Alphabetical List of Free Sample Crafts From the Sunday School Fun Zone Members Area
Little Lost Lamb Craft David - God Delighted in David
Shepherd and Sheep Craft David as a Shepherd Boy Craft
Moses - Baby Moses in a Basket Craft Moses - Where's Baby Moses Craft
See craft instructions below. Click on small picture or link to go to larger, printable craft page. The coloring pages and posters are on each week's lesson page.
* Please Note: Always supervise young children when working with crafts. We don't use small objects that are choking hazards, but even crayons, markers and glue stick caps can be choking hazards. Remove caps and place out of children's reach. Only use one glue stick per adult, and watch child while they are using it. We have substituted construction paper for all foam crafts. Unless children are at least 4 years old, we advise against using foam.
Little Lost Lamb - Sheep and Shepherd Crafts
Lamb craft page Fuzzy Cotton Lamb Craft - Prep: You may want to pull apart pieces of cotton first, since, in my experience, kids have a tendency to glue on the whole ball of cotton). Have children color lamb face, hands and feet. Pull apart pieces of cotton and glue to lamb. (To glue, apply glue to lamb first, then place cotton on glued area.)
cotton balls
Crayons/ markers

Shepherd Finds Sheep - Color 'n Fold Craft - Have children color page with crayons or markers, or paint. Help children fold paper: Take hold of right and left edges of paper, bring together towards center, to make outermost dotted lines meet in center (bringing lamb to shepherd); and fold in that position.
Crayons, markers or paint
God Delighted in David!
Lift-the-flap Heart Craft page Lift-the-Flap Craft - Prep: Print both pages. Make copies of Craft page. Cut heart out from Accessory page. Use as a pattern to cut red hearts out of construction paper. Craft: Children color page. Help them cut the slits on both sides and between children. Glue entire page onto sheet of construction paper, except not underneath the shirts that you lift. Glue the hearts in on the underneath page so that you can see them when you lift the flaps.
Accessory Page
Red and white construction paper or regular white paper
Glue Sticks
David Craft page David as a Shepherd Boy Craft - Prep: Print and make copies of both craft pages. (You only need 1 Access. page per 2 children). Cut apart Access. pages so that each child has 1 hat and 2 lambs. Craft: Children color craft page and accessories. Glue lambs, overlapping, onto craft page.
Accessory Page (same as above)
Glue Sticks
Baby Moses Toddler Crafts
Miriam Watching craft page Where's Baby Moses Craft: (Finished sample picture coming soon). (For use with Baby Moses Craft). Prep: Print and make copies of craft page. Cut sheets of construction paper large enough to cover baby Moses vertically and horizontally (about 8-1/2" X 5-1/2"). Cut slits in construction paper vertically to make "grass", but leave 1" at the bottom so you can staple it on. Craft: Children color the craft page. Write names on back. Then, staple the "grass" to the bottom of the craft page to cover up baby Moses. Curl back grass a little to make it look like grass.
Green or brown construction paper (1/2 sheet per child).
Baby Moses craft page Moses in Baby Basket craft: Prep: Print and make copies of craft page. Cut apart pictures. If Using fabric. Prep: Print craft page. Cut apart pictures. (Before making copies of Baby Moses, put two on a page). Use basket as a pattern to cut from baskets from fabric, cutting out bottom half of oval also. Craft: Children color baby, basket. Help them cut out baby Moses and cut out bottom half of oval of the basket. Insert Baby Moses first, then glue edges only of basket (so baby can be taken out), onto sheet of blue construction paper, or white paper. Color waves if using white paper. Glue on green strips of construction paper for grass or draw with crayons. Baby Moses Craft
Jute fabric or other loosely woven fabric - optional
Blue and green construction paper
In addition for Method 2:
Blue construction paper
Glue sticks

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