New Testament Bible Crafts For Toddlers and Preschoolers - Fall / Winter Quarter, Year Two


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The crafts on this page are printed from the web pages. For lessons and crafts that are easier to print, and better quality, go to Bible Kids Fun Zone or My Bible Crafts. After ordering, the pdf files are sent to you in an email, which can be saved to your hard drive, which makes for easier and quicker printing. The pictures are also full size.

Week 28 Crafts

God is So Good!

Week 29 Crafts

God is So Strong!

Week 30 Crafts

God is So Kind!

Week 31 Crafts

God is My Abba, Daddy!

Week 32 Crafts

God is Faithful!

Week 33 Crafts

God is Everlasting!

Week 34 Crafts

I Praise God For People...

Week 35 Crafts

Thankful For Things!

Week 36 Crafts

Thankful For Everything!

Week 37 Crafts

Jesus Teaches Us What To Say When We Pray!

Week 38 Crafts

Jesus Teaches Us What To Say...Part 2!

Week 39 Crafts

Thankful For What's To Come!

Week 40 Crafts

The Holy Spirit!

Week 41 Crafts

Close To God's Heart!

Week 42 Crafts

A Very Special Baby!

Week 43 Crafts

Little Things, Big Things!

Week 44 Crafts

Sharing and Caring!

Week 45 Crafts

Helping Others!

Week 46 Crafts

Praying Together!

Week 47 Crafts

Love Reaches Far!

Week 48 Crafts

Manners Matter!

Week 49 Crafts

Love Doesn't Blast Off!

Week 50 Crafts

Love is Patient!

Week 51 Crafts

Loving God!

Week 52 Crafts

Loving Others!


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