New Testament Bible Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers - Spring and Summer

The crafts on this page are printed from the web pages. For lessons and crafts for preschoolers that are easier to print, and better quality, go to My Bible Crafts or Bible Kids Fun Zone. After ordering, the pdf files are sent to you in an email, which can be saved to your hard drive, which makes for easier and quicker printing. The pictures are also full size.

Creation day 6 puppet boy Puffed fish creation craft

Creation craft for Day 6 for kids - God made people.

Puffy Fish creation craft for Day 5 for children.

Week 2 Crafts -

Jesus is With Us In The Storms!

Week 3 Crafts -

Jesus Healed Ten Men!

Week 4 Crafts -

Did Jesus Really Make Mud Pies?

Week 9 Crafts

Four Helpful Men!

Week 10 Crafts

The Golden Rule!

Week 11 Crafts

The Wise Builder!

Week 12 Crafts

Friendly Mary, Fussy Martha

Week 13 Crafts

The Pigpen Boy

Week 14 Crafts

My Bible is Precious!

Week 15 Crafts

My Bible is Sweet Like Honey!

Week 16 Crafts

Father's Day!

Week 17 Crafts

My Bible is Like a Light!

Week 18 Crafts

My Bible is Like a Mirror! - Make a Color-N-Wipe picture!

Week 19 Crafts

My Bible Lifts Me Up

Week 20 Crafts

My Bible Lasts Forever!

Week 21 Crafts

Accept One Another!

Week 22 Crafts

Pray For One Another!

Week 23 Crafts

Love One Another!

Week 24 Crafts

Be Patient With One Another!

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Fall and Winter Quarter


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