Week 42 - A Special Baby - Nativity Activities for Toddlers!

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Snack Ideas: Angel-shaped sugar cookies. Time-saving tip: Use store-bought refrigerated dough.
Warm-Up Activity: Making angels!
Edible or regular play dough, homemade or purchased. Prep: Set out the play dough and tools. Activity: Help children roll out the dough flat, then use angel cookie cutter to make angels. Tell the children that they will hear a bible story with an angel later. Option 2: If your church has an oven, use the real cookie dough. Let children cut out 1 or 2 angels and place them on the cookie sheet. Have your assistant back them, and have them later for snack.
Angel cookie cutters, rolling pin.
Real cookie dough (Optional).
Pretend Play Activities: Some Pretend Play activities are Included with lesson - Pretending to be prophets, then sheep.
Pretend Play Activity 2: Let's Pretend to be Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem!
Stick horses (optional) Pair up a boy and girl. Help them put on costumes. Place two chairs side by side. They can pretend that the chairs are the donkeys that they ride, or ride the stick horses. Encourage conversation like, "Let's pray that we get to Bethlehem before the baby is born!" or "We better hurry. The baby will be born soon!" They can arrive at the "door of the inn", knock on the door (to the classroom). Have another child or your assistant open the door. The children ask if there is a room they can stay in. The person at the door says, "There is no room at the inn,"
Child-size chairs
Bible Times costumes
Use a scarf or piece of fabric with a stretchy children's headband to make Bible Times hats.
Rhyme with Actions - The Special Baby! Show the children how to do the actions in the right column while saying the rhyme in the left column.
A long time ago, the prophet told great things! Throw hands up in the air.
The very words of God, good news he brings! Point up.
A great one will come from Beth-le-hem. Point somewhere.
He'll be a shepherd to the people; and he'll lead them! "Walk" two fingers.
Who could it be, this one sent from above? Place hands out to sides, palms up, as if asking a question.
This one who would be so full of God's love? Hug yourself.
An angel came to Mary and told her great things too! Bring hand down from up high, fluttering fingers.
She'd have a baby - God's Son! It was true! Point up.
And everything happened like the prophet said! Nod yes.
Baby Jesus was born, but he had no bed. Place arms together, each hand holding the other forearm, and rock arms back and forth.
Mary laid Him in a manger where baby Jesus slept. Place hands together, and beneath head and tilt to side.
All these things, in her heart, Mary kept. Point to heart.
Jesus was the special baby promised from above! Point up.
He is the one who shows us perfect love! Hug yourself.
He will be my shepherd as I let him lead. "Walk" two fingers.
Since I tend to wander, a shepherd I need. Point up.
Thank you, God, for sending Jesus, your Son! Jump up.
He's the one who saves me - to him I will run! "Walk" two fingers quickly.
Game - Nativity Hokey Pokey (Similar to Hokey Pokey)
Prep: Make name tags with these names on them: Mary, Joseph, Angel. Place stickers on the name tags of each character, or draw simple pictures of them. How to Play: Tell each child who he is before the game. Whichever character the song is about, those characters are the ones who move in and out of the circle. After saying Mary, as listed below, substitute Joseph or angel in subsequent verses. To Begin: Have all the children hold hands to form a circle, then drop hands. Use words at left (below) to sing the tune of Hokey Pokey, while doing the actions on the right. You may use costumes, as well, with this activity.
All the Marys jump in, all the Marys jump out. Girls who are "Mary" jump in to the center of the circle, then step backwards.
All the Marys jump in and wiggle all about. Girls who are "Mary" jump in to the center of the circle, then wiggle.
Jesus was born on Christmas, makes me want to and shout! Everybody turns around in circles with hands in the air, as they sing.
That's who its all about! Everybody claps to the tune.