Year Two - Toddler Activities for Bible Story: Jesus Calms the Storm

Jesus Is With Us In The Storms!

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Snack Idea / Activity
Gold fish crackers, or blue jello (Looks like water).
Pretend Play Activity - Let's Act Out the Story of Jesus Calms The Storm!
Supplies Needed: How To Play:
Toy boat Place toys on a table. Tell the children we can tell the story in our own way using the people and the boat. The people are Jesus' friends. Then go through the storm, rocking the boat back and forth, making the sounds, telling "Jesus" to wake up and asking him to help. Then after the storm, the boat is still, and his friends act surprised. If you have a toy sun, bring the sun out. Talk to children as they play re-emphasizing the concepts of the lesson: Jesus is with us in the storms. We can ask him to help us anytime. Jesus loves helping his children, etc.
Toy people
Toy sun

Action Rhyme - Jesus Made More Food! This is a rhyme with actions. Go through the rhyme (on left column) and actions (corresponding right column) once for the children, then ask them to try to do the rhyme and actions with you.

Jesus and his friends got in a boat to cross the lake. "Rock your boat" by holding your elbows and moving elbows from side to side.
Jesus was sleeping, but his friends were awake. Lay head on hands and close eyes.
Soon a storm came and the strong winds blew! Motion down with wiggly fingers to make rain.
His friends got scared; I'd be scared too! Throw hands up in air.
Look at the waves...they're getting higher and higher. Raise hands incrementally higher.
Jesus was still sleeping. He must've been tired. Lay head on hands and close eyes.
It was so scary they thought they'd drown! Hold nose and breath.
All their smiles had turned to frowns! Touch corner of mouth.
They went and got Jesus, "Wake up!" they said! Run in place.
But Jesus wasn't scared, he was calm instead. Shake head no.
"Please help us, Jesus! We don't know what to do!" Hold hands out to side, palms up, arms bent.
"We're really scared, and we need YOU!" Point to someone.
Jesus said "Stop" to the wind!", and "Stop" to the waves! Hold hand up, palm out, wrist flexed.
All of Jesus' friends were so amazed! Make a surprised face.
Sh-h-h-h! Listen! Now they couldn't hear a sound. Cup ear with hand.
There were no waves anywhere around. Make gentle waves with your hand.
The wind had stopped, and the clouds went away. Hold fists out in front of you, then move away to side.
They learned to trust in Jesus on that scary day! Point up.
Maybe in the next storm they could be brave. Put hands on hips and hold chest out.
Now his friends knew that Jesus saves! Point up.
Toddler Activity - Simulate a Real Storm!
Supplies: CD of storm sounds, pillows or rugs. Prep: Listen ahead of time to the CD so you know approximately what part you want to use. Have the children sit in a circle on pillows. Tell them, "Let's listen to a storm together!" (Don't play it too loud if is a scary storm. Comfort the children if they get scared. As the sounds play, have someone turn lights off, and flicker them on like lightening a few times. Continue speaking softly:) "This is what it was like when Jesus' friends were on the boat. It was really scary! The waves were getting so high and splashing in the boat! The boat was tipping back and forth. We can pretend we are on the boat". (Sway back and forth. Then continue listening to the storm for a few minutes, talking with the children about the sound that you hear. After a scary part of the CD plays, continue): "Who can tell me what we can do when we get scared?" (Give children a chance to answer). "Very good! We can just call on the Lord! He is the one who helps us in the storms! We just say, "Dear God, please help me!". Even though you can't see him, He will be right there with you until the storm in over!" (When the storm is softer, stop the CD. Turn on the lights). "Then the sun comes out, bright and shining!" Can you show me what the sun's rays look like? (Wiggle fingers of one hand). "And then the bright sun makes us feel happy and warm! Then we say, "Thank you, God, for helping us in the storm."