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New Testament Free Printable Lessons with free crafts and BIble activities for children


My Little Pet Lion craft - Daniel and the Liions bible lesson with crafts and activities for kids.

Daniel downloadable bible lesson and activities for children.

My Little Pet Lion craft - Daniel and the Liions bible lesson with crafts and activities for kids.

Daniel downloadable bible lesson and activities for children.

The lessons on this page are printable from the web page. They are not digital downloads at this time. See printing website navigation tips. For digital download Sunday School lessons for preschoolers and kinders that can be saved to your hard drive and easy and quick to print, go to Bible Kids Fun Zone or My Bible Crafts

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52 Free Lessons on Sunday School Fun Zone Year Two

Jesus Can Do Things We Can't Do!

Spring Quarter

Jesus Teaches Us!

Summer Quarter

Jesus' Miracles Series
I Love My Bible Series
Week 1 - Jesus Makes a Happy Meal! Week 14 - My Bible is Precious!
Week 2 - Jesus Helps Us in the Storms! Week 15 - My Bible is Sweet Like Honey!
Week 3 - Jesus Heals Ten Men! Week 16 - Father's Day lesson!
Week 4 - Did Jesus Really Make Mud Pies? Week 17 - My Bible is Like a Light!
Week 5 - If Jesus Says So... Week 18 - My Bible is Like a Mirror!
Week 6 - I Can Follow Jesus Even When I'm Young! Week 19 - My Bible Lifts Me Up!
Week 7 - God's Miracles! Week 20 - My Bible Lasts Forever!
Bible Bee Series
One Another Series
Week 8 - The Kind Neighbor Who Cared (Bee Kind!) Week 21 - Accept One Another
Week 9 - Four Helpful Men! (Bee Helpful! and Bee-lieve!) Week 22 - Pray For One Another
Week 10 - The Golden Rule! (Bee Loving!) Week 23 - Love One Another
Week 11 - The Wise Builder! (Bee a Do-er!) Week 24 - Be Patient With One Another
More NT Lessons
Week 25 - Honor One Another
Week 12 - Friendly Mary and Fussy Martha Week 26 - Help One Another Do Good Things!
Week 13 - The Pigpen Boy  

Fall Quarter

Winter Quarter
What is God Like Series
The First Church Series
Week 27 - God is Love! Week 40 Telling Others! (The Holy Spirit / Boldness)
Week 28 God is So Good! Week 41 Close to God's Heart! (Worship)
Week 29- God is So Strong! Week 42 A Special Baby! - Jesus' Birth lesson 1
Week 30 - God is So Kind! Week 43 Little Things, Big Things! - Jesus' Birth lesson 2
Week 31 - God is My Abba, Daddy! Week 44 Sharing and Caring
Week 32 - God is Faithful! Week 45 Helping Others!
Week 33 - God is Everlasting! Week 46 Praying Together!
Praise & Prayer Series
1 Cor. 13 Love Series
Week 34 Praise For People! Week 47 Love Reaches Far!
Week 35 Thankful For Things! Week 48 Manners Matter
Week 36 -Thankful For Everything! Week 49 Love Doesn't Blast Off!
Week 37 Jesus Teaches Us to Pray (Part I) Week 50 Love is Patient!
Week 38 Jesus Teaches Me to Pray (Part 2) Week 51 Love God With All Your Heart!
Week 39 Thankful For Surprises! (Heaven) Week 52 Loving Others!

The sister site, Bible Kids Fun Zone has children's bible lessons, activities and crafts for children's church or Sunday school in digital download format. See all of the themes on Bible Kids Fun Zone.

Creation visual aid for children's classrooms Creation pocket chart craft printable pictures

Above are a couple of the pictures available in the Creation digital download on Bible Kids Fun Zone - Creation crafts and visual aids for children's classrooms. After ordering, the digital download files can be saved to your hard drive, and easily printed. You don't have to get online to print them at a future time. The pictures are also of excellent quality and full size.

Sunday School Fun Zone News

Don't have time to keep up with all the news? Get the latest End Times news, links to videos, related scriptures and commentary.

The Mother's Day lesson on Bible Kids Fun Zone.com is updated with new pictures and crafts

There is a new Ethnic Multicultural Mother's Day Craft Pack (download) on My Bible Crafts.com

03/19/16 There are new updated Easter lessons, crafts and activities for preschoolers and kinders on BIble Kids Fun Zone, including Palm Sunday, the Last Supper, Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus' Resurrection, the Road to Emmaus and Jesus' Ascension.

03/19/16 Daniel lessons for preschoolers and kinders are in the works including lessons for Daniel chapter 1-6, including Three Friends in the Fiery Furnace and Daniel and the Lions. These lessons are important for growing kids' faith (and ours) for End Times. Check back on My Bible Crafts soon for more lessons.

For digital download lessons for ages 2-5 go to Bible Kids Fun Zone or My Bible Crafts. After ordering, the digital download files are sent to you in an email, which can be saved to your hard drive, which makes printing easier and quicker. The pictures are also excellent quality and full size.

06/10/15 The new email address for both websites is myorder@biblekidsfunzone dot com.


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Digital Download Lessons on Bible Kids Fun Zone:


Lesson Themes on the sister site, Bible Kids Fun Zone.

There are two versions for most lessons (Toddler - for ages 2-3, and Preschool - for ages 4-5).

The lessons now in pdf format include:

Adam and Eve

Creation (With a focus on the Character of God)

Moses (7 lessons up to the crossing of the Red Sea)

Palm Sunday

Jesus' Death, Burial and Resurrection

Last Supper

Garden of Gethsemane

Road to Emmaus

Doubting Thomas/Jesus' Ascension

Mother's Day

Father's Day - based on David and Solomon

ABCs with Acrobat Bear

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More Bible Crafts and Lessons on My Bible Crafts


The following lessons are not in pdf format and are free on Bible Kids Fun Zone:

Noah's Ark

Friends Theme with Puppy Pals

Armor of God

The Good Samaritan

God's Army I & II Timothy

Fun and Fitness

USA Flags / Patriotic Fun Pack


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