Father's Day Toddler Lesson

I Can Be an Extra-Special Blessing to my Father! (Father's Day lesson)

Concepts Children Learn: I am a blessing to my father. I can be an extra-special blessing to my father when I obey him and show him how much I love him!

Prep: Mark you bible with the memory verse: Ephesians 6:1. Make up Stand-up Bunky Bear. Make up each a sample of each Father's Day card and craft to show children how it looks when finished. Supplies needed: Prep: See Craft Page for directions. Print the b&w or color story pages: 1bw, 1color, 2bw, 2color, 3bw, 3color, 4bw, 5bw, 5color, 6bw,

The numbers in parentheses tell you what Story Page to hold up while you are telling the story. (You don't need to read the words on the actual story pages. They are for use as posters or coloring pages). Only read words that are not in parentheses for the lesson. The words in parentheses tell you what actions you do.

Key Bible Verse: Ephesians 6:1). Other Scriptures used as reference: Ephesians 6:2; Psalm 127:3; Colossians 3:20.

LESSON: I Can Be an Extra-Special Blessing to my Father!

(Lesson and Circle Time combined).

Teacher (Intro): (1) This is bunky Bear! He is here to help us learn some very special things on this very special day!
Bunky Bear: Hi everybody!
Who can tell me what special day it is today? (Give children a chance to answer). That's right. Its Father's Day! (2) On Father's day we like to get our dad gifts or cards. Maybe your mom helps you pick out a gift for your dad; or maybe she helps you make a card to give to him. I'm sure your dad will like the gifts and cards you give him. But did you know that there is one gift that he loves the most?
Bunky Bear: What's that?
Teacher: Our Bibles tells us the answer: (Read Psalm 127:3). (3) Its YOU! You are a gift to your dad! God gave YOU as a wonderful gift to your parents! You mom and dad get special joy from you! You are a blessing to them!
Bunky Bear: I am?
Teacher: Yes! Each one of you is a special blessing to your mom and dad! Even though your dad may not always show it, he loves to see you grow up. He feels happy when he sees that you are happy. He works hard to get you the things you need. He does all he can to protect you and help you be safe.
Bunky Bear: That makes me feel happy to know that! My dad does work really hard!
Teacher: Did you know that you can be an extra-special blessing to your father? Did you know that you can help your dad be a little bit happier?
Bunky Bear: No, I didn't know. How?
Teacher: Our Bible tells us how. Let's read this Bible verse: Ephesians 6:1.
Bunky Bear: O.k. (Read Ephesians 6:1) What does "obey" mean?
Teacher: Let's ask the children. Who can tell me what it means to obey your dad? (Give children a chance to answer). Yes, to obey him means that you listen to him, and do what he tells you. (4) If he tells us not to scribble on the walls with crayons, it means we listen to him. We color in our coloring books instead.
Bunky Bear: And, if he asks us to go get a toy for our baby brother, then we do what he asks us to! It makes him happy when we do what he says. Let's see what the next verse says: (Read Ephesians 6:2)
Teacher: Do you know what it means to honor our dads?
Bunky Bear: Does it mean mean that you show him how much you think of him?
Teacher: Yes! It means that you show him how much you love him. And, you do things to make him feel special. What are some things we could do to help our dads know how special they are to us? Maybe the children know the answer. (Give children a chance to answer).
Bunky Bear: (2 again) We could give him special presents, especially on Father's Day!
Teacher: Yes, very good. On any day at all we could serve him his favorite dessert; Or, we could let him pick which movie he wants to see for family time, or let him pick where the family will go out to eat!
Bunky Bear: (5) We could tell him how much we love him,. We could say "thank you, dad" for keeping me safe. We could thank him for working so hard to make money for the family. And, we could thank him for doing fun things with us.
Teacher: (6) make him a special card - like this one! After snack, we have some great cards for each of you to make for your dads!
Bunky Bear: (Jumps up) That sounds like fun! There are lots of ways to honor our dads and show him how much you love him!
Teacher: Yes! And, when you honor and obey your dad, you help him be a little bit happier. The best thing we can do is to listen to him, and do what he says. He loves to see that you are learning from him. And, he loves to know that you are growing up to be more like Jesus.
Bunky Bear: So now let's make the Father's Day cards!
Teacher: O.k., but first let's say a prayer and thank God for our dads.

CIRCLE TIME: (What does this mean for me?) - Combined with lesson (see above).

PRAYER: Allow children to pray after adult prays.
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