ark and Creation preschool bible lessons for toddlers.
Bible picture to color of Samuel for preschool children for sunday school lesson about Samuel the prophet
Preschool bible picture to color of little David fighting the big giant Goliath for preschool lesson Little David and the Big Giant for toddlers ages 2 and 3.
Preschool bible picture to color of Ruth, Boaz, Naomi and baby Obed together as a family.
Illustrated story picture of lion for Noah's ark or Creation Sunday school lesson Samuel story picture for God Speaks to Sleep Samuel interactive preschool Sunday school lesson. Little David fights the Big Giant - Coloring page, stickers and activities for toddler Sunday school lesson. Ruth, Boaz, Naomi and Baby Obed - picture to color and preschool resources for Ruth and Boaz Bible story.
Lift-the-flap story picture for toddler bible lesson about Psalm 23 lessons and  Little Lost Lamb
Illustrated story picture of disciples untying donkey Bible story picture color illustration poster for bulletin board in sunday school
Bible craft for preschool sunday school lesson about the ascension of Jesus into the clouds.
Sunday school crafts about Joseph Forgives his brothers sunday school lesson for preschool children
Little Lost Lamb
Palm Sunday Story picture
Ascension story picture
Joseph Forgives his brothers!
Toddler Lift-the-flap Craft
Palm Sunday crafts for preschool children
Ascension crafts for preschool children
Toddler Joseph Bible craft!
Preschool coloring book picture for sunday school bible lesson Love One Another with two little lambs hugging each other.
Easy standup donkey craft for sunday school Palm Sunday lesson for preschool kids.
David and Jonathan Sunday School crafts for preschool children and toddlers lift-the-flap story picture for David and Jonathan lesson
Sunday School coloring books picture to color for Psalm 23 lessons for toddlers My Shepherd Helps Me
Love one another picture to color
Stand-up donkey
David hiding from King Saul
My Shepherd helps me!
Toddler coloring page to teach Bible words
Palm Sunday Craft for toddlers!
Lift-the-flap Bible craft for preschool
Toddler coloring page
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