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Overview of Fun For Me Year One (mostly OT lessons)

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Coloring page - God calling samuel. Samuel says I'm listening.

Coloring page - Samuel Little lamb eating. I'm precious to my shepherd. Little lamb coloring page - My Shepherd helps me
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Toddler Sunday School Lessons

(2s and 3s)

Toddler Sunday School Lessons

(2s and 3s)

Spring Quarter Summer Quarter
Mar., Apr., May June, July, Aug.

New Testament & Psalms 23

Genesis & Exodus

Toddler Lesson 1 - Jesus Washes His Disciples Dirty Feet Toddler Lesson 14 - Creation - God Made The Heavens and Earth!
Toddler Lesson 2 - Jesus Prays For His Friends, Even Me! (Garden of Gesthemane) Toddler Lesson 15 - Creation - God Made the Animals!
Toddler Lesson 3 - I Praise Jesus! (Palm Sunday) Toddler Lesson 16 - Creation - Adam & Eve Part 1 - God Made People!
Toddler Lesson 4 - Jesus is Alive! They Couldn't Stop Jesus! (Resurrection) Toddler Lesson 17 - Adam & Eve Part 2 - God Still Loved Adam & Eve!
Toddler Lesson 5 - ...Up To Heaven! (Ascension) Toddler Lesson 18 - Noah Part 1 - Noah Believed in God!
Toddler Lesson 6 - The Little Lost Sheep Toddler Lesson 19 - Noah Part 2 - Noah was Patient. He Trusted God!
Psalm 23 Series:
Toddler Lesson 20 - Abraham - God Called Abraham Friend!
Toddler Lesson 7 - My Shepherd Gives Me Everything I Need, Just Like Always! Toddler Lesson 21 - Joseph Part 1 - God was With Joseph!
Toddler Lesson 8 - My Favorite Time is The Time I Spend With My Shepherd! Toddler Lesson 22 - Joseph Part 2 - God Remembered Joseph!
Toddler Lesson 9 - My Shepherd Catches Me When I Fall! Toddler Lesson 23 - Joseph Part 3 - God Helped Joseph Forgive His Brothers!
Toddler Lesson 10 - My Shepherd Leads Me On The Right Path! Toddler Lesson 24 - Moses Part 1 - Little Baby Moses in a Little Baby Basket!
Toddler Lesson 11- I Won't Be Scared When I'm With My Shepherd! Toddler Lesson 25 - Moses Part 2 - God Keeps His People Safe! (Burning Bush, 10 Plagues)
Toddler Lesson 12 - I am Precious To My Shepherd! Toddler Lesson 26 - Moses Part 3 - God Cares For His People! (Red Sea, manna, 10 Commandments)
Toddler Lesson 13 - My Special Place is With My Shepherd!
Fun For Me - Year One Fun For Me - Year One
Toddler Sunday School Lessons (2s and 3s) Toddler Sunday School Lessons (2s and 3s)
Fall Quarter Winter Quarter
Sep., Oct., Nov. Dec., Jan., Feb.
God Loves People God's Promises - Psalms and NT
Toddler Lesson 27 - Joshua Leads the People to the Promised Land!
Nativity Series - The Promises of God
Toddler Lesson 28 - Gideon's Little Army! Toddler Lesson 40 - God's Promise of Love ( Jesus' Birth)
Toddler Lesson 29 - Ruth and Naomi - Good Friends! Toddler Lesson 41 - God's Promise of Joy - Room in My Heart for Jesus!
Toddler Lesson 30 - God Speaks to Sleepy Samuel!
Toddler Lesson 42 - God's Promise of Peace (Shepherds)
Toddler Lesson 31 - God Made Saul Special! Toddler Lesson 43 - God's Promise to Find Him! (Kings)
Lessons About David Toddler Lesson 44 - Jesus Loves the Little Children - Part 1
Toddler Lesson 32 - God Delighted in David (David the Shepherd Boy)   Toddler Lesson 45 - Jesus Loves the Little Children - Part 2
Toddler Lesson 33 - Little David and the Big Giant! (David and Goliath)
God Loves Us Series!
Toddler Lesson 34 - David and Jonathan Promise to Be Friends Always!  Toddler Lesson 46 - God Cares For Me More the Birds and Flowers!
Toddler Lesson 35 - David is Kind to Mephi! (David and Mephibosheth) Toddler Lesson 47 - Ask, Seek, Knock!
Job, Daniel and Jonah Lessons Toddler Lesson 48 - God Knows Me Inside Out!
Toddler Lesson 36 - Job Holds On!  Toddler Lesson 49 - How Much Does God Love Us?
Toddler Lesson 37 - God Saved Daniel From the Lions! (Daniel and the lions) Toddler Lesson 50 - We Can Love Others Because God First Loved Us!
Toddler Lesson 38 - Jonah Gets Himself in Trouble! (Jonah and the whale) Toddler Lesson 51 - Jesus Grew Up! Jesus as a boy
Toddler Lesson 39 - God Gives Us Each Special Abilities! Toddler Lesson 52 - Jesus Was Kind to Zacchaeus!
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M.L., a member of Sunday School Fun Zone Fun For Me - Year One, says, "Can't thank you enough!!! I did week 1 of the year 1 w/ him tonight and we had a blast. Yes, I will only be using these lessons w/ my two year old. You have been such a great help to me, thank you!! My son is at an age where I can really dive into the stories and teach him about God's love for him, this site is going to be such a blessing for him and my husband and I! - more customer testimonials for this website and Bible Kids Fun Zone

Fun For Me - Year Two Overview (mostly NT lessons)

Toddler Sunday School Lessons (for 2s and 3s)

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Coloring page - My shepherd leads me.
Coloring page - kids sharing.
Nativity Baby Jesus coloring page and sticker craft.
Fun For Me - Year Two Fun For Me - Year Two
Spring Quarter Summer Quarter
Mar., Apr., May June, July, Aug.

Jesus Can Do Things We Can't Do!

Jesus Teaches Us!

Series of Jesus' Miracles!
I Love My Bible Series
Toddler Lesson 1 - Jesus Makes a Happy Meal! (Jesus feeds 5,000, The boy with the fish and loaves). Toddler Lesson 14 - My Bible is Precious! (Psalm 119)
Toddler Lesson 2 - Jesus Helps Us in the Storms! (Jesus calms the storm) Toddler Lesson 15 - My Bible is Sweet Like Honey! (Psalm 119)
Toddler Lesson 3 - Jesus Heals Ten Men! (Jesus heals the ten lepers) Toddler Lesson 16 - Father's Day lesson! (Ephesians 6:1; Psalm 127:3)
Toddler Lesson 4 - Did Jesus Really Make Mud Pies? (Jesus heals the blind man) Toddler Lesson 17 - My Bible is Like a Light! (Psalm 119)
Toddler Lesson 5 - If Jesus Says So... (The miracle of the large catch, Jesus said, I will make you fishers of men)
Toddler Lesson 18 - My Bible is Like a Mirror! (Psalm 119; James 1:1-2)
Toddler Lesson 6 - I Can Follow Jesus Even When I'm Young! (Palm Sunday toddler lesson) Toddler Lesson 19 - My Bible Lifts Me Up! (Psalm 145:8-9; Psalm 119)
Toddler Lesson 7 - The Easter Miracle! (Jesus' death on the cross and resurrection) Toddler Lesson 20 - My Bible Lasts Forever! (Isaiah 40:8; Psalm 119)
Bible Bee Series
One Another Series
Toddler Lesson 8 - The Kind Neighbor Who Cared (The Good Samaritan) Bee Kind!) Toddler Lesson 21 - Accept One Another (Romans 15:7; James 2:1-4)
Toddler Lesson 9 - Four Helpful Men! (Jesus heals the man lowered through the roof, Bee Helpful! and Bee-lieve!) Toddler Lesson 22 - Pray For One Another (James 5:13-14, 16)
Toddler Lesson 10 - The Golden Rule! (Bee Loving!) Toddler Lesson 23 - Love One Another (John 15:12; Romans 12:15)
Toddler Lesson 11 - The Wise Builder! (The man who built his house on a rock, Bee a Do-er!) Toddler Lesson 24 - Be Patient With One Another (Ephesians 4:2)
More NT Lessons
Toddler Lesson 25 - Honor One Another (Romans 12:10; Matthew 23:12)
Toddler Lesson 12 - Friendly Mary and Fussy Martha (Mary and Martha) Toddler Lesson 26 - Help One Another Do Good Things! (Encourage each other - Hebrews 10:24.; 1 Timothy 4:12)
Toddler Lesson 13 - The Pigpen Boy (The prodigal son)  
Coloring sheet - little boy with hands up.
Father's Day coloring page for Sunday school lesson for preschoolers.
Multicultural bible coloring page - little African boy praying.
Sunday school coloring page for bible lessons - little boy.
Fun For Me - Year Two Fun For Me - Year Two
Fall Quarter Winter Quarter
Sep., Oct., Nov. Dec., Jan., Feb.

Bible Basics

Growing Up In Love

What is God Like Series! (Character of God)
The First Church Series
Toddler Lesson 27 - God is Love! Toddler Lesson 40 Telling Others! (The Holy Spirit)
Toddler Lesson 28 God is So Good! Toddler Lesson 41 Close to God's Heart! (Worship)
Toddler Lesson 29- God is So Strong! Toddler Lesson 42 A Special Baby! (Christmas Lesson)
  Toddler Lesson 43 Birthday Party For Jesus! (Christmas Lesson)
Toddler Lesson 30 - God is So Kind Toddler Lesson 44 Sharing and Caring (Fellowship)
Toddler Lesson 31 - God is My Abba, Daddy! Toddler Lesson 45Helping at Church (Barnabas)
Toddler Lesson 32 - God is Faithful! Toddler Lesson 46 Praying Together (Peter in Jail/Rhoda)
Toddler Lesson 33 - God is Everlasting!
Love Series - (Based on 1 Corinthians 13)
Praise & Prayer Series
Toddler Lesson 34 Praise For People! (Paul and Timothy)
Toddler Lesson 47 Love Reaches Far! (Jesus Heals a Woman Who Touched His Garment)
Toddler Lesson 35 Thankful For Things! Toddler Lesson 48 Love is Polite and Kind (Good Manners/ Kindness)
Toddler Lesson 36 -Thankful For Everything! Toddler Lesson 49 Love Doesn't Blast Off! (Anger)
Toddler Lesson 37 The Lord's Prayer Part 1 - Jesus Teaches Us to Pray (Part I) Toddler Lesson 50 Love is Patient
Toddler Lesson 38 The Lord's Prayer Part 2 - Jesus Teaches Us to Pray (Part 2) Toddler Lesson 51 Love God With All Your Heart
Toddler Lesson 39 Thankful For Surprises! (Heaven) Toddler Lesson 52 Love Others (Dorcas/Tabitha)

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