Sunday School Fun Zone - Year 2 Toddler Lessons

Love Series - Week 52 - Loving Others

Concepts Children Learn: We are kind to ourselves because we love ourselves. Jesus wants us to love others like we love ourselves.

Prep: Mark you bible with the memory verse: Mark 12:31. Supplies needed: Plastic bin filled with inexpensive prizes. Card stock. Scissors. Fabric. Print the following pictures 1 and 2 onto card stock. Print Stickers and pages 3 and 4 on Inkjet sticker paper (or place restickable gluestick glue on the backs). Stickers bw, Stickers color, 1bw, 1color, 2bw, 2color. Print the other pictures on regular paper: 3bw, 3color, 4bw, 4color, 5bw, 5color, 6bw, 6color, 7bw, 7color, 8bw, 8color, 9bw, 9color, 10bw, 10color, 11bw, 11color, 12bw, 12color. The numbers in parentheses tell you what Story Page to hold up while you are telling the story. (You don't need to read the words on the actual story pages. They are for use as posters or coloring pages). Only read words that are not in parentheses for the lesson. The words in parentheses tell you what actions you do.

Key Verse: Mark 12:31. Verses used in lesson: Acts 9:36. Other verses used as reference: Acts 9: 36 - 42.

Did you all have fun picking out a prize this morning? Most of you took your time and chose the one that you liked best. You picked the best thing for yourself because you love yourself. We know that we love ourselves because we are kind to ourselves.

(1,3) Let's talk about the ways we love ourselves. When you got ready to come to church this morning, you picked out some nice clothes for yourself, didn't you? You picked clothes that you like to wear, not ones that are all ripped up, or too small. (2, 4) (Lay clothes stickers on table). Who wants to help Kenny and Casandra pick out some clothes to wear? (Let boy and girl choose outfits and place clothes on the boy and girl pictures). (5) When its your birthday, you ask your mom for a toy that you like, not just any old toy. Who wants to pick out a toys for Sarah? (Let two children pick toy stickers and place it in girl's hands.) We pick out things that we like because we love ourselves! We want good things for ourselves. (6) If we are hungry for a snack, we let mom know what we would like to eat. Who wants to choose a snack for these children? (Let two children pick snacks and place them on the children's plates). We ask for good things! We don't ask for yucky things. We are all kind to ourselves because we all love ourselves!

Let's look in our Bibles and see what Jesus says about that! (Read Mark 12:31). Jesus wants us to love others just like we love ourselves! He wants us to be kind to them.

Let's read about somebody in the Bible who was kind to others. (7) This is Dorcas. This is what the Bible says about her: (Read Acts 9:36). She loved God. And to show that she loved God, she showed love to people. Do you know what she did that was loving and kind? She had some cloth. (Point to cloth). So she worked very hard. She used the cloth to make clothes for people who didn't have money to buy clothes! (8) The people were so happy to have the new clothes that Dorcas made for them! Dorcas made clothes for others. That was her way of showing love to others! In a few minutes we will talk about some ways we can show love to others too, but first let's have snack.

CIRCLE TIME: (What does this mean for me?)

Let's look at these pictures. They will help us think of ways that we can show love to others.

(9) Its Jeremy's birthday! What could we do to help him have a great birthday? (Let children answer). Yes! We could have a birthday party for him. We could give him cards or presents, or make him a cake! That would be a great way to show love to him!

(10) (Stick big play dough sticker in front of boy). Kenny has a big hunk of play dough to play with. Shauna comes over to play, but she doesn't have any play dough How could Kenny be kind to Shauna and show love to her? (Let children answer). Right! He could give Shauna some of his play dough Shauna would like that! (Remove big sticker, and place 2 small play dough stickers in front of each child in picture). Now they both have some play dough to play with! That makes Shauna happy, and it makes Jesus happy too when he sees us loving others like that!

(11) This is David. He looks a little grumpy, huh? What if David comes into this Sunday school class looking all grumpy? He looks like he needs everybody to be extra kind to him. Can you think of a way children in this class could show love to him? (Let children give their own answers, then continue.) Those are all great answers! Thank you all for sharing. We could say kind words to him instead of mean words. Or we could be friendly and ask him if he wants to play with us. Let's see what would happen if we were kind to David. (12) Now David is smiling! It makes people happy when we show them we love them. Showing love to God and showing love to others - that is what is most important!

We have some fun activities planned for you. First I will say a prayer. Then I will give you a chance to say your own prayers afterwards.

PRAYER: Allow children to pray after adult prays.
Loving Others Activities, Loving Others Crafts.
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