Toddler Lesson about Jesus' Resurrection - Spring Quarter - Year Two

God's Miracles!

Concepts Children Learn:
God does miracles that we can't see.
God changes us on the inside.

Prep: Make up Roll-Away Stone and Change Me crafts to use during lesson. (See Crafts Page for directions). Print other pictures in b&w or color: 1bw, 1color, 2bw, 2color, 3bw, 4bw, 5bw, 5 accessories, 5color, 5 color accessories , 6bw, 7bw, 8bw, 9bw, 9color. Make copies of other b&w pictures that you want to use for coloring pages. Make copies of color story pages that you want to use for bulletin board decorations.

Bible Memory Verse: Matthew 28:20b Scriptures used as reference: Matthew 26:47 - 28:20; Luke 22:26-24:53; John14:1 - 20:10; Mark 14:43 -16:9.

(1) Did you ever plant some flower seeds? You dig a hole and hide the seeds under the ground. Then, you wait. We can't see the flowers at first. But, we know God is doing a miracle underneath the dark ground. (2) Then, in a little while the flowers bloom! (Throw hands up in the air). We see the beautiful flowers when they come to life! God is the one who makes the flowers come to life! Did you know that God does miracles for people too? We can't really see what is going on. But, when we see what God has done, its a wonderful surprise! Today we have an exciting story of the miracle that happened one morning a long time ago! Here's what happened:

One day Jesus had a serious talk with his friends. He told them that lots of things would soon happen to him. He told his friends that soon he would be taken away. But, he also promised them that he would come back again. His friends didn't understand why Jesus had to go away. (3) They were sad. They loved Jesus! They remembered the great times they had with Jesus: walking and talking with him, listening to him teaching, and seeing him heal all the sick people! And, Jesus loved them better than anyone else! They didn't want Jesus to go away. (Shake head no). They loved Jesus! And Jesus loved them too! But Jesus wanted to show how much he loved ALL people.

(4) Even though lots of people loved Jesus, there were some people who did not love Jesus. (Shake head no). They wouldn't believe he was from God. These mean men came and took Jesus away. They treated him very badly. They spit on Jesus and made fun of him. Then they hurt him. They put nails in his hands and feet (Point to hand), and hung him on a cross made out of wood. It was a very sad day when Jesus died. (5 Tomb with stone place over opening.) In Bible Times, people who died were placed in a tomb. A tomb is like a cave. So Jesus' body was taken down off the cross, wrapped up in strips of cloth and placed in a tomb. (Point to tomb). Jesus' friends watched nearby as a big stone was rolled in front of the tomb. Jesus' friends went home very sad that day, but soon everything would change. Remember, God does miracles that we can't see at first.

(6) Three days later, Mary and her friends went back to the tomb. On the way there, they remembered that there was a big stone in front of the tomb. How would they roll away that big stone? It would be too heavy for them to move. But when they got there, there was an earthquake that shook the ground they stood on. (Stick angel on right side of tomb and set stone to the left side.) And an angel of the Lord came down and rolled the stone away! When they saw the angel Mary and her friends were afraid! But the angel had happy things to tell them. He said, "Don't be afraid. Jesus is not here! He has risen, just like he promised!" Mary and the her friends were so excited! Jesus was alive! They could hardly believe it! Mary and her friends went back to tell the others. And, do you know who they saw on the way back? (7) They saw Jesus! How happy they were to see Jesus again! They missed him so much! They got down on their knees and worshiped him. Jesus told them to tell all his friends to go to Galilee and meet him there. Soon everyone had heard the story that Jesus was alive! Some of them didn't believe the women. But, in the next few weeks, many people had a chance to see Jesus! How happy they were to have Jesus with them again! Soon it was time for Jesus to go back to heaven. But, before Jesus went back to heaven he asked his friends to tell other people all about him! And, he promised to be with them always!

Circle Talk Time:

(2 again) Flower seeds are placed underneath the dark ground. Then after the long, cold winter, they pop out of the ground and come to life! (Throw hands up in the air). And, after Jesus had died, his body was wrapped up, and placed in a dark tomb. (Have assistant put a blanket over you). But he didn't stay there! In three days, he came back to life! (Throw blanket off). He came back just like he promised! And, just like God did a miracle when Jesus came back to life, God canl do miracles in us too! When you beleive in Jesus and put our trust in him, he will help us follow him! He will change us on the inside. (Point to heart). Remember how we learned that God does miracles that we can't see? Your eyes won't change color. (Point to eyes). You won't grow another arm or leg. (Stick out arm). He changes the things we can't see. (8) He changes the attitudes of your heart on the inside. (Place heart on picture). Only God can do miracles like that. He will help you love him, and help you love people too! After all, he's the one who loves us the most! (9) He showed us how much he loves us by dying on the cross to pay for our sins. (Point to cross). He showed us that he is willing to forgive us. Let's ask the Lord to forgive us now, and ask him to change us on the inside when we put our trust in him. Then we can be happy knowing that God is doing miracles that we can't see.

PRAYER: Allow children to pray after you or a helper prays.
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