Be Patient With One Another Toddler Lesson

One Another Series - Week 24 - Be Patient With One Another!

Concepts Children Learn: God is patient and kind when we do wrong things. He wants us to be patient and kind to others when they do wrong things.

Prep: Mark you bible with the memory verse: Ephesians 4:2. Items needed for Circle Talk Time: Stickers and different colors of construction paper. Make up a sample of the craft pages before lesson (11,13, 12 - accessories). See craft page for directions. You will also need the following story pictures. (You may already have picture 5 from lesson 18). Print b&w or color story pages: 1bw, 1color, 2bw, 2color, 3bw, 4bw, 4color, 5bw, 5color, 6bw, 7bw, 8bw, 8color.

The numbers in parentheses tell you what Story Page to hold up while you are telling the story. (You are encouraged to read the words on the story pages for this lesson). Only read words that are not in parentheses for the lesson. The words in parentheses tell you what actions you do.

LESSON: Be Patient With One Another (Time: About 3 minutes, plus talk time).
Key Bible Verse: Ephesians 4:2. Other scriptures used as reference for lesson: 1 Cor. 13:4; Proverbs 14:29; Proverbs 15:18; 2 Peter 3:9.

Intro: (1) This is Eddie. Eddie saw his dad working in the flower garden the day before, so he thought he would try it. He got his dad's tools and started working in the garden. What fun it was to dig in the dirt! But, soon Eddie noticed that the flowers were wilting. (Point to dead flowers). Then he realized that some of the flowers were ruined! Uh-oh. He started to cry and he went running back in the house to tell his father what had happened. When Eddie saw the look on his father's face, he thought he was in big trouble! What do you think Eddie's dad did? (Let children answer). Well, Eddie's father was sad that the flowers were ruined. He had spent a long time planting those flowers. (2) But, he could see that Eddie was sorry for what he had done. Eddie's dad talked gently to him about what had happened. And, he was patient with Eddie. Then he took Eddie back to the garden store to buy some more flowers. He let Eddie pick out his favorite ones. And, he bought Eddie some tools of his very own, just his size. (3) Then Eddie and his dad went back to the flower garden. Eddie's dad patiently taught Eddie the right way to plant flowers. Now they wouldn't die. (Shake head no). When they were all done, the flower garden looked even more beautiful than before! But, best of all, Eddie was so happy that his father was patient with him!

Can you think of someone who is even more patient than Eddie's father? (Let children answer). Its our heavenly Father! Listen to this Bible verse: (Read Psalm 103:8). That means that God is patient with us. When we do something wrong, God is slow to get angry. Even though it hurts him a lot when we do wrong thing, he doesn't get mad and walk away from us. He doesn't give up on us. (Shake head no). And, he doesn't say there is no hope for us. (Shake head no). He is com-pas-sion-ate. That's a big word. It means that God is very kind, and he always forgives us when we ask him to! He understands that we are still learning. (2 and 3 again) He is patient with us like Eddie's father was patient with Eddie. He gives us lots of chances to try again. And, he helps us do better the next time, like Eddie's father did.

Since God is so patient with us, how do you think he wants us to be towards others? (Let children answer). Let's see what our Bible says: (Read Ephesians 4:2). So...That means God wants us to be patient with people who don't act right? And that means we aren't supposed to yell at them when they do something wrong? That's right. God is kind to us like that when we do wrong things. God doesn't expect us to be perfect. (4) He knows we need lots of love and care. And, he knows we need lots of time to learn to do things the right way. He is kind and forgives us when we are sorry. And, he doesn't leave us. He stays with us and helps us do the right thing the next time. He is patient with us, and hopes that we will soon learn to obey him. And, God wants us to show the same kindness to others when they do wrong things to us. He wants us to be patient with others -- without complaining, without yelling, and without being mean back. That sounds really hard, but after snack we will talk more about how we can be patient with others. After all, God loves to help us when we ask him to.


(Let children give their own answers to the questions before continuing).

Let's talk about how we can be patient with others: (5) What if you are playing with our friend, but your friend doesn't share his toys with you? Should you just take the toy away from him? No. Should you yell at him? No. Should you complain? No. God still wants us to be patient with people who are mean to us. When we ask God to help us, he will help us be patient with them. Remember how patient Eddie's father was with him? God wants us to be patient like that with others. He wants us to give them another chance. Maybe you could find a different toy to play with until your friend is ready to share.

(6) Carrie was playing with dolls with her little sister, Camille. Carrie was being kind to Camille , sharing her toys. (7) But, when Carrie wasn't looking, Camille took her favorite doll and cut off all its hair! Carrie was really upset! Now her favorite doll was ruined! What should she do? Should she yell at Camille? Should she go and ruin one of Camille's dolls to get even? No. Here's what happened: Carrie talked to Camille about why she cut off the doll's hair. She found out that Camille just thought it would be fun to give the doll a new hairdo. So Carrie was patient with her. She asked Camille to help her make a hat to cover up the hair. They had a lot of fun making hats for the doll. Then one day, (8) Camille brought a brand new doll home for Carrie! Carrie was so glad that she had been patient with Camille! And, Camille was glad too. She prayed, "Thank you, God, for helping Carrie not yell at me. Thank you for helping her be patient with me. Amen."

Cole and Jonathan are making crafts together. They are using stickers and different colors of paper. (Hold up stickers and construction paper). Suddenly Cole took all of the stickers for himself! (Take all the stickers and put them in a pile in front of you.) Now Jonathan doesn't have any stickers, and he is sad.. What should he do? Should he take some of the stickers off of Cole? No. Should he whine and pout? No. Remember how God wants us to be patient. He could gently ask Cole to share some of the stickers with him. Or he could stop and pray, and ask God to help him be patient. That is what Jonathan did. And, Cole gave him some stickers to use for his own craft when he asked him in a nice way. (Put some of the stickers in another pile).

When we remember how God gives us more chances, and forgives us, we will be more patient with others. And, when we remember God's kindness, and ask him to help us be more like him, he will help us! And one day we will see that God helps other people be kind too. And, sometimes people will be kind and patient with us when we need them to be.

PRAYER: Allow children to pray after adult prays.
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