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Concepts Children Learn:
Palm Sunday is a special day because it was told long before it happened how Jesus would ride a little donkey into Jerusalem.
Jesus loves to hear our praise!
We can praise Jesus with our words and actions.
LESSON: For this lesson, the children are going on a "trip to Jerusalem", pretending to be there with Jesus and the disciples for the triumphal entry into Jerusalem! They stop at stations along the way to hear the story and in all of the fun activities: They help untie the donkey, put clothes on the donkey, wave palm branches, lay clothes down on the path, and sing praises to Jesus (song with actions). There are coloring pages to do before the lesson, and crafts and snack to do at the end. Only members have access to color pages and crafts.

Prep: Mark your bible with these verses: Luke 19:31,36, 40; John 12:13; Matt. 21:16, and the memory verse: Psalm 9:1-2. Other passages used for reference: Matthew 21:9-17, Mark 11:1-19, Luke 19:29-48, John 12:12-19).

Supplies Needed for Lesson:

donkey craft, Page 1 and Page 2 (with jacket pattern) Scotch tape old shirts or jackets
Color OR B&W Story Pages: Color: 1, 2, 3 (bw only, 4 lesson page and activities page (for songs and action rhyme) masking tape stapler, staples
B&W 1, 2, 3, 4. construction paper or fabric (green and other colors) yarn or thin rope bucket or basket of stones
Crayons or markers if using b&w story pages (to color them) clear shelf paper toy fence (optional) children's musical instruments or noisemakers

TEACHER PREP: Print b&w OR color Story Pictures on card stock and cover with clear shelf paper. Print Stand-up Donkey craft, Page 1 and Page 2 * Also use one of the jackets on Craft Page 2 as a pattern to cut coats out of construction paper or fabric. Use rolled tape to give to the children to stick these to the donkey's back during the lesson. Make a sample of the Stand-up Donkey craft. On the day before class, mark off the path that you will be taking with masking tape (in one room or more than one). Station 2 should be set off to the side of the main path, on the way to Station 3. Place the pictures along the path, at the station indicated on this page. For Station 2: Before the lesson tie the Stand-Up Donkey loosely to a toy fence or wooden object, or tape the yarn (going around the donkey's neck) to the wall or other object. Once the children bring it to you, continue bringing it with you the whole trip. At Station 4, have a pile of old shirts or jackets lying by the side of the path (enough for each child to have at least one piece of clothing). At Station 5, have palm branches within the children's reach that they have to "break off" of a tree that you made: (Either draw a tree on the chalk board and tape palm branches made from construction paper, or make a tree out of construction paper and staple branches to your bulletin board, and staple the palm branches to that). At Station 6, have a small bucket or basket of stones close by.

When you get to each station, sit down and have the children gather around you. Ask one child to pick up the story picture and give it to you. Read the section of the story for each Station as you hold up the Story Picture (if a picture is used). Start with the intro to get the children excited about the trip. (Only read words that are not in parentheses for the lesson. The words in parentheses tell you what actions you do. The numbers in parentheses tell you what picture to hold up while you are telling the story).

INTRO: Today we're going to hear a true Bible story about the special trip that Jesus took. On this trip, Jesus went to Jerusalem. He walked there with his disciples. When people take a trip now, they usually go in a car, or bus, or airplane. But, in Bible Times, sometimes they rode animals to go places, and sometimes they walked. Jesus had taken many trips to Jerusalem before. But this time was special. On this trip to Jerusalem, Jesus rode on a baby donkey! Who wants to go on this trip to Jerusalem with me? I think it will be lots of fun! We'll see pictures along the way and read Bible verses that tell us what happened on Jesus' trip. We'll follow along on this path that is marked off for us. Let's all line up, and then off we go to Jerusalem! (Take the children to Station 1 of your course.

Station 1 - Picture 1 Two disciples untying donkey

It was an exciting time of year. This was the time of year when everybody went to Jerusalem for a whole week to celebrate. They were celebrating the the time when God helped the Israelites get away from the mean leaders many years before. So every year, all the people from far away took a trip to Jerusalem to celebrate. Let's pretend that we are going on a trip to Jerusalem with Jesus and his disciples. Jesus had been to Jerusalem many times before. But this time, it was special. You see, long before it every happened, a prophet told us how Jesus would go to Jerusalem in a different way this time.

(1) As Jesus and his disciples were walking along, he sent two of his disciples to go on ahead to the next town. He said to them, "You will find a young donkey. It has never been ridden. Untie the donkey and bring it back to me. Let's see what else he tells them: (Read Luke 19:31). So, who wants to be Jesus' disciples? I need two disciples to go get the little donkey and bring it back to us.(Send two children to Station 2 who want to be the disciples to go ahead on the path and find the donkey and untie him, and bring it to you.)

Station 2 (only 2 kids go here) - Stand-Up Donkey sample.

(Stand-up Donkey is at station 2 tied up. When they get to the donkey, the assistant helps the children untie the donkey. While they are doing it, say:) The owners saw the disciples untying the donkey and asked them, "Why are you untying it?" Do you remember what Jesus told them to say? Yes, that's right. Jesus told them to say, "The Lord needs it". (Direct the children to take the donkey back to the teacher.)

Station 1, again- Stand-Up Donkey sample and clothes

(When the children get back to you, hold up the Stand-up Donkey). Thank you very much, you brought me the little donkey! You are such good helpers - just like the disciples were helping Jesus on that special day!. Now we will continue on with our Bible story. After the disciples brought the baby donkey back to Jesus, they placed some clothes on its back and helped Jesus get on the little donkey. I have some clothes for each of you to put on the donkey's back. (Give the children the clothes that you cut out from the pattern. Show them how to place the clothes on the donkey's back). Very good. What good helpers I have! Let's all stand up and sing a song before we continue. (Sing Praise Song # 1). That was wonderful. Now let's continue on our trip to Jerusalem with Jesus and his disciples. Everybody come with me!

Station 3 - Picture 2 - Children with clothes and palm branches.

(Take the Stand-up Donkey and stand it up at the each station or hold it. (2) The people had heard that Jesus was going to Jerusalem too, so they were very excited to see him. Let's look at this picture. Can anybody tell me what the people in this picture are doing? (Give the children time to answer, then say:) Yes, One thing they were doing was laying down their clothes for the donkey to ride on!. Luke 19:36 tells us: (Read verse). Does anyone know why the people did this? It was a way to show Jesus how much they thought of him. It was a way to honor Jesus. This really meant a lot because some of the people only had one set of clothes. And they were putting that one set of clothes down on the ground for Jesus and the donkey to ride over. They were giving whatever they had to show Jesus how much they loved him. This was what people usually did when a king was coming! They thought of Jesus as their king. So let's all pretend that we are the people in the crowd. We can take the clothes from that pile (point to your pile of clothes) and lay them down on the path so our donkey can ride over them. (Make the donkey "ride" over the clothes by carrying it while walking on the clothes that the children lay down for you.) Good job! Let's keep going and see what happens next! Everybody come with me!

Station 4 - Picture 2

(Picture 2 again) Who knows what else the people are doing in this picture? The people love Jesus so much. They are also taking palm branches and waving them in the air! Let's see what our bible says in John 12:13 (Read verse). The people were shouting praises to Jesus because they were so happy. They praised God because of all of the miracles they had seen Jesus do. Many people in the crowd had seen Jesus bring Lazarus back to life after he died! They had seen Jesus heal people of many diseases and make them walk again too! So, now we can pretend we are the children in the crowd. We can get a palm branch from the bulletin board - or chalk board - and wave it and sing praises to Jesus who is in heaven right now. Then we can lay them down on the path too. (Have assistant help them get the palm branches. After they get their palm branches, show them how to wave them in the air while singing. (Sing Praise Song #2). You all sounded so wonderful! Jesus loves to hear your praises! O.k., Let's keep going! I think we are almost there! (Continue bringing the donkey with you. Make him "ride" over the palm branches to the next station.)

Station 5 - Picture 3 - Pharisees.

(Have a child pick up Picture 3 in Station 6). Look at the people in this picture. They look mean, don't they? They look mad too. These two people are the mean Pharisees. They were the church leaders. But, they didn't love Jesus. Why do you think they have their hands over their ears? They were mad that Jesus was getting all the attention. They were mad that everyone was praising Jesus. They told Jesus to tell the people to stop! But do you know what Jesus said? (Read Luke 19:40). God is able to make even stones praise him if the people won't. (*Optional:) I have a fun rhyme with actions. I'll show you how it goes, then we can all do it together! (Show them how to do the Action Rhyme, then do again with the children).

Station 6 - Picture 4 - Children praising God

Later, Jesus visited the temple. He didn't like what he saw when he went in. He saw robbers who were buying and selling things, and cheating the people of their money. So Jesus chased the robbers out of the temple. He turned over their tables and would not let them sell anything in the temple. When the mean leaders heard about how Jesus chased the robbers out of the temple, they started to look for a way to kill him; But they were afraid of Jesus because while he was teaching in the temple, the people were listening so closely. The people were amazed at his teaching. They wanted so much to hear what Jesus was saying. They listened very closely to every word that Jesus said. Sick people also came to Jesus to be made well, and Jesus healed them. The mean leaders saw all these things. (Picture 4) They also heard the little children shouting praises to Jesus saying, "Hosanna to the Son of David!" This made the mean leaders really mad. The men said to Jesus: (Read Matt. 21:16). Then Jesus left the temple to go to the town of Bethany to stay there that night. So, you see, Jesus loved to hear the children praise him. Jesus heard the praises of the children who were right there with him in the temple. But, did you know that Jesus hears our praises too? Even though he is in heaven now, he still hears you - And, he loves to hear your praises!

What are some of the ways we praise Jesus - Can anybody tell me? (Give the children a chance to answer, then continue). We can praise Jesus with our words: We can use words to praise Jesus when we pray. We can praise Jesus when we sing. We can also tell others about all the great things Jesus has done! We can also praise Jesus with our actions: We can raise our hands, or even shout praises to the Lord. We can also make music to the Lord with a musical instrument!

Who can tell me some things we can praise Jesus for? (Give the children a chance to answer). That's right. We can praise him for being so loving and kind. We can praise Jesus for healing us. We can praise him for saving us. We can praise him for forgiving our sins. We can praise him for being in control of everything too! There are many, many things to praise Jesus for. So, before we end our trip, let's go back to Bethany where we started. We can all play music to Jesus with these instruments that I will give you. (Give each child a musical instrument to play as you go back on the path the way you came). Then we can say our prayer and make some crafts to take home.

Transition: Now we have a prayer we can say together. Let's bow our heads, close our eyes and fold our hands. I'll say the words first and give you time to say them after me.

PRAYER : Dear God,

I praise you for being so loving and kind.

I praise you for being with us all of the time.

I praise you for forgiving me.

I praise you for being in control.

In Jesus' name,


Transition: Now we have some fun Palm Sunday crafts to make. For Members only.

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