Week 14 - My Bible is Precious!

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Snack Idea
Make S'more Bibles. Place melted marshmallows (roast or microwave slightly) between two graham crackers. Write Bible on the outside with chocolate icing.
Pretend Play Activity - This Activity is done during lesson.

Action Rhyme - My Bible is Precious! The rhyme is in the left column, and corresponding actions are in the right column) .

God's word tells me that he cares. Point to Bible Bear.
God's word tells me all about prayer. Place hands together in prayer.
It is precious just like gold. Hold hands out in front of you, as if holding something.
It will make me wise I'm told. Point to head.
It's the very words God spoke. Point up then point to mouth.
It's even for us little folk! Point to yourself (teacher points to kids).
It's so precious, worth more than gold! Hold hands out in front of you, as if holding something.
It'll make you wise when you are old. Point to head.
It's so great for me and you. Point to yourself then someone else.
It's God's words, and always true! Point up, then jump up.
Toddler Activity - Show 'N Tell Bibles!
Items Needed: How to Do Activity:
Children's Bibles (that they each bring in).

Prep: Tell children's parents the week before that they will be talking about their bibles the next few weeks and ask them to have the child bring in their own bibles each week. (If they do not have one, check to see if the church will purchase some children's bibles for the children). Activity: Ask the children if anyone wants to stand up and show the rest of the class their Bible. Ask them what they like about it, and to tell the class who reads it to them, and what their favorite story is. Keep repeating the key concepts of the "My Bible" Series, and reminding the children to always thank God for their Bibles.

Extra children's Bibles.
Tips: If their is extra time, read the child's favorite story to the class, or let the child tell it in his own words. If you don't have time to let all the children do their Show 'N Tell, have the others do it the following week.