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Love Series - Week 49 - Love Doesn't Blast Off!

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Concepts Children Learn: We can give ourselves time to cool down when we're mad instead of doing something mean. When we are mad, talking in a soft, gentle voice is best. Jesus wants us to get over being mad quickly.

Prep: Mark you bible with the verses used in the lesson: 1 Cor. 13:5c; James 1:9; Proverbs 15:1; Ephesians 4:26. Supplies needed: Prep: Print the b&w or color story pages. You may already have picture 2 from lesson 24, Summer Qtr. Make up the rocket craft (page 7) beforehand. See Craft Page for directions. Print pictures: 1bw, 1color, 2bw, 2color, 3bw, 3color, 4bw, 4color, 5bw, 5color, 6bw, 6color, 7bw, 8bw, 8color. Craft pages: 10bw, 10color, 11bw, 11color.

The numbers in parentheses tell you what Story Page to hold up while you are telling the story. (You don't need to read the words on the actual story pages. They are for use as posters or coloring pages). Only read words that are not in parentheses for the lesson. The words in parentheses tell you what actions you do.

Key Bible Verse: 1 Cor. 13:5c. Other Scriptures used in lesson: James 1:9; Proverbs 15:1; Ephesians 4:26.


Let's start by reading our memory verse for today. (Read 1 Cor. 13:5c). (1) We all get mad sometimes, don't we? We might get mad if someone yells at us or hurts us. (2) Sometimes we get mad when someone takes something of ours. Or we may get mad when someone is mean to us. Let's talk about what we do when we are mad. (3) Sometimes we yell when we're mad, or we make mean faces. We might push somebody, or hit or kick. Sometimes we stomp off to go be by ourselves. (4) If we are really mad, maybe we even throw a fit, stomping and punching and screaming. (5) But, later after we cool down, and we've had time to think about it, we wish we had not behaved like that. Do you think Jesus wants us to act like that? (Let children answer). Let's see what our Bible says:

(Read James 1:19) (1 again) Our Bible tells us not to get mad quickly. When we are mad and upset we want to fight back, and we want to do it right now! We're all worked up, and we want to do something to feel better quick! But, lots of times the ways we act when we're mad don't make us feel better at all. (Shake head no). They make us feel worse. (6) But, if we could slow down a little bit when we are upset, do you think that might help? (Let children answer). Yes. The boy in this picture is upset, but he is not acting angry. He is just thinking it through.

(7 - make up rocket craft beforehand) I'll show you what I mean. Let's look at this rocket. Before a rocket takes off into space there is a countdown. They count down from 10, and then the rocket takes off! Let's try it together. We'll start with 10 and count down to 1, backwards. (Hold up 10 fingers and put one down when saying each number, and encourage children to join you). 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1! Blast-o-f-f! Then up, up, up...higher and higher the rocket goes, far off into space! (Make rocket shoot straight up). F-f-f-f-f-f!

I wonder why the rocket can't just take off? Why do we need to count? Well, the time it takes to count down from 10 gives the people inside the rocket time to make sure everything is going to be o.k. Underneath the rocket its very hot! (Touch bottom of rocket) Ouch! (Pull hand away quickly). There is a lot of energy and power going on inside the rocket. That's what makes it go so far up into space! (7 again) Blast-Off! (Make rocket shoot up again). F-f-f-f-f-f! You will all get to make your own rocket later. Let's continue with the lesson.

(2 or 3 again) Its the same when we are mad. When we are mad we feel hot too, don't we? We get all red in the face, and we feel a sudden burst of energy! (Make fists, and move arms and legs around quickly). Show me what you look like when you have a lot of energy. (Encourage children to join in). Ooh! That's a lot of energy going on inside us! When we're mad, do you think it would be good for us to take time to count, like they do before the rocket blasts off? (Give children a chance to answer). Yes! If we slow down and count to 10 when we are mad, it will give us time to cool down. That way, we won't just blast off and do something mean without thinking. It will give us time to think about what the right thing to do is. But, what should we do when we are feeling mad?

Let's read what our Bibles tell us. (Read Proverbs 15:1) (6 again). If someone is yelling at you or upset with you, the best thing you can do (Lower voice or whisper) is to answer nicely, in a soft voice! That makes it hard for someone to keep yelling. (Resume using normal voice). When we are upset, its hard to give a soft answer. But, Jesus will help us talk in a gentle voice, and say the right thing if we ask him to! Let's have snack, and we will talk some more afterwards.

CIRCLE TIME: (What does this mean for me?)

Here's another Bible verse about being mad. (Read Ephesians 4:26) Our Bibles tell us to get over being mad before the end of the day. (1 again) What if something happened earlier, but you still feel mad later? What should you do? (Let children answer). You go to the person you are mad at, and talk it over with them. (5 again) You can tell them you are sorry if you did something wrong. Or you could tell them you feel bad because of what happened. (Use a soft voice or whisper). And, remember to use your gentle, soft voice. (Resume using a normal voice). Then maybe the other person will say they're sorry too. (8) And you can both forgive each other and stop being mad. I think Jesus would be very happy if we would do that. Even though its hard to be the first one to say you're sorry, sometimes that's just what we need to do.

Now we have some fun crafts to do. Who wants to make a rocket of their very own? (Let children answer). Great! First let's pray and ask God to help us next time we get mad.

PRAYER: Allow children to pray after adult prays.
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