Week 48 - Manners Matter - Toddler Activities

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Snack Ideas - Let's Help Clean Up!
You can serve any snack, but encourage children to help you clean up. Let some children throw away the plates and cups. Have a few sponges for other children to wipe the tables. Thank the children for helping you.
Pretend Play Activity: Let's Teach Our Dolls To Have Good Manners!
Dolls or teddy bears Prep: Assemble items and place in a play area. Activity: Tell the children, "Today we are learning about being kind and polite. Let's pretend our dolls (or bears) are playing together. We can help them be kind by showing them how to share their toys, clean up, asking before they use the toys, waiting their turn and playing nice." Concepts: Talk about the sharing/giving concepts of the lesson. Encourage them with words of praise about how they are showing their dolls how to play nice. You could also help them pretend their dolls are cooking and eating together. The children can help their dolls serve the others, wait for their food patiently, say Thank You, say kind things during dinner, and clean up afterwards.
Doll-size toys
Play food, table, chairs
Rhyme with Actions - Love Is Not Rude. Show the children how to do the actions in the right column while saying the rhyme in the left column.
Love is not rude; It is gentle and kind. Form a heart by placing index fingers together and thumbs together, then bringing index fingers down to form the 'v' of the heart.
If a friend wants to go first, say, "I don't mind". Hold hand out in front, to motion Go Ahead.
Remember to say, "Thank you" and "Please". Point to mouth.
Treat friends nice and do not tease. Point to friends.
Remember to wait to take your turn. Hold hand out in front, as if to say Stop.
Be quiet in class so others can learn. Hold finger in front of mouth as if to say, "Sh-h-h-h".
Only brag about what others can do. Point to someone else.
Be kind and helpful in all you say, too. Point to mouth.
Say "Hello" and "Good-bye" when you come and go. Wave with one hand, then the other.
Don't rush others if they are slow. Hold hand out in front, as if to say Stop.
Help clean up after making a craft. Pretend to wipe a table.
If it hurts someone's feelings, do not laugh. Shake head no.
The one who's left out, be sure to include. Motion with hand to Come.
For the Bible says, Love is not rude. Make a cross with two fingers.
Game - Pinata Fun! (Learning to be kind and share).

Items Needed: Blindfold, long stick, pinata, string to hang pinata. Prep. Hang pinata low enough for children to hit it when they are holding the stick. Tell children, "You will be taking turns to try to hit the pinata. There is candy/prizes inside. When the pinata is hit and the candy falls out, you may all go get some. But, remember to be kind. Don't grab candy that is in front of someone else, and don't take a lot for yourself. Remember to share your candy. We want to make sure everybody gets some candy". Activity: Blindfold one child at a time, giving each a turn to hit the pinata with the stick. Comment on how kind they are being and thank them for sharing their candy.

Group Activity - Let's Build a Puzzle Together (Learning to take turns).
Items Needed: A few children's puzzles. How to Play: Let children sit at tables in groups of three or four. For two-year-olds, you may want to have children in groups of two only. Place an age-appropriate puzzle at each table. Give each child a few puzzle pieces. Have one assistant help each group of children take turns putting the puzzle. Encourage the children with positive words, ie., "I like the way you are waiting your turn. Thank you for letting ___ go first. That's very nice. Thank you for being patient", etc.