Week 15 - My Bible Is Sweet Like Honey!

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Snack Idea
Anything sweet - Cupcakes, cookies, etc. Talk to the children during snack time how the Bible is sweet to us, its good like honey or candy.
Activity - Let's Pretend to Make Bibles to Eat!
Waxed paper Prep: Set out all of the playdough tools. Give each child a sheet of waxed paper to work on . Help children wash their hands before activity. Activity: Tell children "Our Bibles are sweet like honey because its God's words in the Bible! We can make pretend to make bibles with our playdough that tastes like candy! Help children roll out dough and cut square or rectangular shapes. You could even make the "pages" a different color and fold a longer piece of dough around the pages to form a cover.

Edible candy playdough, homemade or store-bought

Square or rectangle shape cookie cutter
Rolling pins and other playdough tools
Action Rhyme - My Bible is Sweet like Bubble Gum! This is a rhyme with hand motions.The rhyme is in the left column with the corresponding actions in the right column.
My Bible is sweet like bubble gum, Hold up Bible.
Like candy or cookies in my tum! Rub tummy.
Its God's words, and its good to me! Point to yourself.
It's sweet like honey in a tree. Make a circle with your arms above your head.
Please, God, help me learn and obey. Place hands together as praying.
Help me trust in words you say. Point to mouth.
I can hide them in my heart. Point to heart.
Help me obey right from the start. Jump up.
The Bible is sweet like yummy cake, Hold up Bible.
But it won't give me a tummy ache. Shake head no, point to tummy.
It's only good and right and true! Clap three times on the words good, right, true.
It's for me, and it's for you! Point to yourself and someone else.
Toddler Activity - Show 'N Tell Bibles!
Items Needed: How to Do Activity:
Children's Bibles (that they each bring in).
TIP: You may find some children's Bibles in your local library. Prep: Tell children's parents the week before that they will be talking about their bibles the next few weeks and ask them to have the child bring in their own bibles each week. (If they do not have one, check to see if the church will purchase some children's bibles for the children). Activity: Ask the children if anyone wants to stand up and show the rest of the class their Bible. Ask them what they like about it, and to tell the class who reads it to them at home. Then ask them what their favorite story is. Repeating the key concepts that they learn each week in the "My Bible" Series. Remind the children to always thank God for their Bibles.
Extra children's Bibles.
Tips: If their is extra time, read the child's favorite story to the class. Have some children do it each week.