Week 14 - Love One Another!

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Snack Idea: Pretzels or heart-shaped crackers. Show children how the pretzels are shaped like a heart. Talk about the concepts of the lesson when children are eating snack.
Warm-Up Activity
Tickle-Me-Elmo toy Give them carpet squares to sit on or pillows for comfort. Activity: Let the children play with the toys and look at the picture books. You don't have to read the books, but talk to the children about the pictures, and what the person or animals must be feeling.
Other toys that teach about feelings, such as Tad's First Feelings Book, or dolls or animals that cry or laugh.
Pictures books that teach about feelings
Pretend Play Activity - Caring About Other's Feelings
Supplies Needed: Small plastic baskets or bins, beanbags, Feelings Pictures bw, Feelings Pictures in color, tape. Prep: Tape one Feelings Picture to the front of each bin. Set up the bins side by side in a corner of your room. Activity: Have children take turns tossing the beanbags into the bins. When they get a beanbag in one of the bins, help them act out the feeling that is on the front of the bin. Have the other children offer ways to help or share the feeling that is being acted out. (Refer to lesson regarding how to help. They can share in the happy or excited feelings).
Action rhyme - Jesus Cared About Others' Feelings! Say the words in the left coloun, as you do the actions in the right column with the children.
Jesus cared when someone was sad, Frown and point to frown.
And he cared if they were mad. Cross arms over chest.
Jesus cared and made them glad. Smile and point to smile.
He helped them to not feel so bad. Put your arm around someone.
Jesus says to love one another. Point up.
Care for the feelings of your brother. Point to someone in class.
When we care for feelings of others, Put your arm around someone.
We are loving one another. Make heart by placing forefingers and thumbs of both hands together.
If someone is happy, share their joy. Smile and point to smile.
If someone is bored, give them a toy. Hold hands out as if giving.
Jesus cares about each girl and boy. Point to kids in class.
We can share his love and his joy! Jump up!
Group Activity - Let's Make a Feelings Poster!
Poster board Prep: Have teens help you find pictures of people or animals showing emotions and cut them out. On the top of the poster write: Let's care about others feelings like Jesus did!, or something similar. Activity: As you hold up each picture, have the children name the emotion displayed in the picture. Sort the pictures into different groups of similar feelings (happy, sad, mad, excited, bored, etc.). Try to keep it to 4-6 categories of feelings for simplification. When finished, divide your poster board into the different feelings categories, leaving enough space for the size of the pictures in each group. Write the name of the emotions above each group of pictures. Then show children which area to glue the pictures in. Fill in any blank spots with the Feelings Pictures, or your own drawn pictures. Follow-up: Be sure to thank the children for helping you, and point out the poster to the parents, telling them that all of the children helped make the poster.
Magazines, especially children's or parent's magazines
Glue sticks
Match Game - Matching Feelings
Items Needed:

Prep: Print Feelings Pictures. You can do this as a group activity, with a few children in each group, or you can have the children each make their own game. You will need 2 copies of pictures for each game. How To Make: If using b&w pictures, have children color their pictures. Optional: Laminate or cover background board and picures with clear contact paper to make sturdier. Cut one copy of Feelings Pictures for each game. Use the other copy as a background board for each game. Activity: Divide children into groups of two or three. How To Play: Have children match the cut-apart pictures to the pictures on the background boards by placing them on top of the matching picture. Praise their efforts and talk about lesson concepts during play.

Feelings Pictures , Feelings picures in color
Contact paper or laminating machine (optional)
Crayons, markers, dot markers