Toddler Year Two - Good Samaritan Activities

Week 8 - The Kind Neighbor Who Cared

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Snack Idea
Whatever snack you choose, ask for volunteers to help you pass out the snack or plates. Talk to them about how that it is kind to help, and it would also be kind to share your food with someone who didn't have any food to eat.
Pretend Play Activity - Let's Act Out the Story!
Supplies: Children's Ace bandages or other bandages. Activity: Help children act out the story. Let the children take turns being the hurt man, and the three men who walk past him. The child lays on the floor. Then begin telling them the story in simple words: "This man was on his way to Jericho. Some mean men beat him up. He hurts all over. I wonder who will help him." Then send out the first two "men" who walk past him, then the Good Samaritan, who stops to help. Help the child put the bandages on the legs and arms. Reinforce the concepts that Jesus wants us to be kind and help people who need our help; and a kind neighbor is one who cares about people.

Action Rhyme - The Kind Neighbor! This is a rhyme with hand motions. Go through the rhyme (on left column) and actions (corresponding right column) once for the children, then ask them to try to do the rhyme and actions with you.

A man was on his way to Jericho. "Walk" two fingers.
Men came by and hurt him - Oh no! Put hands on face and look surprised.
Along came a man and saw him lying there. "Walk" two fingers.
But he didn't stop because he didn't care. Hold hands out to side, palms up, elbows bent.
Along came another man, and the man lying there, hurt. "Walk" two fingers.
He just ignored him, and left him in the dirt. Turn head to the side.
Where is the good neighbor who will hear the man's cries? Rub fists on eyes.
He's just laying there with tears in his eyes! Point to eye.
Here is the neighbor who stopped to help the hurt man! "Walk" two fingers.
He said, I'll help him because I can! Point to yourself.
He bandaged him up and took him to the inn Roll hands around each other.
And all night long he stayed with him. Tilt head to side, laying head on hands.
This is how Jesus wants us to love everyone. Point to everyone in a circular motion.
He wants us to help the people we see. Point to someone then to your eyes.
Jesus loves us this way, ya know. Point up.
If we have Jesus' love, it will surely show! Jump up.
Toddler Activity - Group Sticker Activity is during Circle Talk Time. See Lesson Page